The Wednesday One 06/06/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 06/06/18

This week looks big, but I think there is some fluff to ignore. The Opena DP is the only flip I would grab for PC and I felt like it can handle the title this week, but I might grab that Otto if I see it for a good price for grins. Let’s take a look at what this week has for us.


Doctor Strange Vol 5 #1 Cover D Incentive Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover 1:50

It is a good, but not amazing Otto. Sold out quick at midtown. Presales $70-90 so far, but there are a few for sale at $40 this evening. I’m not sure what to think on this one. I think it sits at $40-50, I think $30 is a safe buy. I think long term it gets forgotten.

Immortal Hulk #1 Cover D Incentive Clayton Crain Variant Cover 1:25 

This is also good not great. Sold for as high as $40, but recently $15-25. I think it drops down with undercutting. I think $12 or less to be safe if it does go down. The cheapest bin is $20.

Ant-Man And The Wasp #1 Cover E Incentive Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover

I have no idea why anyone wants this, but 1 sold for $50 presale and the few for sale are $50. I think a few people might want it thinking it will be rare. If you see it for half ratio, it may be a flip. Maybe the movie is hyping this up? I doubt it so maybe I’m missing something. I didn’t hear of anything new though.

Deadpool Vol 6 #1 Cover G Incentive Jerome Opena Variant Cover 1:50 

The best of the new Deadpool covers. Presales $40-50 and many are listed in that range also. I think $30 or under is a good buy and I’ll be hunting for one. I think it sits around $40. The Deodato 1:25 is a good cover also. This is the “One” though.

Infinity Countdown #4 Cover D Variant Adi Granov Turk Holds Infinity Cover

This one I have on here as I heard there may be a reveal, but I’m not sure at all. The cover is a good Granov at least. Flip thru it and check at your LCS.

Immortal Hulk #1 Cover E Incentive Dale Keown Variant Cover 1:50 

This cover is okay, nothing great other than the ratio. Presales $30-40. I think this stays $25-30. Try to get $20 or lower.


Cool Covers

Batman Vol 3 #48 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover

Cho is still hot with these covers. Usually they were for HQ but, I love this cover and with the virginesque DC B covers this is a win.

Deathstroke Vol 4 #32 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

This is an outstanding Mattina cover. I bought a few from a few places so I hope I get a nm+ to slab.

Immortal Hulk #1 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

Ross still doing very well. I really want to see this in person.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Dance Of The Dead #6 Cover D Meguro

I like these and collect them. Meguro is hit or miss, but these are hit.

Dazzler X Song #1 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

A great Bill cover. I think a future classic.

Green Lanterns #48 Cover B Variant Warren Louw Cover

I’m not big on this cover, but I know others are. It seems to be selling at cover so far, but maybe it gets a little heat if folks don’t see them on the shelves.

Harley Quinn Vol 3 #43 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover

Simple, but fun. Might be tough with the white cover.

Justice League Vol 4 #1 Cover B Variant Jim Lee & Scott Williams Cover

Jim Lee goodness. Hope the new run is good.

Walking Dead #180 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz 15th Anniversary Cover

I collect these and this one is good, but in a creepy, it rubs the lotion kinda way.

Green Arrow Vol 7 #41 Cover A Regular Tyler Kirkham Cover

Kirkham doesn’t get enough love. This cover is awesome and should have been the B cover.

Read it

Shipwreck #6

Whoa, this book is still being written? I forgot what the story was it has been so long. I remember liking it though.

Vagrant Queen #1 Cover A Regular Natasha Alterici Cover

I like to try Vault titles. They are also small print runs.

Weapon X Vol 3 #19

I like this book, I don’t think many read it though.

Star Wars Vol 4 #49 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

SW is one of the best books Marel puts out. I still collect these silly AF variants. I feel like JTC really had to hone his ability to draw red curtains on this one :).

Isola #3 Cover A Regular Karl Kerschl Cover

So far so good. This title has heated up a little bit also.

Death Or Glory #2 Cover C Variant Bengal Virgin Cover

Also a good read so far.

Doctor Star And The Kingdom Of Lost Tomorrows From The World Of Black Hammer #4 Cover B Variant Annie Wu Cover

BH world is awesome.

Sword Daughter #1 Cover B Variant Mack Chater Cover

Sounds okay. I’ll flip thru it at the store.

Injustice 2 #27

I like this alt-world craziness.

Unexpected Vol 2 #1 Vertical Foldout Cover

Metal tie-in so I’ll look at it.


  • True Believers Ant-Man And The Wasp Birth Of Giant-Man #1 – $1 reprint
  • Thanos Vol 2 Annual #1 Cover C 2nd Ptg Variant Dale Keown Cover – This might be scarce as many are forgetting about Thanos now that it is over.
  • Sabans Go Go Power Rangers #10 – I hear there is a new character or something. I don’t mess with PR so I’m not sure, but I heard things.
  • DC Nation #1 – FREE – Limit 1 Per Customer

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #800 Gabriele Dell Otto Variant Cover 1:25 and Virgin 1:200 – I like this cover and despite the massive print run. Presales $20-35 for 1:25. $150-200 for the virgin 1:200. I think they both stay about there. The 1:200 maybe goes down to $150 as undercutters dump them. The 1:25 for $25 is a good price for a cool Otto and a $10 cover so I think it sits around there despite there being so many. The 1:25 is still mostly $25, I saw a recent for over $40, but appears to be an outlier. The 1:200 is mostly sitting around $125ish with some outliers of $160 and even $200. 

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #800 Cover Q Incentive Alex Ross Virgin Cover 1:500 – Presales $250-300 and I think these sit around $300 for a while. $200 or less seems like it would be a safe flip or a solid buy for the PC.– Mostly $200-300 most closer to $300.  

Wrap Up

Another week of fun in the sun. Wait, I’m actively avoiding the sun as it was already over 100f where I live. No, it is a good week of comics. I was thinking about it earlier and every Wednesday is like a little treasure hunt. Won’t get rich off it, but the chase can be fun. I do enjoy finding a book I’m hunting in nm+. As I said before there is some fluff this week, and I’m not even talking about those awful Spawn cover. But, overall it is solid with a little for everyone. What are you working on this week? Did I miss anything? Let me know what you are working on this week and thanks for reading!

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