The Wednesday One 09/25/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 09/25/19

This one will be short and sweet as I’m low on time. This week seems light.


Jim Hensons Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance #1

1 per store, not sure artist. 

This new show is amazing. The practical effects make it crazy. This cover is really cool. Selling $25-40 and bins from $20-35. 1 per store seems like it should be a good number of copies for a book like this. Im skittish on this one, maybe grab for PC under $15 if nm+. I think in a few weeks it will be forgotten. Would make a cool slab.

Ghost-Spider #2 1:25

Peach Momoko

Selling $35-40 so far with a number of $40 bins available. I’m shy on this one, $20 and under should be safe.





Plot #1 
Gooden & Daniel Vintage Cover

Cool homage and going for double cover at times. I’m grabbing for a read and PC, but I think some of these Vault homage covers will get some love long term. Nothing crazy, but some $10 books.

Cool Covers

Wonder Woman #79

Jenny Frison 

I do so enjoy a good Frison cover. She did a Fearless cover this week also, but I think it is a miss, especially compared to this one.

Action Comics #1015 

Lucio Parrillo

Naomi in main DC. I don’t like this cover much, but I know Parrillo has a following and it is slightly better than the A cover.





Angel #5 1:40

Jae Lee

I totally agree with Andy. This cover is stoic. Jae Lee has a cool style.

Read it

Tommy Gun Wizards #2

Christian Ward

I liked the 1st issue enough. It was a little hard for me to follow the first time i read it, but I’m going to check out the 2nd issue. Probably grab the Lotay cover.

Batman Curse Of The White Knight #3

Sean Murphy

Pretty good.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #1012

Peter J. Tomasi

Tec is a solid pull book.

Harleen #1
Stjepan Sejic

I really like his art and these DC black label books are PC grabs.

Criminal Vol 3 #8

Brubaker & Phillips

They always have one of the best reads on the rack.


Evolution #18

James Asmus

I like it. Good art style. Not many still on it I think.

SFSX (Safe Sex) #1

Tina Horn

Rowdy and spicy is all I can say.

New Mutants War Children #1

Chris Claremont

One shot, but they had me at Claremont.

Powers Of X #5

Jonathan Hickman

Pick the cover you like, this read is good.

Batman Superman #2

Joshua Williamson

Cover says it.

Battlecats Vol 2 #5

Mark London

I like the action style.

Gods And Gears #1

Ryan Winn

I always grab Alterna titles. Can’t beat the value. ICYMI #9 out too.





Relics Of Youth #1

Gooden & Daniel

I like to try new vault titles and a solid cover. Goonies style?


  • Dollar Comics Crisis On Infinite Earths #1
  • Son Of Satan Marvel Spotlight #12 Facsimile Edition – I often grab these for later.
  • True Believers Hulk Devil Hulk #1
  • True Believers Hulk Other Hulks #1
  • True Believers Hulk Red Hulk #1 Cover A Regular Cover
  • Faithless #6 Tula Lotay Erotica – I think these spicy covers have long term potential. Grab cheap.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did okay one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Comic Title –  Prediction. Reality.

Spider-Man #1 1:50 Dell Otto – A simple, but solid Otto. I’m not chasing it. I’ll grab one later for cheap. Spidey #1s have a high print run. Selling for $15-20. I’d grab a clean one for $10-15 for PC. $20-30 is solid. Better than I figured. 

Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors #2 1:25 Codex Mico Sauyan – Some folks are collecting the Codex covers. I like Sauyan covers despite the issues, but this one is just okay. It seems to be $15 shipped to $30. I don’t think many care. Pass. Going for ~$15ish. One sold for $5. 

Vampirella #3 1:25 Artgerm – Yeah. This is going $25-30, but not sold out everywhere. I’d grab for PC at half ratio. Still $25-30, not many sold. 

Star Wars Age Of Resistance Rey #1 1:50 Joe Quesada – I think this will be hard to find. I’m not a big Quesada fan, but this hits. Grab if you see it clean. Selling for ~$80 so far. I don’t see how this isn’t a ghost. I’m grabbing for ratio proabably more, but I’m a SW fan. I can see this getting over $100, but at least staying where it is at. I’d slab it if I got one. I might have rose colored glasses on this one. $85-130. Seems hot indeed.

Aero #3 1:25 Pop Mhan – Low print run. I hear “first appearance of Sea Hunter, second Filipina,” but I have no idea. I don’t mess with this. Few asking ~$25-30, don’t seem to be any sales. If for some odd reason you find one cheap maybe grab it. I don’t mess with things I don’t know. Very few sold ~$20. Seems to be more international sales.

Valkyrie Jane Foster #3 1:25 Stephanie Hans – I like the colors, but it isn’t amazing to me. There are a number of Hans collectors and the print run is probably low. Selling $15-30 and mostly around $30. I think it sits around ratio which is solid. Grab for half ratio or less if you dig. Teased death, but that means nothing. Going for ~$20


Wrap Up

I’m short on time due to work, but hopefully I didn’t miss too much. Help me out if you see something glaring. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!


Remember to check out Jack’s BOLO list for that last minute update on Wednesday!



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