The Wednesday One 10/10/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 10/10/18

Another packed wednesday. This has something for everyone and that makes it great. Seems like DC B covers are hotter than ever. There is some great action and lets jump in with both feet.


Wonder Woman Vol 5 #56 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

This cover is fire. It is this weeks Deathstroke #36. Those eyes, Jenny is killing it. I hope I can find a clean copy for a slab. Few presales over $10 and seems to be sold out online. The “One.”

Weatherman #5 Cover C Incentive Ryan Sook Variant Cover 1:25

These are getting harder to get and usually go for right over ratio making it a solid flip. I’d grab for half ratio though to be safe. Only 1 sold today for $20, but these are always ghostly.




Exiles Vol 5 #9 Cover B Incentive Rahzzah Variant Cover 1:25

Rahzzah is hot and so is this cover. Should be a low print run. I only see 1 sold for $40 and only 2 for sale for much higher. Grab for ratio or less. Seems like a home run.

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #1 Cover D Incentive Luke Ross Variant Cover 1:50

I expect there should be some 1st apps, like Qi’ra, in this book and it is hot out of the hole. Plus I doubt many shops qualify for a ratio this high. Presales at ratio or high and I only see 1 for sale that is an auction well over ratio also. If you see this for ratio or less I’d probably grab it. I’m a SW fan though and maybe biased. Maybe be safe and only grab for $40 or less.

Spider-Geddon #1 Cover L Incentive George Perez Variant Cover 1:50

I don’t care for this cover but it is the highest ratio. Bins are as low as $20 and not moving. $12-13 or less and even then I’d probably pass unless for PC. This could change if there is a 1st app.

Game Of Thrones Clash Of Kings #13 Cover E Incentive Mike S Miller Virgin Cover 1:25

These are hard to come by and as we get hyped for season 8 I think these have a chance to slowly rise. I’d maybe grab for half ratio. I’ve never been a fan of these really.

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #1 Cover C Incentive Leonard Kirk Variant Cover 1:25

This should be easier to find than the 1:50 but probably still not easy. The movie didn’t do well and shops are tired of these SW minis in $1 bins. I hope I can at least get this cover. I can’t find any sold recently but this is an annoying title to search. I think half ratio is safe. I’m not sure how many people are wanting the 1st app of Qi’ra.


Venom #7 secret tongue variant

This is another secret variant that is already hot. I’m going to grab a set and if I can grab a 2nd one I’ll flip it. Seems to be $10-15 already. Try not to pay more than a few dollars over cover as it should be a 1:5-1:7 ratio and should be rather plentiful in most areas.

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #47 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina is on fire and this cover is sweet. Already selling up to $18 this is also this weeks deathstroke 36. Wait what?!?! yes, we have 2x “One”s. How can we have 2 of something called one? We just do. Best not to think about it too much. This and the WW frison should be attainable, are amazing covers, and should be easy flips. 2x Trifecta = laser sounds. Something winning with a chicken dinner.


These Savage Shores #1

Lot of good buzz and I’m excited to give this one a try. Seems to be sold out online and getting double cover or more. Vault is having a great year with some amazing books that have small print runs. I’d at least grab a reader.

Cool Covers


Catwoman Vol 5 #4 Cover B Variant Stanley Artgerm Lau Cover

Amazing doesn’t do this cover justice. I ordered plenty and want a 9.8. I can’t wait to see it in person. If this was a ratio book it would be going insane. This is probably his best cover yet and deserves Top 10 covers talk. 

Catwoman Vol 5 #4 Cover A Regular Joelle Jones Enhanced Foil Cover

This cover is really good but overshadowed by the Artgerm. I really like it and hope to get a clean one. I wish DC made the foil covers thicker so they wouldn’t damage so easily.

Red Hood Outlaw #27 Cover B Variant Yasmine Putri Cover

I’m in the minority, but I’m not crazy about these Putri covers. They aren’t bad they just don’t do it for me, but I know others are really enjoying them.

Elric White Wolf #2 Cover A Regular Gary Palma Cover

The 1st issue got really hot and I don’t know that this one will, but I hear it is a good read and this cover is really sweet.

