The Wednesday One 08/01/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 08/01/18

This week seems light. The flips aren’t great imo and there only a handful of good reads and covers. I’m still recovering from online con purchases so I am happy about it. Let’s take a look at this week and see what it has to offer.



Cosmic Ghost Rider #2 Cover C Incentive Gerardo Zaffino Variant Cover 1:25

Strong rumors of a Juggerduck cameo. I hate even typing that, it is just stupid. I’m a Cates fan so I’ll grab a regular copy to read, but I know some will spec on it and if there is money to be made then so be it. Recent sales are at ratio. I think it stays there or creeps up a little. I wouldn’t pay over half ratio to be safe, but again I’m super jaded.

Star Wars Last Jedi Adaptation #5 Cover B Incentive David Lopez Variant Cover 1:25

Normally I wouldn’t mention a book like this, but there might still be rarity heat like the last one. It is a ghost so far, but it might be a good flip if you find it for under ratio.

Justice League Vol 4 #5 Cover C Incentive Jim Lee Pencils Cover 1:100

I like Lee a lot, but the WW he did for #4 was better. This might flip if you can find it cheap enough. I didn’t think much of the last one, but it ended up being a half ratio book which isn’t bad. One presale at $30 and I think it stays around that or a little lower. There are a lot of Lee fans, but this cover doesn’t have the milkshake.

Infinity Wars #1 Cover H Incentive Aaron Kuder Variant Cover 1:50 

This is my fav of the IW covers, but I’m a sucker for skulls. It was selling for $25-40, but the last sale was $15 which might be an outlier. I think it ends up selling for half ratio or better, but I don’t think it will be scarce. There is a rumored reveal of Requiem.

Cool Covers

Deathstroke Vol 4 #34 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina doing Deathstroke is all kinds of great.

Green Arrow Vol 7 #43 Cover B Variant Kaare Andrews Cover

I’m torn on this one. I’m not sure if I like it. I want to see it in person.

Harley Quinn Vol 3 #47 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover

These are my favorite Cho’s. The lines are incredible. I wish he did more of these, but maybe the lower number keeps them special.

Spawn #288

Mattina does spawn really well also. I’m collecting these to make a pc set. I think these are good to have long-term in high grade.

Immortal Hulk #4 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

Ross is doing a great job on the covers for this great read.

Captain America Vol 9 #2 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

I liked the 1st issue and this Ross cover is great, but the flag touching the ground is a faux pas iirc.

Death Of The Inhumans #2 Cover A Regular Kaare Andrews Cover

I think I like this cover better than the Checchetto, but I’m not sure. This is a game-time decision. I don’t want to buy both, but I might. Cates is doing well with the story so far.

Death Of The Inhumans #2 Cover B Variant Marco Checchetto Young Guns Cover

Marvel needs to do more of these young guns covers, but instead of it being “young” artists (some of them are very well established so that makes no sense) just do random good covers regardless of artists length of career.




Infinity Wars #1 Cover E Incentive Frank Martin Variant Cover 1:10

I think a lot of places sell these for cover. I hate how this is a $6 book in general. This cover is pretty good.

Read it

Animosity #15

I’m still reading it and it is good.

Seeds #1

I’m not sold on this. I think I think I’m going to skip this 4 issue mini, but I’ll flip thru it at my lcs and see if the art grabs me.

Batman Vol 3 #52 Cover B Variant Kaare Andrews Cover

Not the best Andrews cover, but I like bats as a read. I know #50 pissed a lot of people off which is understandable.

Injustice 2 #31

One of the best DC titles out right now. Get on it if you aren’t.

Mister Miracle Vol 4 #10 Cover A Regular Nick Derington Cover

Getting closer to the end, but I don’t know that I’m closer to following the story. I’ll probably reread it when issue 12 hits.

Eclipse #9 Cover A Regular James Stokoe Cover

This got optioned by Skybound for a TV show. Hope it actually gets made. I read a few issues, but I am behind. I’m going to try to catch up this week.

Leviathan #1 Cover D Incentive James Harren Black & White Cover 1:25

If you see this cheap it might flip, but I only see 1 sold today and I don’t think people care. I will check it out as a read through, but probably one of the regular covers. Most shops might not order 25 copies.

