The Future of the MCU: The Eternals




The Future of MCU:

The Eternals



Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. As ¾ of the civilized word salivates in the anticipation of 184 minutes of pure bliss known as Avengers: Endgame, the inevitable clock starts to shift to what is next. We all know one chapter is closing, while another begins within the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). While the exact blueprint has not been divulged, it’s known The Eternals will play some part in this new phase thanks to one of Jack Kirby’s brilliant creations.

In moving forward, we need to look back at an article I wrote about a year ago touching on the The Celestials and their history with The Etemals.

The Celestials performed genetic testing on Earth’s highest life form, which was at that time apes. The Celestials knew that these would eventually evolve into what were known as humans. Pay special attention to this: Testing this versatility of human genes, they created two subspecies of humanity. The Eternals (Sound Familiar?), and Deviants. Their legacy to the human race was to implement a dormant DNA complex, which would one day permit mutations. Almost like a ticking time bomb of sorts”

Think of these Deviants as physical Mutants and The Eternals as genetic perfection. Now, it is assumed that these mutations programmed within the DNA on Deviants pre extinction, also were in The Eternals. This would cause them to mutate potentially and become Deviants. Ok, so what? Well as The Eternals race became more powerful it caused a Civil War and they split into different factions across the Universe. That’s why you see some on earth for example. Also, some on Titan, home of Thanos. Now, let’s take a step back. Just what is Thanos? He was born with the physical appearance of a mutant among Eternals. He is full Eternal with a Deviant gene. This is why he is so much more powerful than the other Eternals. Also why he looks the way he does, as he is a hybrid among his own people.”

*If you are interested in the above article in its entirety as a good bookend to this piece. Please click on this link.

I realize that’s a bit lengthy, however it’s a good reminder of just what The Eternals are and how they were created. Alright, with that in place and a good idea of what these beings are, let’s look at key issues – 1st appearances and covers throughout the numerous volumes and history.

The Eternals # 1 Vol 1

1st appearance of Ikaris, Ajak, and Makkari

Strange Tales # 109

1st appearance of Sersi

(Key Eternal figure)

The Eternals # 3 Vol 1

1st appearance of Sersi within

The Eternals storyline

The Eternals # 5 Vol 1

1st appearance of Zuras, Domo and Thena

The Eternals # 9 Vol 1

1st appearance of Sprite

The Eternals # 11 Vol 1

1st appearance of Aginar, Delphan Brothers, Kingo Sunen, Valkin, Druig, and Zarin

The Eternals # 12 Vol 1

1st appearance of Uni-Mind

The Eternals # 13 Vol  1

1st appearance of The Forgotten One

The Eternals # 17

1st appearance of Sigmar

Eternals # 1 Vol 2

1st appearance of Khoryphos, Cybele, Phastos

Iron Man # 55

1st appearance of Krono,

Mentor (A’Lars), Thanos (Yes he is an Eternal) and Starfox

Thor # 209

1st appearance of Ultimus

Thor # 290

1st appearance of Vampiro

Defenders # 147

1st appearance of Interloper

Thor Annual # 7

1st appearance of Virako

What if ? # 26

1st appearance of Shastra, Astron, and Thyrio

What if ? # 27

1st appearance of Arlok

Marvel: The Lost Generation # 12

1st appearance of Pixie

Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions # 1 Vol 1

1st appearance of Titanis

Captain Marvel # 29 Vol 1

1st appearance of Uranos and

Sui-San – Thanos Mom

Solo Avengers # 18

1st appearance of Demeityr

Fantastic Four # 113

1st appearance of Over-Mind

Runaways # 12 Vol 2

1st appearance of Kly’bn

Avengers # 85

1st appearance of Hyperion

(Mark Milton)

Bonus Covers


The Eternals # 1 Annual

The Eternals # 6 Vol 2

The Eternals # 10 Vol 2

Eternals # 1 – 7 Vol 3

Eternals # 1 Vol 4

Eternals # 3 Vol 4

Eternals # 7 Vol 4

New Eternals: Apocalypse Now # 1 One Shot

Variants of Interest


Eternals # 1 1:10 Coipel Variant

Eternals # 1 Acuna Variant

Eternals # 1 Jr Jr 1:50 Sketch Variant

Eternals # 1 1:75 Acuna Variant

Eternals # 3 1:10 Jr Jr Variant

Eternals # 4 Jr Jr Variant

Eternals # 5 Nguyen 1:10 Variant

Eternals # 7 1:10 Variant


Well there it is there, a comprehensive look at The Eternals background, 1st appearances, and variant covers of note. While we are uncertain at this time which characters they are going to use within the MCU, keep this article handy as a reference as announcements start to drop as is a handy guide.


Let’s close with a five Eternals factoids:

  • When all Eternals join together as a collective, they formed the Uni-Mind. They share their thoughts and mind in one enormous brain-like head – Eternals # 12 is 1st appearance listed above.
  • The Celestials have complete power of The Eternals. We have seen that even if they are inadvertently about to hit a Celestial, their bodies will shut down.
  • In true Godly fashion, an Eternal cannot be killed. They can be totally vaporised and destroyed, even down to a molecular level, but in order to completely rid yourself of an Eternal, you have to disperse their cells over an incredibly vast space.
  • There are two notable instances within Infinity War the movie where it seems like the Russo Bros. could be setting up a possible Eternals entry into the Marvel Universe. The first occurred when Thanos finally discovered the Soul Stone. He came to the planet guarded by the Red Skull, who has become a sort of guide to the Soul Stone. Red Skull welcomes Thanos and refers to him as the “Son of A’lars.” A’lars, of course, is better known as Mentor, the founder of the planet Titan and the father of Thanos. Mentor was his Titan name, but A’lars was his Eternals name
  • Marvel heroes are children of The Eternals.
    Once the Eternals were brought into the Marvel Universe, writers wanted to see what Kirby’s stories meant for the rest of the Marvel characters. Kirby had drawn from popular books of the time, such as Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods, which proposed that life here on Earth was by design a process started by extraterrestrials many millennia ago. If we are this theory to Marvel, the experiments conducted by the Celestials on mankind that resulted in the Eternals, also resulted in the evolution that created meta-humans, mutants, and the whole range of super-powered heroes found on Earth. See this panel below as reference:



Thanks as always for reading. It’s exciting times within the MCU. As we seek closure for our heroes of today, the enticement of the household names of tomorrow bring hope and anticipation to all time levels!


Talk soon,


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