The Wednesday One 05/30/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 05/30/18

5th week Wednesdays are often interesting. This one has ASM #800 dropping, but overall it seems pretty light. There are a few covers and reads to grab, but hopefully, I can keep this week lightish. Probably won’t happen.


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #800 Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover 1:25 and Virgin 1:200 

I like this cover and despite the massive print run. Presales $20-35 for 1:25. $150-200 for the virgin 1:200. I think they both stay about there. The 1:200 maybe goes down to $150 as undercutters dump them. The 1:25 for $25 is a good price for a cool Otto and a $10 cover so I think it sits around there despite there being so many.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #800 Cover Q Incentive Alex Ross Virgin Cover 1:500

Again, massive print run, but Ross is amazing and this cover is no exception. This is a high ratio, but I think a lot of stores over ordered 800 so maybe a few folks get lucky and can snag a good deal. Presales $250-300 and I think these sit around $300 for a while. $200 or less seems like it would be a safe flip or a solid buy for the PC.

Cool Covers

Infinity Countdown Captain Marvel #1 Cover A Regular In-Hyuk Lee Cover

Another great Lee. He has been killing it lately.

Marvel Two-In-One Vol 3 #6 Cover B Variant Gerald Parel Deadpool Cover

I really like this cover, but I’m not sure why. As Mel V would say, “T-Shirt Worthy.”

Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #1 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

There are a few cool variants for the new Lando mini. I still collect these AF variants.

Pestilence Story Of Satan #1 Cover B Variant Mike Rooth Cover

This Rooth cover is amazing. He is crazy talented. I really want a 9.8 of this. The miniseries was good also.

X-Men Red Annual #1 Cover B Variant Arthur Adams Cover

A good, not great Adams cover.

Aquaman Jabberjaw Special #1 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

Another Middleton and I think this one might be riding some of the hype of the last BG23 cover. It is a good cover. I like the shark.

Read it

Kill Or Be Killed #19

Only 2 issues left sadly, this might be the best book out right now.

Realm #6 Cover A Regular Jeremy Haun & Nick Filardi Cover

I’m a little behind, but good to see another issue.

VS #4 Cover A Regular Esad Ribic Cover

VS is solid so far. I like the world they are building.

You Are Deadpool #5 Cover B Variant Salva Espin RPG Cover

Fun book and a fun cover.

Hillbilly #10

I wish this was even close to a consistent release.

Stabbity Bunny #5

This book is a fun read. Some of the early issues were quick flips, but I don’t think so anymore.

Royal City #11

I really like Royal City. Good read, but not one that can be jumped into. A lil slow and def has a 90s feel.

Barrier #5

BKV, I’m behind though. I still hate the odd size book.

Blackwood #1 Cover B Variant Becky Cloonan Cover

This usually isn’t my type of book, but I’ll check it out.

Doomsday Clock #5 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover

I wish these were regular releases.


  • Harbinger Wars 2 #1 Cover F Incentive Felipe Massafera Harbinger Wars 2 Icon Variant Cover – High ratio Valiant
  • Quantum & Woody Vol 4 #6 Cover E Incentive Javier Pulido Quantum & Woody Icon Variant Cover – High ratio Valiant
  • Valiant High #1 Cover B Incentive Sina Grace Variant Cover – Not a high ratio, but a ratio of a 1 off. Probably skip

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Invincible Iron Man Vol 3 #600 Cover D & E Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover 1:50 and 1:100 virgin – So far both are selling around ratio. I think it holds at that for a week or so and then goes down. – These are selling around ratio which is good for a Ross. 

Champions (Marvel) Vol 2 #20 – 1st app? Flip thru and check, might be worth grabbing a copy for later. – Selling cover to double cover. 

Black Panther Vol 7 #1 Cover H Incentive In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover 1:25 – Try to grab for $10 or less. Presales $10-15. – Seems to be selling around $25 which is good. 

Black Panther Vol 7 #1 Cover J Incentive Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Cover 1:100 –  Presales $80-100. These usually drop in a few weeks. I think $60 or less is safe. Better if half ratio. – Sales around $60 

Pink Panther 55th Anniversary Special #1 Cover C Variant Retro Limited Edition Cover – Maybe grab if you see it cheap. The print run should be tiny. – $35 recent sales. 

Cosmo #5 Cover B Variant Tracy Yardley Game Box Art Cover – It seems to be sold out online though. I’m going to pass which means it will probably grab heat. – $6 so no real gains. 

Batgirl Vol 5 #23 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover –  didn’t think this book would be so hot. Presales $20-40 which is bonkers. Def grab as many clean copies as you can and flip em quick as this will drop with undercutting. – Dang, this is still $25-30, now I’m sad I only got $20 for one of my copies. 

Star Wars Vol 4 Annual #4 Cover B Incentive John Tyler Christopher Variant Cover – This was just a cool cover – This is actually selling at ratio $25 which is rare for a StarWars variant. I like this cover a lot. 

Wrap Up

Another week and I don’t like anything enough to call it the “One.” I hope I get a few books on my list, but if I don’t I could stand to save a few dollars also. I’m actually really excited for a few of the reads. KoBK being my fav. What do you think about this week? Did I miss anything? Let me know what Y’all are working on this week and thanks for reading.

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