Seven To Eternity #10 Cover A Regular Jerome Opena & Matt Hollingsworth Cover

This needs to come out on the regular. Good story, but I have to really pay attention.

Weapon X Vol 3 #21

This is a fun read. I like this cover too. It isn’t amazing by any means.

Quantum Age From The World Of Black Hammer #2

The world of BH is really good. Some of the better Lemire out right now. Definitely is a slower read, but most of his books are.




Adventures Of The Super Sons #1 Cover B Variant Jorge Jimenez Cover

The kids version of Super Sons. I’ll check it out. Maybe there will be a 1st app of a villain or something. It was a good regular book and I was disappointed they got rid of it.


  • Some stores are getting some SDCC variants this week. Check out recent sales to see if any still flip. I think the Venom #3 variant is still doing well.
  • Venom Vol 4 #3 Cover D 2nd Ptg Variant Ryan Stegman Cover – for those that like 2nd prints.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Infinity Wars Prime #1 Cover D Incentive Greg Hildebrandt Variant Cover 1:25 – I was going to grab this anyway because I like Hildebrandt, but this isn’t one of his better covers. I still like it though. Presales climbing to $35 which is solid. This is probably based on the rumored 1st app of Requiem that they have teased for a while. I think it stays over ratio. – Sales all over the place $40-70. 

Teen Titans Vol 6 #20 Cover C Incentive Jorge Jimenez Crush Variant Cover 1:25 – This is rumored to be the 1st full Crush. $40 presales which is sold. I don’t care for this cover, but I hope to grab one. If you do get one are you going to sell it right away or hang on to it. I think it stays at $30-40. –  Recently ~$35-40 which is solid

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #2 Cover B Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover 1:25 – I like some JSC, but this doesn’t do much for me, but it is growing on me. I know JSC fans will be grabbing it though. Presales are strong and all over. $25-45. I think it is a $25 book for the week which isn’t bad. – $35-40 is great. 

Mr & Mrs X #1 Cover D Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover – I don’t like this cover at all and I don’t think even JSC fans do. $20 or less is what many are listed for right now. I think this cover floods and is a $15 book this week. – ~$30 recently 

Venom Vol 4 #4 – This book is hot and might grab a few $ over cover. Not great, but Cates is hot. I like it as a reader and it is sold out online. Some are saying 1st app, I’m also hearing it points to a different book as the 1st, but I’m not sure. – Some double cover sales today. Cates is hot. 

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #33 – Rumored 1st app of Devin Dinosaur. I’ll grab a few in case it takes off. MG has a small print run anyway. It might get a few $ over cover eventually this week. – Few dollars over cover, but I think over time it creeps up. 

X-23 Vol 3 #2 Cover B Incentive Rahzzah Variant Cover 1:25 – Rahzzah is hot and I really like this cover. Usually #2 and on have a much lower print run than #1 and sometimes we get 1st apps like we got Gabby in ANW #2. Presales were $40, but the day before it seems to be $20 which seems about right. I think it sits around $15-20 unless something happens. I hope to get one for my PC. – Sales are all over but it seems to be averaging around ratio. 

Justice League Dark Vol 2 #1 Cover C Incentive Greg Capullo & Jonathan Glapion Inks Cover 1:50 – Some sites are reporting this as the 1st app of a new villain “Upside Down Man.” This might heat up, but I think the print run will be high so it might be an accessible lcs grab. Presales are $20-25 which isn’t great and I think it sits there for a while. – It dipped down to half ratio, but survived the hater wave and is selling for ratio now. 

Barbarella #8 – No spec was given, cool cover – I didn’t expect this book to flip. A few sales over $10 a few days ago then it seems to have died demand wise. 

Wrap Up

Another week and no “One.” There is a little of everything, but I’m not overly excited for this week. I think this week will be a catch-up week for me. My reads pile is getting too big and why buy books if I don’t read them. Reading them is half the fun anyway. What do Y’all think about this week? I feel like these light weeks are when a book flys under the radar, did I miss anything? I’m I way off for hating Juggerduck or should I lighten up? Let me know what you think and thanks for reading.

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