The Quick One


Really sick for the last couple of days, so this will be quick … Be kind and help me out in the comments! Thanks and enjoy your comics!!!

Crosswind #1

Gail Simone and Cat Staggs do Freaky Friday meet Goodfellas. Sounds interesting enough and you know that Simone is a guarantee of a quality. Why does everybody say Freaky Friday instead of Like Father Like Son?

Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1 Nude Beariant

This is one of those series that I am sure sounded like a lot of fun when they started working on it. The problem is putting it out there and getting people reactions. SBF seems to be getting a lot of good reviews, so look out for this nude Beariant.

September Mourning #1

This sounds like any other Top Cow title, but Silvestri is doing an amazing job on the covers.

Nick Fury #3 Fernando Blanco Variant

I can only agree with Keith, awesome cover, Steranko married Fury and pop in such a strong way.

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1

There’s only one name out there that could have made me pay attention to this book, and I am, of course, talking about Chip Zdarsky. He’s perfect for the back-to-basics approach to Spider-Man. Adam Kubert doesn’t hurt either.

Z-Nation #3 Lucio Parrillo Virgin Variant

People seem to be digging Parrillo’s work on this series. I personally think this is not his strongest effort, but his growing fans will approve.

Superman #25 Jorge Jimenez Cover

This is just the perfect Superman cover. Just perfect.

Lobo / Road Runner

Lobo drawn by Kelley Jones is attractive enough, but DC goes the extra mile by putting him against the Road Runner. We live in crazy times.

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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