The Wednesday One 10/15/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 10/15/18

This week is a little slower than the last which is good. I had some big piles. I really am not feeling this week. I think I might be bah humbug for no reason though. I’m not excited about any of the flips and the cool covers are good or better, but not amazing I want a slab. Only a few reads really have me excited about this week. I’m not feeling great though as I write this so there is a good chance it is just me. Let’s check it out.



Justice League Vol 4 #10 Cover C Incentive Jim Lee Pencil Cover 1:25

I was really happy to see these drop from a 1:100 ratio to a 1:25. This should make them easier to get for folks trying to collect the run. I think these go for $20. Only 1 sold today for $20 and I saw 1 listed bin for less, but others for over ratio. I’m not an aquaman fan, but I might grab a pc copy for $12-15, but I doubt it.

Exorsisters #1 Cover D Incentive David Lafuente Variant Cover 1:25

I don’t think I’m the target audience for this book and I don’t think there will be many of this variant so it might be a ghost. I might take a flip chance if I see it for half ratio, but I don’t see a lot of people wanting it. I’m probably wrong and it will be great and hot.

Shuri #1 Cover F Incentive Travis Charest Variant Cover 1:50 

I’m not feeling this title or any of the covers, but it should be a low run and hard to find. 1 sold for ratio today, but I see a bin for $40 and $50. Shuri is a great character in the movie, but are people really hyped for this solo title? I think it will be hot for scarcity alone. The cover is good not great. $30 or less is probably a solid flip, but I’d feel better at $25 or under.

Marvel Zombie #1 Cover B Variant In-Hyuk Lee Cover

Great homage and picking up a little heat. I really dig this cover and hope to grab one. I think it has a small chance to heat up. It seemed to sell out quickly online earlier this week, but no recent sales over cover.

Unstoppable Wasp Vol 2 #1 Cover D Incentive Yasmine Putri Variant Cover  1:50

I don’t think many people want this book, but this cover is solid and will be hard to find. Ghost for sure. I think this one is like the Shuri book. $30 or less should be an easy flip I think. Purti is hot right now.


X-Men Black Mystique #1 Cover C Incentive J Scott Campbell Virgin Cover 1:100

I was amazed how well the other 1:100 did so far. I don’t see how this doesn’t sit at least at ratio, but I think it goes higher as it is a classic JSC pin up. Watching that NYCC Wolverine variant sell so well shows how rabid JSC fans are. If you see it for $80 or less flip it i think. Heck it is probably safe at $100, but that is too rich for my blood.


Life Of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #4 Cover C Incentive Jen Bartel Variant Cover 1:25

Rumored 1st app of Captain Mari-Ell. This book has a run ~under 30k so even these 1:25s aren’t going to be plentiful. Good cover and it seems to be creeping up $20-30 and the last one went for almost $50 shipped. $20 or less seems like a must grab. Might even grab at ratio.



Source #1 Cover C Variant Glow-In-The-Dark Cover

According to Scout, this is limited to 400 copies. There is also a retailer incentive copy which I think is a 1:10. This gitd cover is avail for $25 on the Scout site and the incentive for $10 as well as an ashcan for $10. A set of the 3 covers (sans ashcan) sold today for $45 and some sales for the regular cover over $10. I’m hesitant, but I usually like scout titles. I say tread lightly as it seems even when these are sold out they are still available on their site. I hope it is a good read. I grabbed a gitd for cover from midtown and will grab a cover A from my lcs for my PC.

Cool Covers

Aquaman Vol 6 #41 Cover A Regular Riccardo Federici Cover

I think I like this Federici more than the Middleton, but it is really close. It is amazing as was that WW JLD cover.

Aquaman Vol 6 #41 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

Middleton is amazing because of how varying his style is while still being top tier. I don’t think there is anything he can’t do and this ability sets him apart making him legendary in my book.

Batman Vol 3 #57 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina is on a roll. I don’t see this heating up like the Deathstroke cover.

Teen Titans Vol 6 #23 Cover B Variant Alex Garner Cover

Garner is on fire with this TT run. I dig this style.

Life Of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #4 Cover B Variant Sujin Jo Marvel Battle Lines Cover

Great cover and rumored 1st app make this an easy grab. Definitely one of the better battle lines covers. Heck it might flip.

Weapon H #9 Cover B Variant Maxx Lim Marvel Battle Lines Cover

I’m hit or miss on these battle lines over, but overall they are good and I know a few that are collecting the run. I like the action in this one like the other hulk cover.



Venom Vol 4 Annual #1Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Cover

So far a great run by Cates and this cover is a must grab for my PC.

Read it

Black Hammer Age Of Doom #6 Cover B Variant Farel Dalrymple Cover

BH is a great world. Lemire does such great job with it.

Star Wars Adventures Tales From Vader’s Castle #3 Cover C Incentive Francesco Francavilla Sketch Cover 1:10

I’m grabbing these ratio covers for fun. So far I like this read even though this is meant for a younger audience.

Cemetery Beach #2 Cover B Variant Jason Howard Impact Cover

Good homage hellboy cover. I really liked the 1st issue and am hopeful for this issue.

Evolution #11

I think I’m the only one reading this book, but it is really good.

Skyward #7

I still need to try this book. I keep hearing good things though.

