The Wednesday One 01/30/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 01/30/19

I think for most people this is a thin week. I could widdle this week down to probably 6 books if I had to. Let’s take a look and see how much I am lying to myself about 6 books.


Wonder Woman Vol 5 #63 Cover B Variant Kamome Shirahama Cover

Preselling for $10 and selling out superfast online. I love when a DC B cover is the “One” just like this. Awesome cover, accessible, and flipable.

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #4 Cover B Incentive Yasmine Putri Variant Cover 1:25 

These covers are rare and Putri has a following. I think if you find it cheap it is a grab, but sell it quickly as these seem to fall off quickly too. I can only find one sold today for $20. I think half ratio is a safe pickup.

Cool Covers

WWE Forever #1 Cover A Regular Rahzzah Cover

This book isn’t cheap, but I love this cover. I grabbed 2 for my PC, but if it heats up I may have to sell one. Rahzzah covers are favorite of mine.

Batgirl Vol 5 #31 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover

Another great Artgerm for the PC.

Edgar Allan Poes Snifter Of Terror #4

I have really liked this title and the covers have been awesome. Some have even heated up a little bit.

Star Trek Q Conflict #1 Cover C Incentive George Caltsoudas Variant Cover 1:10

Don’t judge me too harshly on this one. Q is a great character and I love this cover for some stupid reason. I like how it has all 4 Captains on it (Enterprise and Discovery don’t count.)

Spawn #293 Francesco Mattina Trade

I know Mattina is getting some deserved dislike recently, but I’m still grabbing these sweet spawn covers. It seems the b/w and Virgin are McFarlane covers which I like also and apparently there is a error of some sort that isn’t recalled. I’ll be looking for that.



Age Of X-Man Alpha #1 Cover D Incentive Rahzzah Variant Cover

Another Rahzzah cover for my collection. I really don’t care about this X-man story

Man Without Fear #5 Cover C Incentive Gerardo Zaffino Variant Cover 1:25

I really dig Zaffino recently. This cover isn’t amazing, but this one is going in my PC.

X-Force Vol 5 #2 Cover C Variant Jerome Opena Conan vs Marvel Villains Cover

I’m not feeling the crossover. I usually like a stupid crossover too. I like the art in the cover and I can see how a lot of people are liking it. It is a pass for me.

Read it


Quantum Age From The World Of Black Hammer #6 Cover B Variant Jeff Lemire Cover. Written by Jeff Lemire

Of you haven’t tried BH I def recommend grabbing a trade. All the BH books are on my pull.

Flash Vol 5 #63 Cover B Variant Howard Chaykin Cover. Written By Joshua Williamson

Flash is a pull and I like this cover.

Ice Cream Man #9 Cover A Regular Martin Morazzo & Chris OHalloran Cover. Written by: W. Maxwell Prince

I don’t read this title, but I know a lot of folks that do and they really like it. I need to pick it up sometime.


Silencer #13 Written by: Dan Abnett

The best of the newer DC titles. I really recommend it. This one is an Origin issue.

Actual Roger #1 Written By Hank Tucker

Hank Tucker is mostly known for “The Tick” cartoon as well as a slew of other projects you are probably familiar with. For $1.50 what do you have to lose!

While you are at it Unit 44 #1 and Feast Or Famine #2 also dop this week from Alterna. They have a great YouTube channel imo.

Animosity Evolution #10 Written by Marguerite Bennett

I like the regular title better, but both are pull books for me.


Uncanny X-Men 3D #1 Written by Chris Claremont

Don’t judge me too harshly. This is nostalgia and gimmick madness. 3d glasses and a poly bag oh man. I should completely ignore this book. “re-presenting the landmark UNCANNY X-MEN #268” Chris Claremont and Jim Lee = yay!

Mysteries Of Love In Space #1 Written by James TynionIV

I’m torn on this one. I usually like these big DC books, but I’m not feeling this one as much. Rumored 1st app makes it a possible grab.

Journey Into Unknown Worlds One Shot Cover B Variant Superlog Cover Written by Cullen Bunn

I’m not big on this one, but I know others are talking about it. I might grab it for a read. I like the idea of these classic titles. The execution has left something to be desired.

Marvel Knights 20th #6 Cover D Incentive Jae Lee Variant Cover 1:25 Written by Donny Cates

I read Donny. I know he can be fantastical, but I really like that. If he writing I’m probably reading. I like this cover, but I think only a few do also. I’m a Jae Lee fan, but this isn’t great for him.



  • ICYMI #1 – $1 reprint. Fun for everyone.
  • True Believers What If Conan The Barbarian Walked The Earth Today #1 – $1
  • True Believers Conan Resurrection #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #1 Cover I Incentive Gerald Parel Variant Cover 1:25 – I like this one better than the Ribic, but neither are amazing. I don’t think anything happens in this book from what I hear of rumors. Print run should be big anyway. I think I might grab one of these for PC if I find it cheap. Bins avail for half ratio. I think double cover is a good price for PC. I know that is low but there is already a flood of them listed and the undercutting is imminent. This one is cover to $10. No one cares. 

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 5 #1 Cover J Incentive Esad Ribic Variant Cover 1:50 – The highest non per store variant and still nothing to write home about. It is one of the better Ribic recently imo, but that isn’t saying much. Presales are at $20 right now but I think $12-15 is better. If you like it grab for PC. $15-20 to be expected 

Grumble #3 Cover B Variant Farel Dalrymple Limited Cardstock Cover – These variant covers have been doing well and seem to have tiny print runs. So far I can only find one sold two days ago obo for $12. If you find it for cover sell it fast. Recent sale of $9. Not many moved. 

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 2 #2 Cover B Incentive Bryan Hitch Variant Cover 1:25 – Not too shabby. This one is grabbing right under $20 so far which is pretty good actually. I think half ratio is a grab if you like it. I think I like it. $15-20 isn’t bad. 

Immortal Hulk #12 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover – This cover is epic. Possible One Below All 1st app? This run is heating up overall. I’m behind, but hope to catch up this week. The Ross cover run alone has been epic. Hanging around $10. 

Blossoms 666 #1 Cover D Variant Robert Hack Cover – This book has some buzz, but I don’t care for it. I do like a good skull cover though. ~$10 not bad. My 2x from archie comics didn’t arrive in great shape. I can press most of it out, but dang. Raw books in a stiff envelope is terrible. 

War Is Hell One Shot Cover C Variant Marco Checchetto Young Guns Cover – I’m feeling this one, but I don’t think I will be able to grab it as I don’t think my lcs is getting any. This one may have a funky qualifier. $7-15. 


Wrap Up

Yeah so there is no way i could only get 6. This “slow” week isn’t that slow as far as my wallet is concerned. I love the WW63 cover and I hope i can grab a few clean ones. I’ll probably save em all anyway. Let me know what Y’all think about this week, is it slow or medium for you? Also let me know if I missed anything, I always appreciate the help. Happy Wednesday Y’all!

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