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The company-wide-variant-theme-o-meter blew up just looking at what October has in store for us. Well, it’s actually not that bad if you don’t count Marvel, but still … Image have their Walking Dead cover homage month (What? No Youngblood tribute month?) and Marvel start 5 (!) new themes: Headshot, Vintage T-Shirt, (the infamous) Lenticular Homage, John Tyler Christopher Trading Card and Chip Zdarksky How-To-Draw variants. That’s pretty crazy. Even for Marvel.

I truly believe Marvel is doing their best to get good comics out there, but things like this make me want to avoid their stuff like the plague. Something interesting I noticed is that the Generations: Ironheart / Iron Man 2nd Printing cover is not by Mattina, does this mean there will be no full set? We’ll see …

Metal goes on at DC with these two books, where we are introduced to Green Lantern / Batman and get to the Gotham Resistance finale. If you’re hooked to Metal (and why wouldn’t you be), do not to worry, though, in a couple of weeks we will have the Flash and JLA tie-ins (and Metal #3 comes out next week).
Batman: White Knight #1 looks like a lot of fun, the latest preview lives up to the initial promise of the book. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is bigger than expected and by that I mean an actual Batman mini with longer shelf life. Adam Hughes gives us a tremendous Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1 cover, but it looks like the book will be fun, having Paul Dini involved in it. As a crossover collector, this was going on my pull list anyway.
You would have to live under a rock in an island on another planet to not have been spoiled, but this issue Catwoman gives her answer to Batman, so look out for this! Also, Olivier Coipel’s cover is awesome. Just hit me that you can get all the DC comics listed here for cover price. Not only that, but they are good reads. DC seems to definitely be back on track, right? Until the Watchmen thing at least Shadow / Batman #1 is Dynamite’s side of the crossover between these two characters. The first one was better than it had any right to while this one has half of the writing team and some amazing covers. I decided to feature Alex Ross’ cover up there, but actually pre-ordered Sienkiewicz’s. There’s also Finch, Peterson and a couple more too.
The hunt for the pink signature continues at Skybound with Manifest Destiny #31. At least they seem to be having some fun with the whole variant scene. The Tick #1 brings back the Tick to the world of comics. Nothing but respect for New England Comics, I just hope the new series is as good as Benito Cereno’s. The cover displayed above is the ratio variant, but, don’t worry, the regular cover also features clowns.
Amerikarate #7 wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Tom Whalen’s variant and Keith turning me onto Tom Whalen’s covers. I think we can all agree Keith is going to hell because of that. New Skybound series, written and drawn by Dan Panosian. It’s insane to think about Dan “Prophet” Panosian being the same guy as this one, isn’t it? In any case, this looks brilliant.

Meanwhile at Marvel …

They are keeping Mattina busy, with three covers this week:

Astonishing X-Men #4 Adi Granov Variant

Granov is a genius. So much so, he can even make Gambit look good.

Star Wars #37 Greg Smallwood Star Wars 40th Anniversary Variant

Awesome cover, even though the first time I looked at it, I thought it was a teddy bear on the floor, but I haven’t slept much.

I have personally been looking forward to Spirits of Vengeance #1. The only thing that stopped me from pre-ordering it is Blade. I don’t think I ever read a good comic that had Blade in it. The rest of the cast, though, is exactly what the doctor ordered. There’s like a million variants, but you can’t go wrong with Dan Mora’s regular cover. Probably not a good investment. Garth Ennis back on the Punisher, as Marvel try to get some of that early 2000s magic back. I am rooting for them, seriously. Most of the whole runs I have are Marvel series (Hulk and Wolverine) and it’s heartbreaking not to be able to connect with those series. Hoping for Legacy to be it.

Anyway, the Checchetto 1:25 variant looks pretty good and there’s an Andy Brase 1:50 that I am not digging at all. Will it be a good read, though? MOS DEF!

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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