The Wednesday One – 11/22

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! – 11/22

Nothing amazing this week, but there are a few eye-catchers and possibly some good reads. Let’s take a look.


 Thanos Vol 2 #13 Cover E Incentive Rafael Albuquerque Variant Cover 1:25

This cover is good, not great. I like the colors though. $7 or less. I think this will be a $10-15 book max. It does have some sales $10-20 so far which is good.

 Game Of Thrones Clash Of Kings #6 Cover E Incentive Mike Miller Virgin Cover (1:25?)

These are interesting. The print runs are small, but I think the market for them is also. I’m very curious to see if these die down now that season 7 is over and then pick back up when the new book drops or season 8. I say pay under $8 to be safe and that may be high. I’m going to guess that it goes for $15, but we will see. A few listed $10+, but no sales.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #25 Cover E Incentive Rahzzah Morphing Variant 1:25

MGDD usually has a low print run. Some of these ratio variants have done well. Grab for $7 or less. This might get up to $15-20. Possible slow burn.

Infernoct #2 Cover B Variant Eli Powell Cover 

I tried to get one but didn’t check out fast enough. The variant for #1 caught some heat so if you see it for cover or right over it should be a good flip. I think the print run was very small. I think most places sell it for cover or right over. I think it will go for $10-15+, but this is a quick flip. List this in the parking lot. I’m not sure about the ratio of this variant (1:10?).

Cool Covers


Batgirl Vol 5 #17 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

The last boob stab cover did go up a few bucks and this is a very cool Middleton. I’m going to grab one or two for my PC.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #35 Cover B Variant Terry Dodson Justice League Movie Cover 

This is a great Dodson IMO. I read WW anyway, but maybe I grab an extra copy of this cover.

Redneck #7 Cover B Variant Nick Pitarra Charity Cover

As a Texan, I love this cover. Plus charity for the Houston flood victims is a home run.

 Black Panther Vol 6 #167 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Connecting Cover

I am collecting these and I like Frison. Connecting covers are my jam. I can’t wait to see the complete picture. Is that Goro with 2 extra arms?

 Harley Quinn Vol 3 #32 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover

These Cho B covers for HQ have been good. This one is on the better side. Might grab a few.

 Captain Marvel Vol 8 #126 Phil Noto

I really like this Noto. I love the color in this one. I want to see it at the store before I decide to grab it. Probably a pass though.

Skip it

Silver Sable And The Wild Pack #36 Cover C Incentive Ron Lim Variant Cover  1:25I want to like this. I think I like it. Does anyone care about Silver Sable? I don’t think so. I might grab it if I see it for $6 or less. What do Y’all think? Am I way off on this one? 3 sales so far at ~$10. I’m not expecting much. Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Vol 2 #13 Cover E Incentive Michael Walsh Variant Cover  1:25

Just meh. I don’t expect this to do anything. Grab for cover or right over if you like it or just collect spidey.

Read it

 Doomsday Clock #1 Cover D Variant Gary Frank 11:57PM Release Cover

This is the book to read of the week and a PC pick also. I ordered a set of the 4 covers. Really curious to see where they go with this. The button so far was good. We don’t get new Metal until Dec 13th IIRC.

 Void Trip #1

I read this and thought it was an interesting premise. I’ll grab a copy.

 Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legion Of Evil #2

 I love Black Hammer and am curious how this spinoff plays out.

Gasolina #3 – I read the first two issues and look forward to this one.

God Complex (Top Cow) #2 – I’m on the fence, but I’ll try a few.

Warframe #2 – Sci-fi with a coolish cover this week.

All-New Wolverine #27 – I read this as I’m interested in what they do with the character. I am a little behind though.

Motor Girl #10 – I need to catch up on this. I hear good things. I might grab a trade paperback as I think this is the end of the series.

Animosity Evolution #2 – I like this series and can’t wait till it is the next WD on Netflix.

Long Lost #1 – I usually try new scout titles. “Stranger Things meets Ghost World” sounds interesting.

Maxwells Demons #1 – I usually grab new vault #1s. They have a tiny print run and I like to give odd indies a shot.

Action Comics Vol 2 #992 – Gotta read action. Issue 1000 is coming.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #969 – Tec is always a good read and this has an interesting A cover. I’m not sure what I think about it.

Imaginary Fiends #1 – Sounds like a horror-ish book. I’m going to take a look at it.

Demon Hell Is Earth #1 – I usually check out DC 1-shots.

Flash Vol 5 #35 – This is on my pull. Always look forward to it.

Genius Cartel #4 – I’m on this because I like Marc Bernardin from Fatman on Batman.

Nightwing The New Order #4 – I like this series so far.


  • A few more Lenticular Marvel this week. Grab any if you like em for PC. These are easy to get so don’t pay over cover.
  • FREE comic, Justice League Day #1 Special Edition (November 18th) Stores still probably have some. Grab a few!
  • Local Comic Shop day was the 18th. A few books had some gains like the Captain America #695, Maestros (cool cover), and Comix Tribe Black Bag. There may still be a few at your local shop for a quick flip.
  • There are a few 2nd prints of the Marvel lenticular that may be worth a look.
  • Riverdale #8 Photo Variants – People have been talking these up. I don’t know much about the show or the book. I feel like these need signatures to be worth anything which might be someone’s bag.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #701 Cover B Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover –  I think this is a $20-30 book this week, but get it for under $15. Most selling around $35-40 which is pretty good. Hopefully, it has some staying power and slowly climbs. I want to slab mine and bury it in my PC, I love this cover.

Incredible Hulk Vol 4 #710 Cover B Incentive Jack Kirby 100th Anniversary VariantGrab for cover. Some of these have gone for $10, This will be a cover-$10 book. Almost no action, 1 sale for $6 with 3 more listed. Maybe a slow burn perhaps with the set.

Punisher Vol 10 #218 Cover E Incentive Greg Smallwood VariantThis one is cool IMO. Pay $7 or under if you like it. It will be $10-12 max. Sales $6-10, this one didn’t do well.

Weapon X Vol 3 #11 Cover B Incentive Mike Deodato Jr Design VariantThese seem hot, but design variants don’t have a good history. They are going for ~$20, pay $7 or under. I think these will go $10-15 this week when the undercutters dump theirs. This did well actually, $25-40

Ninja-K #1 Cover E Incentive David Mack Ninjak Icon Variant –  Grab for $10 or less though. I think this cover ends up being a $15-25 book. Hard to say with these low print runs. A few sold around $20, but not much action overall. Hopefully, it does better long term.

Cool cover and skip look back. Double Bonus.

Trinity Vol 2 #15 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Justice League Coverthe best of the movie covers this week. Still around cover.

Not Brand Echh #14 Cover C Incentive Dave Johnson VariantThis is a bad homage. Just bad. Only a few sold $10-20 with a few listed. Rarity may help this one.

Batman Vol 3 #35 Cover B Issue 800  – Still around cover.

A read look back. Triple bonus!

You wanna to get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts!

Batman Who Laughs #1 Foil-StampedThese seem to be averaging a few dollars over cover. Maybe grab an extra in nm+ for later.

There is no “One” this week it seems. The only one I’m really excited about is Doomday Clock. Is there a book you are excited about? Thanks for reading as always. Let me know what Y’all think. Did I miss some spec or read books? Is there a cover you think is cool to check out? How did you like the layout of this article and the article in general? Please let me know! I really appreciate the feedback and discussion every week.  Have a great Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans!!

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