Darth Vader Vol 2 #22 Cover A Regular Elia Bonetti & Giuseppe Camuncoli Cover

I love how well they are doing Vader. I can’t wait to grab this one. There is a Icon cover with Jabba that is okay.

Black Badge #3 Cover C Variant Trevor Hairsine Cover

Black badge started great and I’m excited for #3. I think this could get optioned, great concept.

Ogre #1

I’m interested in this SPP book. Cool concept and sold out online it seems. It might even heat up.

Submerged #3 Cover A Regular Jen Bartel Cover

I like it enough to keep going, but the 2nd issue wasn’t as good as the 1st.

Justice League Dark Vol 2 #4 Cover A Regular Riley Rossmo Enhanced Foil Cover

JLD is good not great, but I’m still reading it. I don’t know that I will stay with it.


The first issue was good enough that I’ll grab the 2nd.

Mall #2 Cover B Variant Cover 1:10?

Scarface homage is kinda cool. I didn’t care for this book, but I know others did and it was optioned iirc. Available on the scout site for $10. This might grab some heat, but hard to say as I can’t find any sold.


  • True Believers What If The Alien Costume Had Possessed Spider-Man #1 – $1
  • True Believers What If The Fantastic Four Had Not Gained Their Powers #1 –  $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #56 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover – This cover is fire. It is this weeks Deathstroke #36. Those eyes, Jenny is killing it. I hope I can find a clean copy for a slab. Few presales over $10 and seems to be sold out online. The “One.” – Still selling for 2x-3x cover. Great cover and I can’t wait to slab one. 

Weatherman #5 Cover C Incentive Ryan Sook Variant Cover 1:25 – These are getting harder to get and usually go for right over ratio making it a solid flip. I’d grab for half ratio though to be safe. Only 1 sold today for $20, but these are always ghostly. – Last one sold a few days ago for $40 

Exiles Vol 5 #9 Cover B Incentive Rahzzah Variant Cover 1:25 – Rahzzah is hot and so is this cover. Should be a low print run. I only see 1 sold for $40 and only 2 for sale for much higher. Grab for ratio or less. Seems like a home run. $40 all day. solid winner. 

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #1 Cover D Incentive Luke Ross Variant Cover 1:50 – I expect there should be some 1st apps, like Qi’ra, in this book and it is hot out of the hole. Plus I doubt many shops qualify for a ratio this high. Presales at ratio or high and I only see 1 for sale that is an auction well over ratio also. If you see this for ratio or less I’d probably grab it. I’m a SW fan though and maybe biased. Maybe be safe and only grab for $40 or less. – I can’t find any recent sold but an auction is over $85 with bins $90+. This seems to be ghostly. 

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #1 Cover C Incentive Leonard Kirk Variant Cover 1:25 – This should be easier to find than the 1:50 but probably still not easy. The movie didn’t do well and shops are tired of these SW minis in $1 bins. I hope I can at least get this cover. I can’t find any sold recently but this is an annoying title to search. I think half ratio is safe. I’m not sure how many people are wanting the 1st app of Qi’ra. – Not as hot as the 1:50 but seems to be $20 or so. Not many sold though. 

Spider-Geddon #1 Cover L Incentive George Perez Variant Cover 1:50 – I don’t care for this cover but it is the highest ratio. Bins are as low as $20 and not moving. $12-13 or less and even then I’d probably pass unless for PC. This could change if there is a 1st app. This did poorly. $10 or less is really bad for a 1:50. 

Game Of Thrones Clash Of Kings #13 Cover E Incentive Mike S Miller Virgin Cover 1:25 – These are hard to come by and as we get hyped for season 8 I think these have a chance to slowly rise. I’d maybe grab for half ratio. I’ve never been a fan of these really. Not good at bin for $10. Seems no one cares. 

Venom #7 secret tongue variant – This is another secret variant that is already hot. I’m going to grab a set and if I can grab a 2nd one I’ll flip it. Seems to be $10-15 already. Try not to pay more than a few dollars over cover as it should be a 1:5-1:7 ratio and should be rather plentiful in most areas. $10-20 is solid. I’m glad I was able to snag one. 

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #47 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover – Mattina is on fire and this cover is sweet. Already selling up to $18 this is also this weeks deathstroke 36. Wait what?!?! yes, we have 2x “One”s. How can we have 2 of something called one? We just do. Best not to think about it too much. This and the WW frison should be attainable, are amazing covers, and should be easy flips. 2x Trifecta = laser sounds. Something winning with a chicken dinner. Seems to be holding at $10

These Savage Shores #1 – Lot of good buzz and I’m excited to give this one a try. Seems to be sold out online and getting double cover or more. Vault is having a great year with some amazing books that have small print runs. I’d at least grab a reader. $10 and consistent sales. It was a good read. I look forward to the 2nd issue. 

Wrap Up

I had forgot how stacked last week was. I’m happy that this week is slower I need a little break. I know I probably missed a few books so let me know if you see any glaring omissions. I know I left off a few reads like Injustice and Animosity Evo, but Injustice is every other week and Ani Evo isn’t as good as the main title. I know that often when I’m not feeling it I do seem to get excited when I’m in the parking lot waiting for my store to open. I do need to take some time and catch up on some reading also. I grabbed that new Brubaker HC last week that I want to knock out. It has been raining for a week in my city and I should take advantage of the ambiance and knock out some reading. Sorry to ramble, but as always thanks for reading and happy Wednesday Y’all.




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