The Reading Pile #27

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted a new issue of The Reading Pile and for that I apologize. I’m reading a lot of titles that I’ve previously reviewed (Daredevil, Wonder Woman, Criminal, etc.) and I have a stack of newer stuff I’ve yet to read. I finally have some thoughts about the books I’ve been reading that I wanted to put out. So, let’s do this.

Justice League 22, DC Comics, 4/17/2019
Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Frances Manupal

Gave up on this title some 5 issues or so. Title just seemed to meander with side arcs, mediocre B covers and even lamer interior art. I’d read this issue was to have the first appearance of Perpetua, the creator of the DCU Multiverse. I did love the first ten issues and decided to give this issue a shot.

Despite a lame start with the Legion of Doom and Bat-Mite (what?) we quickly get into the story of Perpetua and her 3 sons. Multiverses, Omniverses, the abuse of power and the eventual imprisonment and escape of Perpetua. This was actually pretty good and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Perpetua. 3.5/5

Heroes in Crisis 8, DC Comics, 4/24/2019
Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads, Clay Mann

This series has been hit and miss for me since about issue 3. The issues I’ve liked, I’ve REALLY liked and I’ve also really enjoyed Tom King’s characterization of Harley Quinn. Speaking of Harley, I sure thought she would be in this issue more since the awesome B cover featured her, but she was only mentioned in a few panels. This issue is one big Wally West soliloquy, where he confesses to his crimes and motivations. Certainly seems like things are going to end with a whimper rather than a bang. This whole title is looking like it’s more about the journey, and I get that. I, and many others, find the whole concept of Sanctuary, where heroes record confessions of their woes and shortcomings, to be pretty hokey.

Reflecting on this title, despite not liking some of the issues that much, I have to admit the story has been executed really well and I have a strong affection for the issues I do like. To speak of the art, despite having a rotation of 3 artists, the book has continuity and panel after panel of comic book art done the way I like and the way it needs to be done. 3.5/5

Wonder Woman 69, DC Comics, 4/24/2019
Writer: G. Willow Wilson
Artist: Xermanico

Well, the arc with Giganta finished last issue. I love Giganta, but the art, while competent, left a little to be desired for me. This arc, with art by Xermanico (who has worked on this title before), is more like it for me visually.

This issue is kind of bizarre and funny. Wonder Woman and Aphrodite are investigating something when Aphrodite’s Cupids go feral and attack them. Aphrodite gets them back under control and the Cupids exit in shame…quite hilarious.

So anyways, the last couple of issues have featured goddesses and other mythical creatures from Olympus and Themyscira and a mystical sword we don’t know much about yet. They are now the focal point and I’m not confident about it, but there were elements I liked here. 3.5/5

Tap Dance Killer 1, Hero Tomorrow Comics
Writer: Ted Sikora
Artist: Nikolaus Harrison

If you read my review of Apama a few months ago, I met the author of Tap Dance Killer, Ted Sikora, in November of 2018 at a local comic shop in Cleveland, whilst celebrating my wedding anniversary. He had a booth set up and I purchased a bunch of books. So I’m real late to read and review this, but with a recently launched Kickstarter, intended to garner funds for a trade paper back collection of this title, the time seemed right to dive in.

The opening pages introduce as to Nikki St Clair as she is breaking out of prison. Nikki was once cast in a horror show musical but becomes a real life vaudevillian assassin, getting into all types of trouble along the way. Is she hero or villain? You’ll have to read the title to figure that out.

Ted Sikora knows comics and I think many an indie publisher should take notes on how he crafts a title. I didn’t find this quite as awesome as Apama, but this book is definitely worth your time. Lastly, one more plug for the aforementioned Tap Dance Killer Kickstarter, Ted Sikora is making great comics and is worthy of the funds. 3.5/5

No Mercy

So season 2 of Cobrai Kai dropped this week and I was excited. I watched it all in one sitting on Thursday night. While season 1 was near perfect in it’s execution and story, season 2 is not. There is just too much going on, things feel rushed and thrown together and the humor is not what is was in season 1. While Karate Kid’s John Creese still cuts a menacing presence, he is just a one note antagonist. Not to say I didn’t enjoy season 2 of Cobra Kai, I certainly did, it’s just that the faults are glaring.


Just wow, it’s like the Godfather of superhero movies. It certainly is not without flaw, but how can you not enjoy this? Really enjoyed the characterizations of Hulk and Thor.

So that’s it for this issue, hope you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment if you feel so inclined and thanks.

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