The Possibly Last Inigo’s One

Hey there! If everything works out, we will have a new writer in this column starting next week … It’s been a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed it, thanks for all the comments and get ready for the Legacy Wednesday One Rebirth!!! Also, let me know what kind of article you miss and I will look into bringing it back!

The week in Metal!!! While we wait for the next issue of Metal we keep getting tie-ins. That Batman Lost cover by Coipel is amazing and a bit closer to what I was expecting from his Batman variants, hopefully just the tip of the iceberg. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps continues the Bats Out of Hell tie-in. Again, getting the variant, but there’s no running away from EVS in the interior.
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #26

Lots of different artists to cook up a zine-style anthology, with Jim Garfield Davis being the name that might bring a lot of people to the comic shop or eBay.

Marvel Legacy Covers – 2nd Prints

The 2nd printings of the initial Legacy issues are coming and they are sporting non-lenticular versions of the lenticular versions. I think some of these might have potential as they will be underordered and people who avoided the lenticulars might want to get them.

Heavy Metal takes its name literally and gives us Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast #1. Will this be a good read? No idea, but Iron Maiden fans will look for this. Harbinger: Renegade #0 Roberto de la Torre Variant

A prelude to the next Valiant crossover and a savage cover … Valiant continues to heat up.

Wonder Woman #34 Tony Daniel Variant

DC missed the opportunity to have an anniversary special but they want to let you know that they are keeping count. This is the second one of these (Superman #34 / #800 came out last week), and it might end up being a nice set to have.

Action Comics #991

Am I the only one who’s finding this really underwhelming? Hoping something happens in this issue that makes it all worth it. Art has been great, in any case.

Moon Knight is coming back and he comes with a new creative team and a brand new villain. As a long time Moon Knight fan, I am really looking forward to seeing what Bemis and Burrows have in store. The cherry on top is both these covers with a lenticular Sienkiewicz on Sienkiewicz orgy and the awesome Daniel Warren Johnson 1:25.
Spider-Man / Deadpool #23

I have to admit that it feels great to mention Marvel titles again. In this issue, Thompson and Bachalo take over and I am all ready to enjoy this series again.

Slots #1 2nd Print

First issue was kind of fun and the second one comes out this week too. The 2nd print with its flyer cover is pretty cool!

Sweet Covers

Supergirl #15 Artgerm Variant Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #16 Karmome Shirahama Variant
Gotham City Garage #3


Mister Miracle #4 Mitch Gerads Variant

(one of the best books out there)

Swipe of the Week

A nice cover tribute to a classic Robin George Perez piece and yet another take on Incredible Hulk #340 (for all crazy collectors out there).

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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