The Wednesday One 10/03/2018

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 10/03/2018

Another crazy week with too many books. That’s okay though, variety is the spice of life, at least that is what marketing tells me as they offer me a store card :). Let’s check out how big a line of credit I will need for this week as it looks big.


Justice League Vol 4 #9 Cover C Incentive Jim Lee Pencil Cover 1:100

I like this cover a lot, but compared to that amazing joker this isn’t on that level. These usually end up $40-50 on average and I like them for my pc. I’ll grab one for $30 or less if clean.

Deathstroke Vol 4 #36 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

I don’t get why this book is so hot. I can’t find anything anywhere for why this sold out so fast and even the cover A Kirkham which is really good sold out. I saw 3 sales for this cover at $50 which is insane. I think this is just fomo driven and will drop when the market floods, but I think it will stay at least $10 unless there is some 1st app I don’t know about. This is the “One.” Great cover, should be accessible, and smoking hot makes it a trifecta in my book. I still don’t get it though.

Sparrowhawk #1 Cover B Incentive Stephanie Hans Virgin Variant Cover 1:15

Beautiful cover that is seems to be going for around ratio. I can see this one having long term staying power. I’d stay under $10 to be safe and hope it creeps up to $20+


Batman The MAXX Arkham Dreams #1 Cover D Incentive Jim Lee Variant Cover 1:25

I don’t think this will do well, but I like it because Maxx rocks and I like Lee covers. So far going for ratio or over and I think it drops to right under ratio, ~$20. I think $15 is safe grab.

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader’s Castle #1 Cover D Incentive Derek Charm Variant Cover 1:100

I can’t believe this is such a high ratio. I wonder if this is returnable as many IDW titles are. I hope it is a good read. In the Marvel Vader title EP just gave him Mustafar to for Vader to build his own place. Also so he would stop tearing up Coruscant. Only 1 recent sale at $50. I have no idea what this book will do or who wants it. I do wish I got one for what midtown was selling it for.

Dead Rabbit #1 Cover B Incentive Dave Johnson Variant Cover 1:10

Not much movement, but most bins are around $20. I think try to get close to $10 to be safe. I’m on the fence about this book. It might be a good hold too. I wish it had a different name.

Asgardians Of The Galaxy #2 Cover B Incentive Stephanie Hans Variant Cover 1:25

A good not great Hans. I like Loki lurking in the destroyer. Bins for $10-12 make this seem like a pass unless for PC.

X-Men Black Magneto #1 Cover C Incentive J Scott Campbell Virgin Cover 1:100

Really nice JSC, but anytime there is a non virgin regular cover these high ratio variants don’t seem to do as well. JSC does have a really strong following though which should help hold the price up. His male covers never do as well, but that is a general rule of pinup style. Most bins are around ratio which I think is high. I’d grab it for half ratio as I think the market floods and I don’t think the demand will be there.



Wonder Woman And Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 Cover B Variant Riccardo Federici Cover

This cover is amazing and feels like a mattina but with a soft lens. I love this WW and hope to grab a few. This book is wicked hot. Kind of a ghost so far with a few bins around $20. I hope to grab a few clean copies and want a9.8 for my PC.

Cool Covers


Nightwing Vol 4 #50 Cover B Variant Jonboy Meyers Cover

I like but don’t love this cover, it seems to be popular though.

Harley Quinn Vol 3 #51 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover

I’m hit or miss on these Cho Harley run, but I like this one.

Green Arrow Vol 7 #45 Cover A Regular Alex Maleev Enhanced Foil Cover

Maleev doesn’t do enough covers. I really love his style and hopefully I can find a clean one as these foil covers might be tough to find clean. The B Andrews cover isn’t shabby either.

Justice League Vol 4 #9 Cover B Variant Jim Lee & Scott Williams Cover

If you cant grab a pencils variant the color one is great also. I like the coloring so far for these covers.

Lone Ranger Vol 6 #1 Cover E Incentive Francesco Francavilla Virgin Cover

I can’t find this anywhere online and as a Texan I love it. I doubt these ever heat up and almost no one will want this book but I like it. Remember the Alamo.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 Cover B Variant Maxx Lim Marvel Battle Lines Cover

This cover is fire and def a sweet cover to grab. It might even grab a little heat, but I doubt it. CGR is a crazy read too.

Spawn #290 Cover A Regular and C virgin Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina and spawn are like peas in a pod. I think I’ll grab a virgin cover.

Spawn #290 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina & Todd McFarlane Black & White Cover

This cover is hot and seems to be hard to find in online shops. Another great PC grab.

Star Wars Vol 4 #55 Cover B Variant Rod Reis Galactic Icon Cover

Cad Bane was one of the best characters to come out of the Clone wars and is a great bounty hunter. This is a personal fav and I don’t think it will do anything like that Boba cover did.

Star Wars Vol 4 #55 Cover C Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

Yeah I still collect these and I think this is one of the better ones detail wise.

Taarna #3 Cover A Regular Romulo Roto Cover

These Taarna cover have been really amazing. I like this one, but think most will prefer the B cover.

Taarna #3 Cover B Variant Arman Akopian Cover

I like this colors in this cover and the bubble rump is probably why more will prefer cover B.





Batman Vol 3 #56 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

edit. I totally forgot this Mattina for Bats.

Read it

Injustice 2 #35

Such a fun read.


