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Happy Monday!



Wars upon the Stars!

Star Wars #42 1980

Lots of reasons to love this book, including the first comic book appearance of Boba Fett. I just keep thinking Boba Fett Films. Hopefully they will get him back on the movie slate!

It looks like other bounty hunters (Bossk and Dengar) debut in here. Some droids too?



Is this book really the first time Lando is mentioned?

And the giant monster that Han, Leia, Chewie and C-3PO landed in who almost ate them is in here!

How about the first full comic book appearance of Yoda?



And, first Emperor Palpatine? Be it, in the shadows.



2001 Space Odyssey #8 1977 Marvel Comics

First appearance of Z2P45-9-X-51, a sentient robot. Another fantastic creation by Mr. Jack Kirby.

But, wait, didn’t 2001 already pass? And still no Mister Machine (Aaron Stack aka Machine Man aka X-51) on screen? Raise your hand if you’re betting he’ll get there.


Action in the Jungle!

Jungle Action #5 1972 featuring Black Panther in his first solo adventure.

Black Mercy!



Superman Annual #11 1985. “For The Man Who Has Everything.” First Appearance of Black Mercy!

What is black mercy?

“Black Mercy is a plant that creates a dream of a person’s perfect life by tapping into the pleasure centers of a person’s brain, while keeping the victim totally paralyzed. Black Mercy feeds on the psychic energy produced by the victim’s interaction with his/her “dream. When someone discovers the Black Mercy-created reality is fake, the Black Mercy will slowly lose its grip on its host, making it easier to detach from them”.

I loved the animated adaptation episode of Justice League Unlimited. I remember somewhat of a similar episode in Batman Beyond where something attached to Superman and controlled him.


Batman gets it too!


Did you know?

There is a red version of Black Mercy that traps its victims in nightmares.




Batman Beyond #1 1999 DC Comics Promotional Giveaway

Animated Cartoon Movie to rival Into the Spider-verse or not. Batman Beyond, aka Terrence McGinnis first appearance with an iconic Bruce Timm cover, has been on the up for years and continues climbing, in my mind, these later printings are a great, low risk gamble. While the first printing debuted in March 1999, this Promo version came out 3 months later in June and is collectible in its own right. Not the easiest to come by, especially unstamped and high grade. If you want to talk about books not easy to find, look no further than the 3rd printing, which has no barcode or blank box in the lower left corner.

Lots of interesting Batman Beyond books to be explored.




All-New Marvel Point One #1 2014.

First full appearance of Kamala Khan, ehh? For as close to a guarantee future big screen sure-thing as you can get, this book seems like a bargain. Same with the blue-colored 2nd prints, which came down to earth some.



Cap’n Sharrr

Sharks, anyone? Cap’n Sharrr leads a group of pirates on planet Nautikos.



Kid Copper

A student under Captain Britain at Braddock Academy, with a magical hat that apparently allows him to solve any crime.

How about hats that cure diseases? Or that help you find good deals on rare comics!




She became leader of the Pursuers after the death of Korath.



Disha, Yusuf and Aamir Khan

Kamala Khan’s mother, father and brother.



Bruno Carrelli

Friend of Kamala with genius intelligence who help keeps her, “I am Ms Marvel” secret.

Did you know? He invented her Ms Marvel suit.




Gunslinger is no joke of late. Talk about books on the increase.

Real Name: Jeremy Winston. I see he first appeared in Spawn #119, is it only a drawing of him, or story?

5 Ronin – While #4 is picking up steam with the awesome Psylocke covers, don’t forget about #5, featuring Deadpool. 17th century Japan Deadpool, that is!

More than meets the eye!

3 covers I was really feeling that I didn’t see around much. All RIs (Retailer Incentives), which, for IDW, means miniscule print runs. Right around 1,000 made for each of these.

Transformers Robots in Disguise #7 2012.

The Soundwave really captures his classic, original look!

Transformers Dark Cybertron #1 2013.

Next to the Virginia Comic Convention New Mutants #87 homage that was limited to 1,000 copies, I really liked this cover.

What’s this issue all about? “THE END OF EVERYTHING! SHOCKWAVE makes a move millions of years in the planning-an ultimate plan to remake Cybertron and destroy both the Autobots and Decepticons! Bringing together the casts of the hit MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE and ROBOTS IN DISGUISE for the first time in two years!”

Shockwave is a bad man! Er, Robotman. Amazing Shockwave-man? It could work! Cybertonian web shooters and all!

Transformers Robots in Disguise #22 2013.

Another really cool Soundwave cover!


Valiant movie universe, you’re my only hope!

Divinity! I’m still buying up ratios, though not nearly as much as in the past few years.

Who is Divinity?

“Divinity is a Russian cosmonaut who embarked on a 30-year mission of space exploration. When he returned, he had gained god-like powers including the ability to manipulate matter and time.”

Pretty cool!


Really cool cover I hadn’t seen or heard of before. CapStone #1 2015 Titan Comics.


Still partaking in these. Mack cover!

Did you know? Nearly 2 years went by between issue #5 (2011) and this issue (#6, 2013)

I am not sure if Bendis is still set to develop a TV series for Scarlet. Hopefully so!


David Mack strikes again! Daredevil End of Days #3 2013 Incentive. Just shy of approximately 1,200 copies printed, it appears.

This cover really shot up in value, I’m seeing.

More Daredevil!

With Venom! And Mary Jane! #14, 2012.


Black Panther!

I really like the Black Panther #21 2006-07 2nd Printing.

These 2009 Campbell’s are starting to climb. Both regular and partial sketch covers.

Black Knight!

Black Knight #3 2016 RI. I passed on these a few months back and of course they proceeded to take off. Now, are they up or down? Either way, not quite 700 of these floating around, somewhere out there.


Interesting how some of these Alex Garner 1:10’s took off while others did not. They’re all about 3,000 print runs. Even the sought after final issue, #614 1:10, though #601 appears to have a slightly higher print run.

Remember Lugz?

ASM #11, 2015. Mike Mayhew Lugz Custom Variant Cover. This hit the gate running in the triple digit sales. Then, like far too many variants, it dropped. I still thought it was cool to have.

Well, that’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed and are extra motivated to find some books that appeal to you!


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