The Grim Knight, Old Lady Harley, Lobster Johnson and More!

Quick go find these!

Justice League of America 25

With James Tynion writing the Grim Knight one shot, all we currently know is that he is a Bruce Wayne recruited by the Dark Knight who Laughs. Unlike all other Batmen this Bruce picks up the gun that killed his parents and shoots Joe Chill. As far as I can tell that event only took place once in comics. If I am wrong let me know but I could not find another story where this happened.



Hellboy Box Full of Evil 1

First appearance of Lobster Johnson

Thomas Hayden Church has been cast as fan fav Lobster Johnson for the upcoming film!  This movie continue to look like it’s gonna be an incredible reboot.

and the more rare first foreign which came out soon after.




Invincible Iron Man 11

First full appearance of RESCUE

Years ago I was obsessed with this run but for a different reason.  Now that these books are hot it is important to get things right on RESCUE.  Her first full appearance was in issue 11 not 12.  Issue 10 reveals Pott’s armor in an impressive splash page but that is not the whole story.  We don’t learn that the onboard AI JARVIS is part of her suit until issue 11.




Batman Beyond Unlimited 13

First appearance of Old Lady Harley

She may not be the same Old Lady Harley ( as far as we know )  but an Old Lady Harley made her debut here!

NOTE:  She appears as a hologram in issue 1 in a very small panel from behind.




Captain America Sentinel of Liberty 8

First appearance of Sam Wilson as Captain America

Here is another book I have been talking about for years but for some reason no one has ever really cared.  The fight over who speculators think will take over the role of Cap has only become more intense over the last month.  Though he does appear as Cap in Captain America 25 and on the cover to an Avengers issue prior, both book were released many years after this one.




Hawkeye 9 2nd print

There is no first here but with all the Kate talk I want to mention this book.  I have seen some others talk about it recently but not the 2nd print which has a lower print run and in my opinion is a better color.





Titan Comics 2016 Preview

First cover and appearance for Penny Dreadful.

I am a fan and was thrilled to hear it is returning to Showtime!





Marvel Sneak Peaks 1

And finally this sneak peek has a preview for ASM 650. As far as I can tell it is the earliest printed image of the stealth Suit in a comic. Yes it’s a preview and yes I know I promised no more previews. I cannot help myself. This book has the cover to ASM 650 with no trade dress.

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