The Wednesday One 09/11/2019

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 09/11/2019

Howdy Y’all! Busy week of reads. What to choose? Let’s see what sparkles.



Venom #18 1:25

Patrick Zircher Codex Variant

A hot update and great write up from Jack shows us that something of significance happens, but will it amount to anything? I don’t want to spoil it for readers so flip thru it if you aren’t reading. Late yesterday selling $30ish with ~30x listings ~$35 shipped. Solid buzz, but who isn’t all over venom and abs carnage. Regular cover is in stock everywhere. I think it slips down, but with Cates maybe it comes back. I would grab for half ratio or less and undercut.

Once & Future #1 4th

Jae Lee & June Chung

This cover is great. This is my fav of the O&F covers. I still not a fan of non-1st prints. Selling $10-20 shipped. sounds about right.

Silver Surfer Black #4 1:25

Peach Momoko

Cates’ writing is fun and exciting. Good art. Only a few sold $20-25. Bins for $15. Grab under $10 for PC. I don’t think it flips unless something significant happens.


King Thor #1 1:25

Gerardo Zaffino

Zaffino covers are my jam. Selling $15-25. I like for $10 for PC, but it will probably grab a $20 if you don’t like it.  From what I hear this one might wake up another book. Flip thru a regular.



Powers Of X #4

Jorge Molina

Everyone is reading this and it is amazing, thx Hickman. I can’t wait. Molina sets selling $30-35 is nothing to sneeze at.

Cool Covers

Catwoman #15


This is a great cover. I’m an Artgerm fan, but he has so many covers, this is a standout. hell here.

Hawkman #16

Inhyuk Lee

Great cover for Hawkman fans. I hear there are dozens of them.

Justice League Odyssey #13


I’m usually not a Parillo fan, but this is where it is at.

Wonder Woman #78

Jenny Frison

I collect Frison covers. Not the best, not bad though. The feel is there.

Red Sonja #8

Joseph Michael Linsner

I’m medium on Linsner, but this one grabbed me. Nailed it.

Silver Surfer Black #4

Alex Garner

I don’t like wraparound covers, but this one is actually good.






Captain Marvel #10

Mark Brooks

The Brooks cover is the only thing that interests me. He is so consistently good. Who actually reads this? If you do, good on you. More Star fun, some backstory.



Read it

Black Hammer Justice League Hammer Of Justice #3


I really like BH and the world Lemire created. 5 covers is too much, but that’s nothing new.

Flash #78

Joshua Williamson

Flash is a pull book for me and I dig this Paolo Pantalena cover.

Canto #4

David M. Booher

Brian Wood got me hooked on this and I thank him for it. Canto has heart.

Event Leviathan #4

Brian Michael Bendis

I’ve been digging EL. Good Andrews B cover

Gogor #5

Ken Garing

I think I’m the only one still reading this.

Analog #8

Gerry Duggan

I really liked this book last year. The pause killed it, but I’m hopeful that it gets made.

Isola #9

Karl Kerschl

Another book that never should have taken time off. Great read, great art.

Oblivion Song #19

Kirkman & De Felici 

OS is still rocking. I’m a few behind.

Midnight Sky #1

James Pruett

I like Scout books and usually try them out.

Trees Three Fates #1

Warren Ellis

I never read the original title, but I might flip thru this one and check it out. I hear good things.

Red Koi #1

Tyler Wentland

I always try to give Alterna love. Can’t beat the value.

Street Fighter Akuma vs Hell #1

Ken Siu-Chong

I’m an Akuma fan. This cover and the variant homage are really good. jab jab forward short fierce. 





Batman #78

Tom King

Pull book. I donno.



  • Dollar Comics Batman #608 – $1
  • Batman The Killing Joke Deluxe HC New Edition – I can’t wait to see Joaquin.
  • Batman Hush TP New Edition – If for some reason you have never read Hush you should.
  • Star Wars Age Of Resistance Supreme Leader Snoke #1 – Okay I’m slightly curious. I might grab later in a clearance sale. I don’t expect much.
  • True Believers Hulk Gray Hulk Returns #1 – $1
  • True Believers Hulk Mindless Hulk #1 – $1
  • Chastity #1 – This has a few covers some might like.
  • Invisible Woman #3 – Hughes cover for collectors. It’s not bad.
  • Marvel Tales Black Panther #1 – This Bartel cover has good colors, but meh.
  • Moon Knight Vol 8 Annual #1 JTC – I like JTC, but meh. +1 for MODOK


Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did okay one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Comic Title –  Prediction. Reality.


Vampirella Red Sonja #1 – Chew Virgin 1:25 – This one I am all about, nailed it. Skulls in the background are bonus. Love the cover, but I don’t expect it to do much. I think grab for PC under half ratio as long term I see it as a $10 book. I think a few will move $15-25, but not enough to generate sustained heat. These Vamp #1s have so many store variants also. Most recent one I could find was a few days ago for $35. It was still avail at a few online stores, but seems to be finally clearing out for ~$20. The 1:15 is listed for over ratio, but avail at places for under ratio. Either cover would be a PC grab for me only unless I found them for dirt cheap. – This isn’t moving, but when it does $30 with bins at that. I’ll wait patiently. 


House Of X #4 – Pichelli Flower Cover – It is unusual for a Marvel event to be good, but this one is. Can they keep it up? Every issue is grabbing heat. I like this one, but cover A seems to be safest flip. I’m excited to read it. No one cares about this cover. That molina is the winner. 


Web Of Black Widow #1 -Joe Chiodo 1:100 – I love this cover. It is warm. 6 listed, 1 is an auction over $100 and $125 bin avail. Only 1 sold yesterday for $150. It is over ratio, but seems like the market is small. I think it hangs around ratio and creeps down in a few days. I love this cover, but I don’t want to pay. I’d grab a PC for half ratio, safe flip round that too. Probably be safe under $75, but I wouldn’t want to sit on it if it doesn’t move. Only 6 sold since last week ~$100+. 7 more avail and all bins are over $100 There are 2 auctions that I’m curious how they end. Destined to stay ratio? 


Something Is Killing The Children #1 – Jenny Frison  – This cover is hot. Jenny nailed it. Seems to be ~$10 despite this not being a secret.  I’ll give it a shot read wise also. Though I’m not fan of Tynion IV he is usually middle of the road. Not exciting, but never bad. I like the Jae Lee cover, but I’m a homer. ~$13 all day, great action.


Midnight Vista #1 – Rahzzah 1:10 – Selling $13-15 on Tues. I think it hangs around ratio for a few days. I’m a Rahzzah fan so if I see it under ratio and clean I’ll grab for PC. Auction a few days ago $13.50. No action


Once & Future #1 3rd Print – This book is hot. Seems to be $25 as of Tues night. I expect it to hang in the $20 range, but as crazy as this book has been. Great flip if you find itBins available for $15 but last sale was $30 a few days ago. 


Wrap Up


I super late and probably forgot a few things so let me know if I did. I appreciate all the comments :). No “One” this week. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!


Remember to check out Jack’s BOLO list for that last minute update on Wednesday!



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