The Wednesday One 01/23/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 01/23/19

It is really light this week. Let’s jump into it.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #1 Cover I Incentive Gerald Parel Variant Cover 1:25

I like this one better than the Ribic, but neither are amazing. I don’t think anything happens in this book from what I hear of rumors. Print run should be big anyway. I think I might grab one of these for PC if I find it cheap. Bins avail for half ratio. I think double cover is a good price for PC. I know that is low but there is already a flood of them listed and the undercutting is imminent.


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #1 Cover J Incentive Esad Ribic Variant Cover 1:50 

The highest non per store variant and still nothing to write home about. It is one of the better Ribic recently imo, but that isn’t saying much. Presales are at $20 right now but I think $12-15 is better. If you like it grab for PC.

Grumble #3 Cover B Variant Farel Dalrymple Limited Cardstock Cover

These variant covers have been doing well and seem to have tiny print runs. So far I can only find one sold two days ago obo for $12. If you find it for cover sell it fast.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 2 #2 Cover B Incentive Bryan Hitch Variant Cover 1:25

Not too shabby. This one is grabbing right under $20 so far which is pretty good actually. I think half ratio is a grab if you like it. I think I like it.

Cool Covers

Teen Titans Vol 6 #26 Cover B Variant Alex Garner Cover

I really like these Garner covers. Fun style and great colors.

Monstress #19

So happy this is back. Liu and Takeda are an amazing team. This is a great read and if you have never read it I highly recommend grabbing a few trades and catching up. Takaeda’s covers are amazingly detailed.

Crypt Of Shadows One Shot Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Cover

I’m a JTC fanboy and I feel like this is a homage to something but I can’t what if it is. Maybe it is just that style. It is selling out online, but one shots die quick so this is a PC grab.

Immortal Hulk #12 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

This cover is epic. Possible One Below All 1st app? This run is heating up overall. I’m behind, but hope to catch up this week. The Ross cover run alone has been epic.

War Is Hell One Shot Cover C Variant Marco Checcetto Young Guns Cover

I’m feeling this one, but I don’t think I will be able to grab it as I don’t think my lcs is getting any. This one may have a funky qualifier.

Blossoms 666 #1 Cover D Variant Robert Hack Cover

This book has some buzz, but I don’t care for it. I do like a good skull cover though.




Aquaman Vol 6 #44 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover

I’m only warm on this one but it seems to be selling out at some online retailers. With the movie doing over $1B it is hard to ignore aquaman. I like Alburquerque’s work also.

Read it

Batman Vol 3 #63 Cover B Variant Tony S Daniel Cover

Bats is a pull book. Solid.

Naomi #1 Cover A Regular Jamal Campbell Cover

New character and it sounds interesting enough. Will it last or get killed off like sideways and damage?





Mega Ghost #2

This first one was a lot of fun. This is more of an all ages book but i dug it for some reason.


  • Silver Surfer Vol 1 #14 Facsimile Edition – I grab a few of these Facsimile books when they drop. They are cool.
  • True Believers King Conan #1 – $1
  • True Believers Conan Secret Of Skull River #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Catwoman Vol 5 #7 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover – The “One.” I really like when a DC B cover is the “One.” It lets a lot of people get in on the fun and it usually means it is an amazing cover. This one is great and I love the colors. Going for $20, but seems to have come down to $10. I think it hangs out around $10 this week. The cover A Jones cover is pretty good too. This seems to be mostly $10, but a few for less also. 

Conan The Barbarian Vol 4 #2 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Variant Cover 1:50 – This is an amazing Brooks and should do well long term. Sales are all over from $40-90 with the most recent being $60 I think this stays over ratio, but I don’t think it blows up to 2x ratio. Bins are ~$70+. I think it sits ~$60 give or take. Id grab $40 or less if clean for a flip and up to ratio for PC. Mine is for PC and I payed midtown price so right under $50 shipped, I just hope it is clean when it arrives. This seems to be $60+ and holding strong. 

Fantastic Four Vol 6 #6 Cover F Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover 1:50 – I really like this cover, but I don’t think I have a chance of finding it for cheap. Last sold was a few days ago for $50 but there are bins currently for as low as $30. I think I’ll wait a few weeks and try to find a deal. I don’t think the aftermarket is after it so I’d try to stay under half ratio. $20 or less is probably a safe bet. I think it sits at half ratio this week. This seems to be sitting nicely at $30

Marvel Comics Presents Vol 3 #1 Cover E Incentive John Cassaday Variant Cover 1:50 – I like this cover for some reason. I don’t think anyone else does though. I can’t find any sold and a few bins listed for half ratio. Skip it unless you like it and find it cheap cheap. This is a great $10 cover imo. Last sale on the 19th was $24. 

Marvel Tales Venom #1 Cover B Incentive Jen Bartel Virgin Cover 1:50 – This book has an $8 cover for a set of reprints. “Reprinting Venom’s return in Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #316, the first appearance of Carnage in Amazing Spider-Man #361 and an action-packed Black Cat story in Spectacular Spider-Man (1976) #119″ The cover is good, but I think this one might be a ghost. I don’t think many shops are going to gamble 50x $8 covers. I can only find one listed and none sold. I doubt it has any value other than scarcity and the good cover. I’d grab it for cheap, like half ratio or less, and hang on to it to see if it ever takes off. This seems to be rare and ~$100 but only 2 sales so far. Only a handful listed. 

Return Of Wolverine #4 Cover C Incentive Whilce Portacio Variant Cover 1:25 – I really like this cover. Homage to that sweet and expensive Platt Wolverine #310. I really hope I can grab one as I’ll never be able to afford the Platt. Only 2 sales today of $15 and $30 but several bins for $13+. I think it doesn’t do much and stays around half ratio which isn’t bad if it is nm+ for PC. This is hanging around $10. 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder In Hell #1 Cover C Incentive Rafael Albuquerque Variant Cover 1:10 – This cover is awesome. I can see this one doing really well now and long term. Seems to be selling right over ratio at ~$12-13. I was able to order 2 for PC. I think this is going to be a classic. This did exceptionally well. recent sales ~$40 

White Widow #1 Cover B Variant Jamie Tyndall Red Foil Cover – This book doesn’t do anything for me. It was a kickstarter a few months back and has some buzz, but I’ll pass. Knowing my luck it will blow up so don’t listen to me lol. I will flip thru it at my lcs and see if it grabs me. This wasn’t even avail at my lcs as they had all been requested. I missed the boat on this one. Sets selling today for $45! 

Knights Of The Golden Sun #3 Written by Mark London – This book is hot, but I don’t know if #3 will be. It is a decent read if you can find a cheap copy. I like the art style. This is getting ~$10 which is good for a 3rd issue. 

Appalachian Apocalypse #1 written by Billy Tucci – This book has a lot of hype and might even flip. I’m wary though and might grab it as a reader. This had some heat but back down to right over cover. 

UNCANNY X-MEN #10 FINCH VARIANT (MARVEL) – I missed this one last week, but I did grab a PC copy from my lcs. – This is grabbing $30 which is amazing for a non-ratio variant. 

Wrap Up

A light week and nothing great flip wise it seems. A lighter hit to my wallet is appreciated. I’m really happy Monstress is back. I feel like I’m missing something, but I think it is just light. I might be getting too comfortable with a hot DC B cover each week. What do Y’all think and did I miss anything? I hear rumblings of a few indies, but none of them caught my fancy. Have a great Wednesday!





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