The Wednesday One 11/06/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 11/06/19


I hate daylight savings. It throws me all off and I wish my state was one of the cool ones that doesn’t do this garbage. Anyway, a solid week of Wednesday fun to be had. Let’s check it out.



Future Fight Firsts Crescent And Io #1 1:100

Inhyuk Lee

Another Ghost. Who knows with these. I think ratio or less is a buy if clean, but too rich for my blood, not that I’d ever see one anyway. 1 sold for $190 and one bin listed for that. A few avail at online retailers it seems.

X-Force #1 1:100 

Todd McFarlane

Great cover. This is selling for $150 to $50 and everything in between. Bins start around $100 and I think it will go 80 to 100 tomorrow as this should be a well ordered #1, but have solid demand. I’m cheap and want it for close to half ratio, but that is probably wishful thinking. I can wait a few weeks and let this cool.

Cool Covers

Web Of Black Widow #3

Junggeun Yoon

Really good especially for a cover A.

Justice League #35

Tyler Kirkham

This is nothing like how he normally does covers and I really like it. I’m sure most might not agree with me.

Ghost Rider #2 1:10

Clayton Crain

Good action with a gritty feel. Many might find for cover as some lcs mix 1:10s in with the regular stack.

X-Force #1 1:50 

Adi Granov

I’m a Granov fan and I hope I can grab this one. Not many seem to care so I might be able to wait a few weeks and grab on the low. Should be a good number out there.

Read it

Berserker Unbound #4


Slow, but that is Lemire. I do like it and the art is doing it for me. I dig this Ward cover. Grabbing the trade later isn’t a bad idea.

Die #9

Kieron Gillen

Solid and consistent. This should be on everyone’s pull imo.

Space Bandits #5


This is better than it should be and it is fun.

Batman #82


Almost over. Maybe it ends with a bang these last few issues. The art doesn’t do it any favors either. Why is this on my pull I ask every week.

Immortal Hulk #26


New story arc. I need to catch up, I’m a bit behind. Hard to beat a Ross cover too.

Undiscovered Country #1 

Soule & Snyder

I’m not excited for this overly hyped book, but I’ll giver it a try. In case you missed Star Trek VI, the future is the undiscovered country. Where as Hamlet referred to it as the afterlife. ST took it from Shakespeare of course, I wonder if S&S did as well.

New Mutants #1 

Hickman & Brisson

I wouldn’t care for all these relaunches, but I will check out Hickman books. Good Artgerm cover.

Niobe She Is Death #1

Jones & Stenberg

Good read. I usually do the kickstarters when I can. The Jae Lee cover is solid too.

Void Walker #1

Spencer Desmond

A Hitman bonds with ancient creature.

There are a ton of Alterna titles dropping this week and I have all Alterna on my pull as they are a wonderfully great value. Also dropping this week:


RED KOI #2 of 2

CYKO KO! Vol.2 #2 of 3




Wretches #1

James E Roche

I usually grab new scout titles. This sounds like a cool premise. Basically a hit-squad that target “sentient robots.”



  • Black Hammer 3 For $1 – Name says it all
  • Dollar Comics Flashpoint #1 – $1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did okay one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Comic Title –  Prediction. Reality.

Venom #19 1:25 – Tony Moore Codex Variant – These ratio codex variants have done well and this one seems to be holding above ratio. It will probably hang out around there too. I’d grab for under $20. Seems to be funny stuff happening with Dylan. $15-25 recently. 

Wrap Up

Lots of reads, a few cool covers, and some tough flips. I’m mostly about the reads this week. I just don’t have a chance at the flips. Not sure what covers I’ll grab yet. Hope Y’all get lucky. Let me know if I missed anything, it always helps. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!

Remember to check out Jack’s BOLO list for that last minute update on Wednesday!



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