Supergirl Vol 7 #23 Cover A Regular Stanley Artgerm Lau Enhanced Foil Cover

Artgerm has had an amazing run with Supergirl and I hope to find a clean copy for my PC.

Superman Vol 6 #4 Cover B Variant Adam Hughes Cover

I love this huges. Reference back to leaping tall buildings and the perspective is just on point. Def PC grab. Almost jumpman23.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #56 Cover A Regular Yasmine Putri Enhanced Foil Cover

Now this Putri foil has my attention. I really want a clean one for my collection. The colors, the exuded power, and the blood dripping. Got that blood lust.

Avengers Vol 7 #9 Cover C Variant JG Jones MKXX Cover

Every so often Jones pops up with a great cover. This one seems to be sold out online but easily avail for cover. I’ll probably grab one.



Captain America Vol 9 #4 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

Ross is boss. I’m a sucker for light from behind. I need to catch up on this read also. I hear good things.

Immortal Hulk #7 Cover B Variant Maxx Lim Marvel Battle Lines Cover

I’m not sure why, but I really dig this one. I think it is the exploding action. I hope looks as good in person.

Spider-Geddon #1 Cover F Variant David Nakayama PS4 Spider-Man Cover

This should have been the ratio. It is a great cover and that PS4 costume is hot.

Spider-Geddon #1 Cover B Variant In-Hyuk Lee Connecting Cover

Like Pokemon you know I’m going to collect them all.

Venom Vol 4 #7 Cover B Variant Sujin Jo Marvel Battle Lines Cover

This cover is great, but will probably be overshadowed by the secret variant.

Last Space Race #1 Cover B Variant Juan Doe Cover

Cool premise and sweet cover.


Read it

Quantum Age From The World Of Black Hammer #3 Cover B Variant Marco Rudy Cover

BH still great.

Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1

I’m excited about this title and it might be a low print with such a high cover price. Heck it is selling for cover up to $20 today. Maybe this should be a flip…

Detective Comics Vol 2 #990 Cover A Regular John Paul Leon Enhanced Foil Cover

Not crazy about the cover but DC is a pull.

Flash Vol 5 #56 Cover A Regular Dan Panosian Enhanced Foil Cover

Meh cover also, but flash is a good read, really solid.

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader’s Castle #2 Cover C Incentive Francesco Francavilla Sketch Cover 1:10

I liked this 1st issue and will grab the 2nd. I like this variant.

From Hell Master Edition #1

Really cool collected edition.

Farmhand #4

A lot of folks are really liking this book. I couldn’t get into it.

Crowded #3

I liked the 1st issue, but the 2nd fell off hard. This issue will decide if I quit reading it.

Murder Falcon #1 Cover B Variant Daniel Warren Johnson & Mike Spicer Heavy Metal Cover

I read the ashcan and was surprised. It was better than I expected. I recommend it. Basically iirc he jams out and it spawns a monster that fights. Good art.

Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici #8

This is really good. I hope it keeps it up.

Infinite Dark #1

Sounds interesting. I’ll flip thru it.

X-Men Black Mojo #1 Cover A Regular J Scott Campbell Cover

I’m grabbing this JSC cover run, but the last book wasn’t good as a read.

Hot Lunch Special #3

I really like this book so far, really great read. I can’t wait for #3. Highly recommend.

Moth & Whisper #2

This was a surprise for me. Really good start. I’m looking forward to this issue. Def recommend.


  • True Believers What If Spider-Man Had Rescued Gwen Stacy #1 – $1
  • True Believers What If Dr Doom Had Become A Hero #1– $1
  • Edge Of Spider-Geddon #2 Cover C 2nd Ptg Variant Alberto Alburquerque Cover – I might grab one.
  • There are a number of virgin MKXX 1:200 covers for Marvel but none are very good. If you see them for stupid cheap maybe grab one.
  • What If Punisher #1 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover – Punisher spidey. Is this as stupid as I think it is? I think I still want one. I don’t know why though.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Justice League Vol 4 #9 Cover C Incentive Jim Lee Pencil Cover 1:100 – I like this cover a lot, but compared to that amazing joker this isn’t on that level. These usually end up $40-50 on average and I like them for my pc. I’ll grab one for $30 or less if clean. – Seems to be $30-50. I grabbed one for $33 off ebay and I hope it is clean. 

