THE Suicide Squad 2.0?!



THE Suicide Squad 2.0?!


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. There were many of us, myself included that initially scoffed at line up for Suicide Squad when the film arrived in theatres in August of 2016. I mean besides HQ and Joker, who where these other band of misfits? Deadshot, Enchantress, Killer Croc, Rick Flag, and Katana were not necessarily household names outside of the comic fans. Furthermore, even for those people this seemed a stretch.

The movie was really met with an overall “meh” mentality – some loved it, many loathed it. Fast forward to October of 2018 and it was announced that James Gunn will be guiding the next installment. It’s not Suicide Squad 2 folks, no this is a total reboot tentatively titled THE Suicide Squad or as I like to call it, SS 2.0.

Now let’s first look at the original GOTG line up pre release. In generalizing it’s a foul mouthed rebel, a green girl, a hulking odd colored dude, and a talking raccoon and tree. That line up was not deemed bed sheets and cereal box material whatsoever.

Yet, we know the end result, these are known worldwide and are stamped over everything known to man in the pop culture world. Alright, so this being a speculation site, the strong rumors are a make love not war guy, a dude who loves rats, and human shark, and a polka dot man are going to light the world on fire in SS 2.0?  

I wouldn’t bet against it with who is at the helm. Furthermore, many of you reading this made dam good money selling comics of Mr Gunn’s obscure GOTG group. So, let’s get out in front of this in case the lineup mentioned becomes complete reality. There is some meat on the bones with this group folks, time to walk thru each one and their history including covers shall we?

The Peacemaker 


“Christopher Smith grew up the only child of an army officer turned statesman father and a research scientist mother. His skill at flying fighter aircraft, interest in science and wealth came from them both. Smith, himself, became a pacifist diplomat working as a U.S. Peace Envoy for the Geneva Conference.  A hero of his own while trying to nullify an international madman named Bork, Smith discovers simple diplomacy wouldn’t work. Smith loved peace so much that he was willing to fight for it. When more diplomatic means failed, Smith adopted the identity of Peacemaker to use more extreme tactics in his quest for peace. Using his hobby as a master weapons builder, Smith crafted a costume and developed numerous non-lethal weapons for his Peacemaker identity.”


Peacemaker’s first appearance was in Fightin 5 # 40 in 1966 published by Charleton Comics. Surprisingly, he became a popular character and was given his own series shortly thereafter which ran 5 issues.


Fightin 5 # 40

1st Appearance

The Peacemaker # 1

The Peacemaker # 2

The Peacemaker # 3

The Peacemaker # 4

The Peacemaker # 5


With Charleton Comics demise in the mid 80s, DC acquired the rights. The Peacemakers 1st appearance within the DC Universe was Crisis of Infinite Earths # 6 in 1985.


Additional Covers and Arches


New origin and name – Christopher Schmidt


DC Peacemaker # 1

DC Peacemaker # 2

DC Peacemaker # 3

DC Peacemaker # 4

Vigilante # 36

Vigilante # 38

Checkmate # 25

Showcase # 93

New origin and name – Christopher Smith


1st appearance


Blue Beetle # 3 2006

The Ratcatcher


Otis Flannegan worked for the Gotham Sanitation Department as a rat catcher until he got involved in a street fight. A fatality was involved in the skirmish and Flannegan took the front of the blame. Otis was convicted of manslaughter then sentenced for a decade in Blackgate. During his imprisonment, Flannegan had an epiphany. Otis realized he had spent so many years ridding the city of its rodent infestation that he failed to see what was really plaguing the city. The citizens of Gotham were the real infestation and despite his services towards the city, Gotham still turned on him. Flannegan developed an affinity towards rodents”


Ratcatcher 1st appearance was in Detective Comics # 585 in April 1998


1st appearance


Detective Comics # 585

Additional Covers

Detective Comics # 586

Detective Comics # 679

Shadow of the Bat # 43

King Shark


“Born in Hawaii, Nanaue is a humanoid shark, his father is “The King of all Sharks” — also known as the Shark God. Other characters, such as special agent Sam Makoa, have dismissed this as superstition and referred to Nanaue as a “savage mutation” with no mystical nature. It has also been implied he was one of the “Wild Men”, evolved animals based on those in Kamandi.


King Sharks first appearance is a cameo in Superman Vol 3 # 0, followed by a first full in Superboy Vol 3 # 9

Superboy Vol 3 # 0

1st cameo appearance

Superboy Vol 3 # 9

1st full appearance

Additional Covers


Superboy # 13

Superboy # 67

Superboy vs. King Shark

DC Adventure Comics # 506

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 40

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 40

2nd Print

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 46

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis # 47

Superboy # 2

Suicide Squad # 0

Suicide Squad # 2

Suicide Squad # 5

Suicide Squad # 6

Suicide Squad # 9

Suicide Squad # 14

Suicide Squad # 19

Suicide Squad # 22

Suicide Squad # 26

Suicide Squad # 30

Aquaman # 32

Teen Titans # 7 Cover A

Teen Titans # 7 Cover B

DC Primal Age: Target Exclusive

Polka-Dot Man


“The Polka-Dot Man, also known as Mister Polka-Dot, was a minor supervillain who fought Batman and Robin early in their careers. He became known for committing grandiose crimes revolving around a bizarre theme of polka dots. The spotted pattern on the Polka-Dot Man’s gimmicked costume also concealed a variety of hidden weapons.”


The Polka-Dot Man’s first appearance is in Detective Comics # 300 in February of 1962


Detective Comics # 300

1st appearance

Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! # 4

Death Appearance

Well that’s a good first look at some key books and covers that will see some uptake if all of this indeed works out the way it’s “supposed” to in terms of characters and timelines. Again, this is all speculative, however this is what we do in our hobby. If trees and raccoons can become solid books, so can a shark and a polka-dot man!

The one thing I find ironic is that the more obscure characters like the aforementioned, come without any preconceived notions or bias. See, they are pure in form, not etched in our heads from millions of panels and storylines.

Sometimes, just sometimes this makes these type of characters really stand out and get their own time in the limelight. They become the adored and millions of fans are created throughout the world.

Time will tell if these four are fortunate to have the same fate…



Talk soon,


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