The Little Omnibuses That Could


Hello my fellow agents. It has come to my attention that many of you are spending way too much time looking for the large, shiny, 1,000 page omnibuses.  


Yes, you can flip these beauties for quite a profit, but you need to keep up to date on prices. Reprints can kill the aftermarket. Variant covers help preserve some omnibuses, but even those volumes adjust to the down side.

Case in point, Infinite Crisis Omnibus.



This once sold regularly for over $300. I saw a few sales over $400. Now it can be had for $80 thanks to the 2018 second edition. Ouch!

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. When others zig, you must zag. Others are looking for those big omnibuses, you must look for the little omnibuses.

Trade secret #7: Some later volume, small format omnibuses sell for double their initial cover price.

One of the difficulties with trades is trying to scan hundreds of spines without your eyes rolling back into your head. It gets easier after 6 months of practice, but it never becomes simple.

The nice thing about IDW omnibuses is that they are short, white, and thick. They stick out among the myriad of thin, dark, normal size trades.

I found all the following used for half-price or less and sold them for twice cover or better.



Aliens vs Predator Omnibus Volume 2 and Aliens Volume 6 both sell consistently for twice cover price. Don’t bundle these books in with other volumes! You will most likely lose your value. They both went to reprint, but that was 10 years ago. These tpb’s are hard to find especially in good condition.



Silent Hill Omnibus Volume 1.  This collection contains Silent Hill: Dying Inside #1-5, Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales, and Silent Hill: Dead/Alive #1-5. The series has a loyal niche following, that keeps demand strong.



The three volume Further Adventures of Indiana Jones Omnibus sell extremely well. Volume 3 in particular was under printed and sells for a premium.  

These examples remind us, don’t underestimate the little guys. Like Dr. Seuss said:



That’s all for this week, true believers. Keep up the good work.


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