The Wednesday One 08/28/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 08/28/19

I took some time off. I haven’t rode a bike in a while, but I remember how. Let’s give this the old college try, no promises.



Once And Future #1 2nd Ptg

This one is hot. I’m not a fan of 2nds and I know the Monstress comparison, but I think sell. Take it and run. Going for ~$40 so far. There are a few listings for $50+, but I think a fair number get listed and it drops a bit to $25-30, still solid.

Red Hood Outlaw #37

Few 1st apps of villains. Villains are bad spec imo. Starting to get some heat. Last sale on tues was $24, but I see $10 bins. I see this dying fast with spec selling to spec. If you are going to do it do it fast imo, maybe throw one in a forgotten spec box.





Marvel Comics #1000 D23 Mickey Mouse 1 per store Thank You

Humberto Ramos

If you can find it flip it. This is the One. It is going for $150 last sale. I think it is on the way down, but I don’t see it fading away. ~3-5k copies is my guess at 1 per. I think it dips below $100 as market floods. I think maybe down to $50 – $75 which is nothing to shake a stick at. I say that, but hard to discount the mouse. I don’t love it and I’m grabbing $35 or less, but that might be easier said than done. Usually some folks find shops that don’t go price crazy on variants.

Cool Covers


Batgirl #38

Joshua Middleton

His Batgirl covers are a great PC run. Another one for the box.

Spider-Man Velocity #1

Dell Otto

Otto for cover is a win. I like the 1:25 Granov also, but don’t love it. Reminds me of design variants.

Fight Club 3 #8 Cover B

Duncan Fegredo

Classic artist and he killed it with this amazing cover. The more I look at it the more I love it.

Soulfire Vol 6 #3
Michael Turner

I’m a sucker for Turner. Got that older feel.

Justice League Dark Vol 2 #14

Clayton Crain

I dig it, feels little different than his usual. The hair.

Wonder Woman #77

Jenny Frison

I’m a Jenny from the block homer, but I can’t decide if I like this cover or not. I think I do.

Read it


Battlecats Vol 2 #4

Mark London

I like the art style, great action. calls back to 90s I dig. I don’t think a lot of folks agree with, but it is fun.

Bone Parish #12

Cullen Bunn

Such a great read. I’m digging it, hope folks are still on it. Good simple art that sets it.

Knights Temporal #2

Cullen Bunn

I didn’t love the 1st issue, but I’m interesting enough to grab the next.

Tommy Gun Wizards #1

Christian Ward

I’m in because Ward. I like a lot of his covers and I’m curious to see what he does writing and art. Capone selling a magic drug, I’m down.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #1010

Peter J. Tomasi

Pull book, tec is good and I like Jae Lee covers.

Flash Vol 5 #77

Joshua Williamson

Pull book, Flash is the most consistent rebirth title issue after issue imo. Always solid.  I like the Putri Cover

Batman Curse Of The White Knight #2

Sean Murphy

I’m reading Murphy and look forward to #2. I like the style.

Batman Superman Vol 2 #1

Joshua Williamson

I’ll check it out. Not excited, but curious.

House Of Secrets #92  Facsimile Edition

Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson

Yes. Just yes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder In Hell #4

Mateus Santolouco

I’m not usually a Turtles guy, but this series hooked me. Great interior art.

Ice Cream Man #14

W. Maxwell Prince

I still need to read this run, I hear great things.

Absolute Carnage #2

Donny Cates

Cates is on my pull and I have been digging his runs. This Checchetto cover seems to be my fav, but it isn’t great. The Stegman is good to.

Venom #17

Donny Cates

Cates pull also. I dig this Sunghan Yune cover too.

Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #1

Frank Tieri

I’ll flip thru it. I hear there is a reveal. Not a fan of tie-ins.





House Of X #3

Jonathan Hickman

Everyone is reading it for a good reason. This Dekal cover is warm to boot.



  • Knights Temporal #1 2nd Ptg – I’m not a fan of 2nds. But good for catching up.
  • Excellence #1  3rd Ptg
  • Spawn #299 2nd Ptg – Spawn, so hot right now, Spawn.
  • Marvel 80th – few of these seems to be selling for coverish.
  • Marvel Comics #1000 – grab these on clearance sale in a month. Few great covers. Future $1 bin fodder.
  • Action Comics #1014 – I hear 1st Naomi in continuity…. if that is your bag.
  • Erathune TPB – Collects Erathune (2016 Stranger) #1-4. Get on it if you haven’t yet.

Wrap Up


   Breaking off some rust is good. I’ll get better over the next few bear with me. I’m on the bike, lil shaky, but I’m pedaling. There is a “One” which doesn’t happen all the time. I definitely appreciate Y’all’s help with any thing I missed so let me know in the comments.  Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday! Also, remember to check Jack’s Bolo after for that last minute update.







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