The Local Show Haul

Welcome back to the City Supreme!

It’s certainly been quite some time. Sometimes you need to escape the lights, just to realize that you never truly leave.

After a week of trying to cope with my New England Patriots woes, I was able to take out my sorrow in the form of spending some scratch on comics at a local show. It was a nice show, with lots of vendors, and books of all age and price. Most of the books I bought for my PC, some are run fillers, and a few I bought for quick flipping. I ended up purchasing 33 books for $149+$7 admission= $156 for the day. Let me know how you think I did on my haul in the comment section below.

The total Overstreet near mint value of the lot is $1,507, and if I’m going off 10% of guide (some near mint, some are far from it. Wide range of condition in this lot) it would bring my total book value to $150.70.

  • Siege #2 (Death of Ares)
  • Sunfire and the Big Hero 6 #2
  • Man-Thing (1974) #1, #2
  • Strange Tales #166, #185
  • Sub-Mariner #6, #9, #10
  • Deathmate Black (First App. Gen 13)
  • Marvel Spotlight (1971) #7 (Third App. Ghost Rider)
  • Captain America #123
  • Incredible Hulk #108, #114, #137
  • Tales to Astonish #98
  • Captain Marvel #6, #8, #9, #12, #33 (Origin of Thanos)
  • The Crow #2, #3 (Tundra Publishing)
  • Darkhawk #1 (First full Darkhawk and origin)
  • Space Usagi #1
  • Avengers #257 (First app. Nebula)
  • Spawn #1 (First full app. Spawn)
  • Spawn #228 (Action Comics 1 homage)
  • Rom #1 (First app. Rom)
  • Infinity War #1
  • Annihilation Conquest: Starlord #1 (First modern Starlord)
  • Amazing Spider-Man #332
  • Witchblade #1 (First full Witchblade)

So all in all I didn’t get any collection changers (my brother picked up an X-Men #2, so he did alright), but i did get a really fun assortment of books. Once again I bought some for speculation purposes and others for my own PC. Below I’ll have some pictured, with an explanation as to why I picked them up. Also, if you haven’t read one of my previous article “Time to Buy Vintage X-Men”, I would highly recommend, because that window is getting smaller by the day as Disney has monopolized the game as I anticipated.

First off I picked up Spawn #228. There have been so many AC #1 homage covers, but I really dig this one. It’s a sharp McFarlane cover that is a nice addition to the PC. The bloody windshield is just excellent. My personal favorite AC #1 homage has to go to Superman (1987) #201.

Marvel Spotlight #7 is another cool book. The Bronze Age has a really unique look to it. The colors were vibrant and the heroes were all very hit or miss. Obviously Ghost Rider has been a solid hit, and i always pick up his early 1970s covers. This one has seen better days, but it adds character.

Early Captain Marvel is another series I enjoy picking up. A lot of people dig the now-classic red and blue suit, but my favorite suit has always been the green and white. It’s so late 1960s. The space race was at its peak in 1968 and Captain Marvel in the green and white was the quintessential space man! Not to mention the first Brie Larson in costume set photos had some green in them! She is going to be an AWESOME Carol Danvers. #33 is looking like a quick flip, as I now have multiple copies.

I’m not 100% certain but I believe Starlord #1 in the Annihilation Conquest story, is the first modern Star-Lord. In which case I feel it’s a must have for a modern collector.

The incredibly underwhelming Venom trailer aside, I’ll never bet against Tom Hardy. I’d recommend buying anything Venom (for speculation purposes). The fanboys may very well make him their personal Deadpool. Especially focus on early Venom appearances and one of his coolest early covers; Amazing Spider-Man #332

The Man-Thing #1 was a book I needed for the PC. It’s one of those books that I have passed up on several occasions, but the character himself has a ton of room to grow. He could definitely be a future prospect in the Marvel Universe. This book was in solid shape and I got it for a really fair price. That being said, let us all forget the horrendous film that Lionsgate gave us in ‘05.

Early February news dropped that Usagi Yojimbo will be an animated series. BUY BUY BUY USAGI! His cult following will only grow to heights unheard of!!! Just don’t expect to get your hands on his first appearance (Albedo #2), it’s not officially a ghost, it’s just a book every serious independent collector wants, and most need.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you like it. If the feedback is positive, I’ll start doing these after every comic show I hit. I’m also contemplating doing some videos displaying some of my PC. Let me know your thoughts, and I’m glad you’ve taken a trip back to the Diesel City!

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