Deathstroke Vol 4 #36 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover – I don’t get why this book is so hot. I can’t find anything anywhere for why this sold out so fast and even the cover A Kirkham which is really good sold out. I saw 3 sales for this cover at $50 which is insane. I think this is just fomo driven and will drop when the market floods, but I think it will stay at least $10 unless there is some 1st app I don’t know about. This is the “One.” Great cover, should be accessible, and smoking hot makes it a trifecta in my book. I still don’t get it though. – This is holding strong and seems to have defied the hater and undercutter wave. $10-15 is really strong. 

Sparrowhawk #1 Cover B Incentive Stephanie Hans Virgin Variant Cover 1:15 – Beautiful cover that is seems to be going for around ratio. I can see this one having long term staying power. I’d stay under $10 to be safe and hope it creeps up to $20+ – This is hitting $50!!!! score if you grabbed one. I didn’t see it getting this much love. It is a great cover though. 

Batman The MAXX Arkham Dreams #1 Cover D Incentive Jim Lee Variant Cover 1:25 – I don’t think this will do well, but I like it because Maxx rocks and I like Lee covers. So far going for ratio or over and I think it drops to right under ratio, ~$20. I think $15 is safe grab. – This has sold as high as $30 but really it is $15-20 

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader’s Castle #1 Cover D Incentive Derek Charm Variant Cover 1:100 – I can’t believe this is such a high ratio. I wonder if this is returnable as many IDW titles are. I hope it is a good read. In the Marvel Vader title EP just gave him Mustafar to for Vader to build his own place. Also so he would stop tearing up Coruscant. Only 1 recent sale at $50. I have no idea what this book will do or who wants it. I do wish I got one for what midtown was selling it for. – This title is a pain to search on ebay but it seems to have dropped from an initial $40 down to around $20. 

Dead Rabbit #1 Cover B Incentive Dave Johnson Variant Cover 1:10 – Not much movement, but most bins are around $20. I think try to get close to $10 to be safe. I’m on the fence about this book. It might be a good hold too. I wish it had a different name.Great read and going for right over ratio. I think this has long term hope. 

Asgardians Of The Galaxy #2 Cover B Incentive Stephanie Hans Variant Cover 1:25 – A good not great Hans. I like Loki lurking in the destroyer. Bins for $10-12 make this seem like a pass unless for PC. – Not much love for this cover and seems to be half ratio. 

X-Men Black Magneto #1 Cover C Incentive J Scott Campbell Virgin Cover 1:100 – Really nice JSC, but anytime there is a non virgin regular cover these high ratio variants don’t seem to do as well. JSC does have a really strong following though which should help hold the price up. His male covers never do as well, but that is a general rule of pinup style. Most bins are around ratio which I think is high. I’d grab it for half ratio as I think the market floods and I don’t think the demand will be there. – Not many sales but it seems to be still around ratio which is surprising to me. 

Wonder Woman And Justice League Dark Witching Hour #1 Cover B Variant Riccardo Federici Cover – This cover is amazing and feels like a mattina but with a soft lens. I love this WW and hope to grab a few. This book is wicked hot. Kind of a ghost so far with a few bins around $20. I hope to grab a few clean copies and want a9.8 for my PC. – Going for +/- $10 which is solid. This like deathstroke seems to have survived the waves. 

Nightwing Vol 4 #50 Cover B Variant Jonboy Meyers Cover – I like but don’t love this cover, it seems to be popular though. – This was a cool cover that heated up. Not amazing but double cover isn’t too shabby. 

Deadpool #5 Garbage pail variant I missed this one. I didn’t even grab one off the shelf at my lcs. I should have. This came out hot and seems to have chilled down to $10+.

Wrap Up

Double your pleasure double your “One!” This week is full of surprises and makes many threats against my wallet. The flips will help save the day though. I am really excited for this week and really hope to get clean books more than anything especially after the cover issues bats had last week. There is so much this week I usually end up forgetting something at the store and I probably missed something on this list so def let me know if you see anything you would recommend. As always thanks for reading and have a happy Wednesday!



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