The New Gods, The Old Gods, Klyntar, The Iron Giant and More!

This week I am looking waaaaay ahead.   The first couple I have mentioned in the past but most are new.  Enjoy!


Captain America and the Sentinel of Liberty 8,9 ( There are newsstands too )

First appearance of Sam Wilson as Captain America

The most recent Infinity War trailer shows a significant scene that mirrors the comic mini series.  In that series Thanos kills Cap with one swipe.   Heroes have to die in this film for it to mean much and Cap is high on the list of those who are probably doomed.  Marvel won’t be entering Phase 4 without a Cap will they?  Since I doubt a Falcon film will ever happen and now that Bucky is the White Wolf I can see no other prospect outside of the Falcon taking up the shield as he has in the comics.

This is a cheap speculative play so there is no risk and it’s the first time the Falcon becomes Captain America.  It has been undervalued even though the Falcon became Cap in the comics some time ago.  Buy and hold.

Prophet 1C

I am still on the hunt for Awesome comics from Liefeld’s terrible line of Extreme books.  Here’s a rare one I wouldn’t mind having thanks to the McFarlane cover.

The Iron Giant WB giveaway 1,1b

First appearance of the Iron Giant

Ready Player One looks pretty good and from what I am reading the Iron Giant is going to have more that just a cameo.  Let’s hope that’s true!

Dark Horse Tip Sheet 12

I dare you to find this book.  It’s the last issue of a series similar to Dark Horse Insider.  This one is significant for one reason, a nice little preview of Next Men 21 ( first Hellboy in Color ) but published in black and white?!

Oni Color Special

Early Tara Chace appearance

With Ridley Scott now attached to a Queen & Country film,  first appearances are drying up.  The rest can be found for decent prices along with this one where she makes a rare appearance outside of the series.

Edge of the Spider-Verse 1 1:25 Variant

This killer Spider-Man Noir cover should be worth more for the cover art alone.  It also features the cover to issue 2 ( Spider-Gwen ) at the conclusion ala ASM 359.

Peter Parker Spider-Man 99

First appearance of the black costume ( sewn not symbiote! )

I am a collector of all things black costume and in this book the Black Cat makes Spidey a replacement!

Spider-Man Family 1a, 1b

First appearance of Klyntar?

In this comic we get to revisit webhead’s time with the symbiote.  It’s not particularity well done until you realize that Venom is drawn to something quite precious to him, a meteorite originating from his home world?!  I am not sure what that is supposed to mean because we know his home world still exists and first appeared in the recent GOTG 23. Bendis has said that the home world of Venom had never been explored.  That is not entirely accurate.  The problem is the first page of this comic provides a cameo of Klyntar and is also the first appearance of some of it’s symbiotes! Venom is homesick in this comic, so much so his motivation is to track down a meteor and hug it!

Marvel Holiday Special 1992

We know that they are going to show Gamora as a child in Infinity War and this one could be the only book where we see Thanos raising her as a child.



So I am not exactly thrilled about a female driven New Gods films and I hope DC gets it together and fixes that idea.  But continued production of comic movies is never a bad thing.  DC continually screwed with Kirby preventing his vision for the end of the New Gods and forcing rewrites and other nonsense.  If done right this could be awesome.  Let’s hope DC does the legend’s vision justice.  We all know the big ones but here are some you might not know about and they could be important.


Forever People 7 

Origin of the New Gods


1st issue Special 13

Orion redesign



Justice League of America 183-185

Originally rumored to be the source material for the Justice League film, the material could still make for a solid plot down the road.




Super Team Family 16

Flash meets the New Gods


Martian Manhunter Volume 2 issue 33

Origin of the anti-life equation



Other notable issues, Adventure Comics 458-460



How are you going to show the New Gods without a clash between the Old Gods…

Justice Society of America Vol.3 12

First Gog ( old god )

I believe the final formation of this Gog is the true Old God from Third World.  I know there are previous versions of Gog which have been published but I think this one is the Gog that matters when discussing the new/old gods.

Takion 4-First Arzaz ( Old God )

Takion 7-First Nameless One ( Old God )

Other issues of note: JLA 15, irst Mageddon ( old god ), Green Lantern 8 ( rebirth ) Old Gods Home planet named


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