The Reading Pile #19

Here’s a quickie edition of the The Reading Pile; about half the length of my normal column, but, hey, December is crazy and I wanted to get something else out before the end of the year. I was really pleased with the books I read this week.

Die 1, Image Comics, 12/5/2018
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Stephanie Hans

I’m a few pages in and a bunch of high schoolers playing a “RPG-Watchmen” sounds pretty cool. The title of the comic is obvious now, too. I’m not loving the art, but it’s suitable.

I thought this was great: the gang of kids literally gets sucked into their game for two years. That isn’t immediately obvious until it happens AGAIN twenty five years later. This was a fun read. 4/5

Batman Damned 2, DC Comics, 12/12/2018
Writer: Brian Azzarello
Artist: Lee Bermejo

Everyone’s excited to read this, myself especially. Look no further than the So this is still a detective case/mystery at this point: Batman is mostly ducking in and out of scenarios with lots of dialog and internal thinking moving things along. I’ve always liked the Demon, Etrigan, and there were some panels featuring him that I liked. But I was clamoring for the Harley stuff; it didn’t disappoint. Love her shorter, curly Jokeresque hair, her panels were totally disturbing and the ending was ambiguous as Hell. 4/5

Paper Girls 25, Image Comics, 10/4/2018
Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Cliff Chiang

Season finale type of issue as this book goes on hiatus until March. I just realized I reread this and it was released in October. What is it doing in my unread stack? Oh well.

This book is soooooo underrated; I really enjoy it. 4 girls with paper routes, from Cleveland, getting sucked into a time traveling adventure where they meet future versions of themselves, fight aliens and giant robots. All the while they are tearing apart the very fabric of the space and time continuum with their escapades. A common trope for time travel type adventures, but, whatever. I love this book. 4/5

The Batman Who Laughs 1, DC Comics, 12/12/2018
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jock

My history with this character is very limited. I’ve only read the Dark Knights book that was released in 2017 and wasn’t very impressed: a multidimensional, mentally ill psychopath. Yawn. Still the Capullo cover B variant is killer and has me excited to read it, honestly.

Forgot Jock was doing interiors and this is starting off quite nicely with Batman chasing down some baddies on a Gotham freeway.

Love this line, “For what it’s worth Batman insurance policies are called Dark Knight Returns.” That’s great.

Honestly, I dislike The Grim Knight character: a different dimension Batman who uses guns, but at least we get the awesome Joker panels that stem from it. Things aren’t as simple as they are presented, of course. This was pretty fantastic and kind of blew me away. 5/5

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Saw this yesterday with my nephew and I was REALLY impressed. Honestly, I disliked Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales before I saw this movie, but it was very well done and kept my attention throughout. The 3D for this is completely banging as well; you will feel like you are swinging through the sky in many parts. This is possibly the best animated movie I’ve ever seen as it deftly covers many styles of art and animation.


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