The Gift of Vision

“I used to be more emotional, like you. Then, within a very short period of time, my brother was killed and my mother committed suicide. After that, I decided that emotions were not something in which I cared to indulge”
-Viv Vision



Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. This week’s column is going to carry a bit of controversy I am sure for its content. CBSI as a whole will have varying opinions on the direction Marvel has went with this character.

IMO, these types of topics can potentially be the most insightful as they carry emotional weight to them due by creating organic dialogue that might have not been discussed during our normal “Water Cooler” talk.

Well, let’s take a deeper dive into this robot turned ah, whoops – spoiler sorry, that’s for later! So here is look at this character…



Viv Vision was created by Tom King in the critically acclaimed story simply called The Vision in late 2015. She made her 1st appearance in issue # 1 along with her brother Vin, and her mother Virginia. She shares family ties with other Marvel well known characters such as Hank Pym (Great-Grandfather), Ultron (Grandfather), and finally Vision (Creator/Father).

Viv is a synthezoid aka synthetic humanoid. This means she is empowered by the synthesizing solar energy and are replicas of the human body containing all human organs, blood, brain, and tissue. The importance of this science jargon will come later, but you get the idea.

She is derived from her Dad, Vision to further humanize himself by creating a family. The story that spans across twelve issues that shows raw emotion in its most humanized form.

This Shakespearian, tragic story dealt with a lot of heavy material which was felt by each and every family member of the Vision’s culminating in an angry, confused Viv forced to deal with the cards dealt to her living with just her father in Cherrydale.



Soon after the events of The Vision, Viv formed the Champions with Ms. Marvel. If you remember back to the first part of this article, I spoke to some controversy, and science jargon.

Here’s is why…In the Avengers/Champions crossover event “World’s Collide” an event with Viv alters her in a way that none of us saw coming in her young history. There is an interaction with the baddie High Evolutionary in which he decides to, well, I will just let him explain. “I have transmogrified your synthezoid body into flesh and blood. You are fully human now”.

Ah yes Viv becomes human, and a further twist is she is a woman of color! Now one could argue this was Marvel continuing to push the diversity in their universe. The flip side conveys this a clever piece of writing.

Why you may ask?

Well Viv was already an outsider in the world being non-human. These themes will continue with her new look as she will have to deal with the everyday discrimination that comes with being a minority. There has been a lot of commentary on this, I will leave it for you to decide your opinion.



Now during the events of the arch “Worlds Collide”, Vision had thought he had lost his daughter when she was captured by High Evolutionary and taken to Counter-Earth. With the sadness of this eating at him he decides to create a new synthezoid Viv Vision 2.0. So, what’s the aftermath of this?

Well when the newly human Viv arrives back on earth she comes to the realization she has a sister of sorts. Real Days of our lives stuff huh? With both alive and one being human, this creates an awkward scenario of who is the real deal. Not to mention they must now live under the same roof!



Well, as you can see, in a very short period Viv Vision has created a rich backstory with a lot of unanswered questions. There is many more nuances that go unmentioned in this article, but add layers to the complexity of her life.

In addition, she has a bright future ahead of her as her popularity continues to grow, now making appearances in Marvel video games and other media exposure. Now will she be the next IT girl…Who knows? But a hell of a lot as happened to her in just two short years since she was introduced.

Talk to some of the greatest comic minds we have in CBSI, and they will tell you she is gold. I will leave that up to you to decide.


*Due to the disclosure in today’s Finale of Champions # 18, I am going to write an addendum.


With the fluidity of Marvel storylines, or the changing of minds might be more accurate, there was an interesting revelation in today’s last Champions issue.

I am going to let it play out in the panels below, as it speaks more to the content. However, the cliff notes read like this: The human form of Viv attacked and almost killed Viv 2.0 in self defense. With the way her father reacted to this she was taken over by guilt and sadness not only for the act, but for her actions towards her “Sister”.

Viv ends up making the ultimate sacrifice – with the help of Wasp, to right a wrong and inject life back into the synthezoid. There is a lot of mixed feelings about how this last arch was handled. I do feel in a way it adds to the mystique of Viv showing true sacrifice.

What is the long term ramifications of these acts? That’s the part which will be of real interest…



In closing, let’s look at her key issues…


Vision #1 1:25 Sook Variant Total run 42.1K / Roughly 1684 of this cover


  • The Vision #1: 1st appearance of Viv, Vin, and Virginia Vision
  • The Vision #6: 1st appearance of Sparky – Viv’s synthezoid dog
  • The Vision #9: Death of Vin Vision
  • The Vision #12: Death of Virginia
  • Avengers #673: 1st appearance/cameo of Viv Vision in new human form
  • Champions #14: 1st full appearance of Viv Vision in new human form
  • Champions #15: 1st Viv Vision 2.0
  • Champions #18: Revival of Viv Vision 2.0 / Death of human Viv


Well that’s all for this week. I hope there was something you could take away from it. Viv Vision has all the makings of a strong, long standing Marvel character – A splash of controversy, well known family ties (Vision & Ultron as examples), creative storylines, an emotional investment in her, and finally a bright future.

This will all come down to how she is used, but so far, so good. With Cosplay continuing to grow, her and Kamala Khan potentiality could pack a strong one, two punch beyond just the panels of their books. It seems as if they are going to be teamed up for the foreseeable future and it makes a lot of sense.

There are some similarities between those two in 1st appearance print runs as well, wink wink. If that Sook Variant pops up in your travels, take extra special care of it. Marvels hideous paper, including a dark cover a la spine tick magnet makes 9.8 candidates very scarce and even that much more valuable.

Good luck out there!


Talk soon,



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