Blackbird #1 Cover A Regular Jen Bartel Cover

This sounds like it might work. She sees a magic world no one else does and it is listed as ongoing so hopefully we get a great story and I like some good world building. I like the eyes in this cover.

Jook Joint #1 Cover A Regular Alitha E Martinez Cover

Sounds like an interesting horror book. I’m not usually a horror guy, but I’ll give it a shot.

Magic Order #4 Cover A Regular Olivier Coipel Color Cover

I really like this book so far and this is def toward the top of the reading pile.

Death Of The Inhumans #4 Cover A Regular Kaare Andrews Cover

Cates made me actually care about the Inhumans and I love this Andrews cover.

Lollipop Kids #1 Cover B Variant David Lopez Cover

Monsters were locked up but got loose in central park and some ragtag kids have to round them up. I’ll give it a shot. I usually like aftershock books.

Weapon X Vol 3 #24

On my pull. I keep thinking I’m going to drop it though. It is okay/good.

Die Die Die #3

I thought it was stupid when it first dropped, but the story is good enough that I’m still reading it.


  • Batman Blank Comic #1Wonder Woman Blank Comic #1, Superman Blank Comic #1– These are super cool and might be great for artists. I hear they are raito books too. I’m grabbing a set or 2 for long holds.
  • True Believers What If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer Of Thor #1 – $1
  • True Believers What If The Avengers Had Fought Evil During The 1950s #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Heroes In Crisis #1 Cover F Incentive Francesco Mattina Variant Cover 1:200 – This book is crazy. I really like the cover and that is a crazy high ratio. I have no idea what this book should be going for as it has sold for $90-350 today. The $90 was after the $350 and every price in between after them. With the con variant coming too I’m not sure what to think. I think the con variant helps keep the buzz up for this cover but at the same time might cannibalize some of its sales. I wouldn’t go over $150 (It had better be cherry for that price) to be safe and even then that is too rich for my blood. This should be a pretty low print run too, but unless there some 1st app it will just be the cover and this book isn’t ongoing so it will be forgotten quickly. Recent sales have a raw at $220 and a 9.8 auction at $400. This book is hot for now. 

Heroes In Crisis #1 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Variant Cover 1:100 – I really like this Brooks cover, but I don’t think overall others will. I don’t expect this to do well even as a read in general. The concept just doesn’t seem appealing. It is going for $30-40 and I think it falls from there to $25-30. I still want one and will grab one if I see it at $20 or under. Raws are around $20 and 9.8s seems to be $100. I still think this cover is underrated. 

Justice League Odyssey #1 Cover C Incentive Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson Sketch Cover 1:50 – I don’t really like this cover, but if I find it for really cheap I’ll grab it. Only 1 sale so far for $20 and I don’t anyone is wanting it. If I see it for $10 I’ll grab it, if not an easy pass. I usually really like Dodson too. Recent sales are just below $20 but there are few listed bins for as low as $10 

Vampirella Dejah Thoris #1 Cover L Incentive Joe Jusko Virgin Cover 1:50 – Not as good as other Jusko’s, but if I see it for the right price I’ll grab one for my PC. I don’t think many shops will get anywhere near 50 copies so it should have a pretty low run. Only 1 sale recently for $20 with a bin avail for $20. If I see it for $10-15. Seems to be getting about $20 

Edge Of Spider-Geddon #4 Cover A Regular Aaron Kuder Cover – 1st app buzz has this selling out everywhere online. The whole run so far has been really hot. Starting to go for right over cover here and there. Still cover. 

Punisher Vol 11 #2 Cover B Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Variant Cover 1:25 – I like this cover, but don’t expect it to do much. Only 1 sold today for $20 shipped. I think it is a good $10 grab. Seems to be getting $8, no love for this one. 

Spider-Geddon #0 Cover D Incentive John Tyler Christopher Variant Cover 1:25 – I’m a JTC fan and I really like this cover. I think they will be easy to find. 1 sale today for $40 but a lot listed as low as $20. I think this is a $25 book. Stay under $15, better if closer to $10. They will probably flood on Wednesday, but this cover is sweet. 2 sold today $12.50 and $16, but it doesn’t seem to be moving as well as I hoped. The regular cover is getting over cover which I didn’t expect. I really like the interior art. 

Spider-Geddon #0 Cover E Incentive Julian Totino Tedesco Variant Cover – This cover isn’t great. I don’t think it will be in much demand unless this is a key issue in some way. 1 sale yesterday for $45 but a few bin are avail for ~$35. 

Star Wars Doctor Aphra #24 Cover B Variant Rod Reis Galactic Icon Cover – Boba is a fan favorite and this cover is hot. I think it had an order requirement that most shops won’t meet. Already selling for as much as $15. Grab a few if you can. I think this stays a classic. Sales from $9-18 and everything in between

Venom First Host #5 Cover B Variant Javier Garron Cover – This cover is sweet and Venom is hot right now. This is already selling for cover to $2 over. Nothing great but if you are grabbing it anyway, grab this cover. Seems to be going cover to a few dollars over cover. 

Wrap Up

Another stacked week and we have a curious “One” and I’m very interested to see how it plays out. There are so many great covers this week I can’t wait to see a few of them in the store. I wish I had more time to read more of the newer titles as I leave so many new books off the list each week especially from the really small indies. What are you loving this week and did I miss anything? If I did let me know, especially if you know some amazing secret about that Deathstroke 36, and thanks for reading.




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