The Reading Pile #17

Sooooooo I was having some computer OS problems and then Adobe Creative Cloud problems and, while I’m only a week late, man, I missed doing The Reading Pile. We should all be recovered from Thanksgiving hangovers at this point and my focus was mainly science fiction books this issue. “Press your space face close to mine, love” and let’s go!

The Green Lantern 1, DC Comics, 11/7/2018
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist: Liam Sharp

I’ve never been the biggest Green Lantern fan, I’ve always found the whole, “In brightest day, in blackest night…” mantra incredibly hokey. Seeing the Frank Quitely cover, which I picked up, reminds me of my favorite works of his with Grant Morrison: New X-Men, We3, and All-Star Superman.

Wow, what an interesting read; I didn’t expect it to be so funny, I laughed out loud several times. It’s hard for me to put my finger on Liam Sharp’s art style: 1980s UK sci-fi that’s an homage to 1950s horror? That’s my take on it, anyways.

Grant Morrison’s stuff has to almost always be taken as a whole to be appreciated. Not what I was expecting, in a good way, and I think I am in for the duration. 4/5

Battlestar Galactica: Classic, Dynamite Comics, 11/13/2018
Writer: John Jackson Miller
Artist: Daniel HDR

I am a huge BSG fan: I grew up watching the original series on TV and loved the reimagined series on the SyFy channel. I have been all over every iteration of these Dynamite Comics. Having said that, the Dynamite books have featured pretty decent stories with some atrocious art. I am not too big a critic of sequential art in comics as long as it works, but check out this panel of Lucifer next to his on screen counterpart; it’s fairly laughable.
Lastly, I will say Dynamite did a fantastic job with art and writing with their last effort BSG vs BSG which featured a Peter David story and the two Starbucks copulating, among other things.

On to THIS book, what an outstanding cover that was also a variant for the 0 issue and I think that’s lame, but whatever. We got ourselves a fairly classic BSG story here. Basically, as the Galactica is running from the Cylons, a viper patrol stumbles upon another group of runaways fleeing for their lives, the Okaati. Well, they join forces and to reveal anymore would be saying too much. Recommended for fans of classic BSG, hence the title. 3.5/5

Planet of the Apes: The Time of Man, BOOM! Studios, 10/31/2018
Writers: David F. Walker, Dan Abnett, Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artists: George Schall, Carlos Magno, Morgan Beem

I am an even bigger POTA fan than BSG, it’s true. I grew up watching the TV show in the seventies, played with the Mego toys and watched Battle for the Planet of the Apes late at night on CBS. Boom has done a fantastic job with their apes books. I will say this cover worries me as there are no apes featured prominently. Planet of the Apes, y’all!

Oh, this is cool, three self-contained POTA stories. This first one, Armando’s Tale, fills in the blanks to the 1971 film Escape from the Planet of the Apes and the 1973 film Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. This is the one where the circus trainer, Armando, is revealed as the trainer and friend to Caesar, the talking ape. Boom has done a lot of these types of between the movies types of stories and I love them; they are creative endeavors and I find them really entertaining.

Next up is Man’s Best Friend. Where a family of apes takes in a human pet. A pet who becomes a trusted friend to the family and who meets an untimely, early death. Not a happy story.

The last story is Mountain and the weakest of the three, art wise. An ok story, nothing too memorable.

This book was great but, eeek, I paid eight dollars for this?

“Muévete más allá del miedo.”
Move beyond fear. 4/5

Infinite Dark 1, Image Comics, 10/10/2018
Writer: Ryan Cady
Artist: Andrea Mutti

A seemingly random Image book I picked up, fits in with the theme and looks pretty good. So let’s goooooo…

Whoah, the first few pages are of a therapy session with a ship security director contemplating the end of the universe. Lots of internal dialog with a ships internal AI. Normally I would dislike this as a story opener, but this is cool. I’m going bullet list with this review and you can’t stop me!

  • The Orpheus is a ship that was built to protect the last of humanity; two thousand humans to be exact.
  • Efforts have not been successful and Security Director Deva Karrell feels particularly guilty.
  • The Tech Director, Alvin Scheidt, a genius “capable of rewriting the Orpheus core code” has been up to something criminal and there lies our main conflict in this issue.
  • He’s confronted by Deva in “the dark sector” of The Orpheus and blows the both of them out an airlock in desperation.

And that’s it for issue one. Pretty heavy stuff. This was cinematic in it’s set up and delivery. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t read this twice to understand everything. Having said that, this was still quite accessible and easy to read; just lots of detail you have to pay attention to. 4/5

Firefly 1, BOOM! Studios, 11/18/2018
Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Dan McDaid

Before we get started, it needs to be said how great BOOM! Studios books are. All of their titles have a thicker cover and paper stock and it’s how books should be manufactured. All the while maintaining the standard 3.99/4.99 price.

Love Firefly and will watch most anything Summer Glau (I love her) and Nathan Fillion are in. There is usually a new Firefly comic series every couple of years. They are made with reverence and love and do a great job of capturing the original spirit of the series. This one is no exception.
STRONG first page; I love it. Does a great job of “feeling” like Firefly with a gritty art style that does justice to the original ensemble. I think Firefly fans will dig this. 4/5

Humbled By My Peers

So anyways, props to Ben C and pretty much all of the writers at CBSI. My computer was down for about 2 weeks and it was making me manic.

Oh, did you guys see Creed 2 yet? I got the opportunity to see it, with my nephew, over the weekend. It’s a fun movie and as good as Rocky 3 and 4.


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