The Wednesday One 10/30/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 10/30/19

A light week, but some good reads.






Venom #19 1:25

Tony Moore Codex Variant

These ratio codex variants have done well and this one seems to be holding above ratio. It will probably hang out around there too. I’d grab for under $20. Seems to be funny stuff happening with Dylan.

Cool Covers

Basketful Of Heads #1

Joshua Middleton

Great cover and a story, written by Lock and Key’s Joe Hill, about an axe that takes heads with ease has my attention.

Dceased #6 


I’m a Brooks fan and this is a good take on the trio.

Venom #19

 Jeehyung Lee 

A pull book for me and bonus cool MJ cover. Cates’ Venom has been solid imo.

Dceased #6


The neon magenta pops.

Read it

Harleen #2

Stejpan Sejic

The first issue was really good and the art was excellent.

Star Wars Adventures Return To Vaders Castle #5

Cavan Scott

Weekly fun and Francavilla art is a win.

Marvel Zombies Resurrection #1

Phillip Kennedy Johnson

I like stupid zombie crossover books.

Joker Killer Smile #1


I grab Lemire books, but expect them to be slow. I’m rarely surprised.

Wolvenheart #1


I give new Mad Cave titles a shot. They are usually fun to me.

Plot #2

Moreci & Daniel

The 1st was good though I wasn’t a fan of the art.

Last God #1

Philip Kennedy Johnson

I’ll flip thru it. Not excited for it, but hopefully it will grab me.

Silver Surfer Black #5


I have Cates books on my pull list.






Tales From The Dark Multiverse Death Of Superman #1

Jeff Loveness

Lois with bloodlust and god powers it seems. That has my attention.



  • HCF 2019 DCeased #1 variant – Should have a high print run but a good grab.
  • Dollar Comics Superman Vol 2 #75 – Everyone should have an original from the 90s. There are plenty around.
  • True Believers X-Men Karima Shapandar Omega Sentinel #1
  • True Believers X-Men Moira MacTaggert #1


No look back as I was out last week.

Wrap Up

Sorry for missing last week. I appreciate your patience. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!


Remember to check out Jack’s BOLO list for that last minute update on Wednesday!



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