The Last To Know: The Rarest DMZ Book


It’s been a while that I have analyzed a final issue of series, but a recent announcement about a favorite Vertigo series has inspired me!

It was announced Tuesday that Ava DuVernay, who will direct DC’s New Gods movie, will direct the HBOMAX pilot to the DC/Vertigo published Brian Wood property DMZ. The series features, a very timely topic, a second American Civil War.

While most speculators are clamoring for the first issue of the series DMZ #1, which was published January 2006 or the preview in Y the Last Man #37, be warned that the 2008 Convention Exclusive edition of DMZ #1 was published September 2008.

Rather, I would look for perhaps the rarest DMZ book, the 1:10 incentive of the final issue DMZ #72, which was published February 2011. According to Comichron, there should be only 599 copies of this book and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find in the wild. There are no graded copies of this variant in the CGC Census. (There’s only one graded copy of the regular cover.)


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