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Happy coffee filled Monday!

Not a whole lot of news from this past week.

Danger Girl is getting closer to being made.

Ok, let’s get right into some pickups!

On Point!



Starting off with some randomness, I present Superman Annual #3 1991. I didn’t see 2nd or 3rd prints around so I bit the hook!

Q: Is the story any good?

A: Yes!

In this rendition, Sups is married to Lois. She dies when Metropolis is destroyed. He becomes an enforcer, disarming nuclear weapons, in trying to keep the world from destroying itself. He kills people! Batman is asked to stop Superman’s reign. A battle ensues. Martian Manhunter dies. In the final act, Batman uses a kryptonite ring and kills Superman. So much action! Jam packed! But, oops! I ruined the end. Should I have said, warning, spoiler alert?

We’re looking for the roman numerals in the upper left corner.



Next up, Marvel Point One #1 from 2011. Thumbing through it… In addition to Sam Alexander’s first appearance, there’s some interesting stuff in here.

A team called X-Terminated looks pretty cool. They were formed to fight against Weapon X.  My first thought was, Wolverine? So I made like a fish and dove in!

What an incredible alternate timeline this is!

Apocalypse taking over the world. Cyclops takes out Wolverine’s hand. Wolverine takes out one of Cyclops eyes. Oh, and his claws can still come out of his stub! Phoenix saves the day. Years later, the Celestials come to judge earth and Wolverine offers himself up to save the planet. They give him powers but his mind gets warped. He winds up killing billions with his minions.

That was a long story short but the X-Terminated team is introduced in this book, made up of these characters who first appear with completely different back stories than from the, shall we say, regular universe? They are:

-Deadeye aka Zora Risman

-Fiend aka Francesca Trask

-Goodnight aka Donald Pierce, who makes his first appearance here as Goodnight

-Horror Show aka Graydon Creed

-Prophet aka William Stryker



Also first appearing within these pages are twins Coldmoon (Wanxia) and Dragonfire (Zaoxing). Coldmoon can create and control ice using her hands, while Dragonfire creates and controls fire with his hands. I’m reading they were created to be used for a mobile game in China but that never happened.



I’m not 100% certain that this is the first appearance of the Ultron Sentinels. They may have appeared first in the mini Marvel Alliance book.




Aquaman Convergence #2, 2015. This book does in fact have a Doctor Fate story taking place prior to the 2015 series to serve as an introduction to the #1 issue. How cool is that? I don’t have a Doctor Fate #1 to verify, but heard this story is not part of that book.




I’d really like to see them done right on the big screen. Hasbro did say they were in the plans. Flipping through it, this map of their world was a nice addition. And their own language!



Alter Ego!

#7, 1964, Alter Ego Enterprises

Black Adam sighting! This is a tough find and prices are climbing. My guess is it’s gaining popularity as a bridge between his first appearance from the 1940’s and re-introduction in Shazam #8/#28 in the 1970’s.

Did you know?

Black Adam is an ancient Egyptian who murdered a pharaoh? He was created in 1945 through Fawcett Comics and first appeared in Marvel Family #1.


Jughead #9, 2016 Variant

Happy to finally track these down. Next on the list is the Diamond Retailer Summit Variant, another tough one to locate.

Big Books!



Literally, they are big books, in that they are oversized.

Legion of Monsters #1, 1975. Marvel.

Fantastic Art.

We’ll start with the inside cover and then a few pages throughout that caught my eye.



Planet of The Apes #29, 1977. Marvel. Final issue in series.

More great art.



Amazing World of DC Comics #9, 1975.

An all-things Legion of Super Heroes. Up until 1975, that is.



A list of world’s in alphabetical order



Full lists of key books and key characters split up by heroes and villains.



Blazing Combat #1, 1965

Shout out to AnthonyL for hipping me to this book. Tony, if you’re looking for another copy, it’s yours!

Low Down!



Here are a few books somewhat low printed.

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #5, 2017 Variant.

