The Last To Know: Batman Beyond #6

With the casting of Robert Pattinson as the next cinematic Batman, some believe that the director Matt Reeves might be leaning toward Terry McGinnis, rather than Bruce Wayne. Regardless, the first issue of the 1999 Batman Beyond miniseries is in play.

While the first appearance of the Batman Beyond character is obviously a good investment (as long as you buy cheap), the final issue of said mini-series has two qualities that make it a better investment. For one it is a last issue of mini-series. Sales of Batman Beyond #6, which was published August 1999 are approximately 23,029 copies. Furthermore, the book has a very low representation on the census: only 9 copies (5 9.8s).

The thing that makes this book a winner, is that it also features the first appearance of one of Terry’s big nemesis: Inque. While of course there are no guarantees that this character ever appears in a live action property, it’s worth noting that other cartoon-to-comic characters have successfully made the jump and those first appearances have become valuable (more in line with Live Wire than Harley Quinn).

This book is hardly a secret. Currently there are only a handful of copies for sale online, which makes it a great book to be on the lookout for when hunting. (While you’re at it, pick up Batman Beyond #3, the first appearance of Derek Powers as Blight, another big antagonist.)


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