I can’t say this was short printed, but it’s just not around. Some of these “Divided We Stand” Variants are scarce.

Fear Itself #2, 1:75, 2011.

Print run: Approx. 1,300

Cover Art by Steve McNiven

Love the broken Cap shield.

The Uncanny Inhumans #1, 1:50, 2015.

Print run: Approx.  1,800

Cover Artist: Art Adams

That’s a lot of Medusa hair, and, Kamala cover sighting!

TMNT #62, 2016.

Blindbox “Vintage Raphael” Exclusive.

I like low printed turtle books. Only 100 of these made.

Cool stuff!



Better late than never on Immortal Hulkster! This is the 2nd Printing to Avengers #682. His first appearance in cameo?


Every few months I go back and grab all the Spawn books that have come out. Literally all the Spawn books. Every cover has been lights-out, knock-out level worthy.

Amazing Heroes #131, 1987.

But now, we should have all heard of the ASM300 preview within the pages of this book. I wanted to highlight some other pieces in it.

First, here’s a page showing a preview with a couple panels from the upcoming Amazing Spider-man #300:



Here’s a preview image of Aliens #1 from Dark Horse.



There’s also some Battle Beasts in here!



How about an image of McFarlane’s early work?



Or a Tigra key books checklist?



And finally, a sequence that would be nice to see on screen soon. Who?? Warlock!!




Rose #17, 2019 Variant

Loved these variant covers.

Do the Thanos Snap!

Thanos Quest TPB, 2000.

Somewhat pricey reprint that collects the original #1 and #2.

Female Furies!

Mister Miracle #6, 1972

Here they are in their original forms.



Yo Joe!

Fresh off the Star Trek Incentives, I dove in, head first, to GI Joe.

So many cool covers with tiny-scopic print runs.



Swamp Gold!



John Constantine is again back in the spotlight and his first appearance is heading back in the up direction. Last month, Warner Bros/CW was reportedly working on a new Constantine show.



First appearance of Booster Gold in Booster Gold #1 1986. First Appearance of Skeets too!

Who is Skeets?

A security bot that came back in time with Booster Gold from the 25th century. In later carnations, Blue Beetle downloads Skeets’s consciousness into new armor he develops for Booster, to allow Skeets to continue to communicate with Booster and also take over his body movements if he loses consciousness.



Who else is in here?

Theresa “Trixie” Collins, aka Goldstar, aka Booster’s assistant. The suit she wears allows her magnetic powers.



Blackguard, a common criminal turned super criminal by The 1000, a powerful criminal organization in Metropolis.



Mindancer, 2nd in command of The 1000, who can drain psychic energy from others and store it in her mind.



Movie progress?

In January, there was word that he is still planned to be in a stand-alone film and also appearing in a Blue Beetle big screen movie.

Did you know?

He has a preview in DC Releases #21 that came out the same month as Booster Gold #1 (February, 1986.) DC Releases is more of a pamphlet. There’s also an issue showing Nightwing that, if memory serves me well, came out the same month as Tales of the Teen Titans #44. Same for Watchmen.

Turtle Power!



A few weeks back we mentioned the Amazing Heroes #45 book that predates TMNT #1 1984 by one month. Here’s an oversized magazine comic book that predates Amazing Heroes #45 by one month. I’m not sure if there are any other publications containing TMNT images that predate the first issue by Mirage, but I’d expect these obscure issues to rise in value right along with other early Turtles books.

Just one tortoise in this picture, vs. all 4 pictured in Amazing Heroes #45. And, $2.00 for a copy of the original TMNT #1? I’m writing a check and addressing an envelope to that PO Box right now! Don’t we all wish time travel was that easy!



I saw one other random thing in here that made me wonder… what is the earliest Marvel/DC crossover image in print? Or specifically, Batman and Spider-man together. I know their crossover DC Vs. Marvel books are popular.



Ok, stopping point here before this turns into hundreds and hundreds… and hundreds of pages!

Have yourself a merry little last week of March!


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