The Wednesday One 11/28/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 11/28/18

I hope Y’all had a good Thanksgiving. I’m a fan of eating holidays. Near endless leftovers are just my game. Black friday though ate a hole in my wallet with all the deals. I bought a bunch of books I definitely didn’t need, oh well. This week is determined to break me like bane broke the bats. Let’s see how much this hurts.



Daredevil Vol 5 #612 Cover F Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover 1:100

He better die. Sweet cover and def one of the better JSCs. This book is on fire with presales $125-190! I think under ratio is good. I wonder if some stores ordered up as this one had a little hype. Still, I doubt many ordered 100 to qualify. I think it stays over ratio for the week, but nothing crazy. Hopefully $125-150. Few bins listed for $170 so far.

Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 Cover C Incentive Kevin Eastman Variant Cover 1:25

Ghost spider has a roid problem. In fact they all seem to be excessively ripped. HGH maybe with mix of blood doping. I don’t like but it seems to have some warmth. $10-15 isnt great though. Grab if you like it. I’m a hard pass.

Dead Man Logan #1 Cover E Incentive Greg Hildebrandt Variant Cover 1:50

I’m a Hilde fan, but I don’t think this will be popular. Only a few listed and almost none sold so it is hard to say. I think it goes for half ratio. I don’t think many move which makes it a tough flip. I like it at $15 or so, but for PC mostly.

Ironheart #1 Cover F Incentive Stephanie Hans Variant Cover 1:50

Good cover, but I don’t super love it like some folks do. It is doing well so def must flip. Beside some outliers this book is mostly double ratio and maybe it says around there. I think there will be enough going around where it doesn’t get crazy. I think try to stay close to ratio incase it floods and drops to $60-80. There are a number listed already. “One?”


Spider-Girls #2 Cover B Incentive Gang-Hyuk Lim Variant Cover 1:25

I really like this cover and it is doing well in presales at $25-30. I think half ratio is good.

Stars End #1 Cover B Variant Larry Spike Jarrell Cover Virgin Cover

Interesting concept and a ghost. Should flip, no idea what it will do though. I think $15-20 flips as they should be scarce. It think they flip for $30-40. There are 2 listed for $70-130, but the only 2 sales I see so far are for $50. I just don’t know how many people will want it. Err on the side of caution imo.

Return Of Wolverine #3 Cover C Incentive Patrick Zircher Variant Cover

I like this cover and if I see it for cheap I’ll grab one for my PC. Prices all over and seem to be falling. $15 was the last bin sold, but all the listings are half ratio or higher. I think there will be plenty of these and the flood will undercut. I think grab for PC if you want it. I think $10-15 or just wait a few weeks and it will be cheap.

Fantastic Four Vol 6 #4 Cover F Incentive Will Robson Fantastix Variant Cover 1:50

New team or something I don’t care about. “Meet the Marvel Universe’s New Fabulous Foursome: THE FANTASTIX!” This cover is just bad. If you see this for cover maybe…. J/K seriously though this cover is terrible, but this book might be one to hang on to if you find it cheap. I highly doubt it flips. Several listed at ~$13 or so with one sold at $12.

Cool Covers

Batgirl Vol 5 #29 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

Middleton is having a career year. Another one for my PC as he continues to impress.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #59 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

Frison does a great WW. The run has been one to collect.

Vampirella Dejah Thoris #3 Cover G Incentive Joe Jusko Virgin Cover

I like Jusko. I’m probably one of the few that likes this cover.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #10 Cover C Variant J Scott Campbell Black Cat Cover

This is a classic style JSC. Should be easy enough to grab for collectors.

Darth Vader Vol 2 #24

This cover is fire. Great read get on it! Momin is back?! Vader is pissed.

Marvel Two-In-One Vol 3 #12 Cover C Variant Philip Tan Cover

I like this Tan cover. I probably won’t grab it, but it is cool.

Dredd Final Judgement #2 Jock

Great Jock cover and might even grab some heat.

Edgar Allan Poes Snifter Of Terror #2

This homage is creepy and hilarious.




Batman Beyond Vol 6 #26 Cover A Regular Viktor Kalvachev Cover

“Original Clown Prince of Crime returns” Sweet cover too. I’m not a BB reader, but I’ll grab one.

Read it

DC Nuclear Winter Special #1

I like these one shots and some are underordered and get warm like that Halloween one.

Detective Comics Vol 2 #993 Cover B Variant Mark Brooks Cover

Tec is solid. Getting closer to #1000.

Flash Vol 5 #59 Cover B Variant Karl Kerschl Cover

Flash is solid as a rock. Pull for me.

Justice League Odyssey #3 Cover A Regular Stjepan Sejic Cover

I actually like this book for some reason. Also rumor of new character. I like these Sejic covers too.

Silencer #11

Underrated and really great. I highly recommend grabbing a trade. Iirc this is getting cancelled sadly.

High Heaven #3

I’m still in. I’m not loving it though and might drop it.

Monarchs #1

Sounds interesting enough for me to give it a try. Scout has been warm lately.

Monstrous #1
SPP books have been hot and this book seems like it might be a good read.
These Savage Shores #2

#1 was great, excited for the next one.

Warning #1

New Image book….. Do I care? I’ll flip thru it. Maybe it will grab me. Image needs to slow down with #1s, but that is true of a lot of Indie publishers.


  • These Savage Shores #1 Cover B 2nd Ptg – Sweet homage. Seems to be flippable.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Middlewest #1 Cover C Incentive Skottie Young Variant Cover 1:20 – This book has a good cover and it is getting hot. Trending $40-50 is a home run. If you can get around ratio it should be easy money even if there is undercutting. $50-65 is really good for a week later. I figured this would die hard. 

Marvel Knights 20th #2 Cover C Incentive Jae Lee Variant Cover 1:25 – I like this cover but it wont do anything. It is a better cover than the 1:50 which isn’t doing great either ~$35. So far ~$15 for this 1:25 means no love. If you like it and find it for $10 or less grab a PC copy. If you like that Johnson 1:50 I think $20 or less. I don’t anyone cares about either. Seems to be half ratio. Not great, but that means I can find a cheap copy soon for my PC. 

Shuri #2 Cover B Incentive Movie Variant Cover 1:10 – This is a long hold imo. I think This book gets hot for the next BP movie. Maybe even before that from the next Avengers movie. Great cover to get a sig. This cover should be easy enough to get for a little over cover. Double cover, but this is a long hold. 

Solo A Star Wars Story Adaptation #2 Cover B Incentive Carlos Pacheco Variant Cover 1:25 – 1st app of Enfys Nest. I doubt many care about that, but even then these ratio variants aren’t as easy to find like they used to be and many have been getting hot. I hate trying to search ebay as all it pulls up is the actual movie. I think it goes for over ratio and $20 or less is a grab if clean. $25-30 seems okay. Not as good as I hoped. 

Spider-Geddon #4 Cover D Incentive Joe Chiodo Variant Cover 1:50 – I like this cover for some reason. The eyes are a lil off though, but I want one. I don’t think most others will like it. I can’t find any recent sales all bins are ~$30+ but I think it doesn’t do anything. I think if you want one $20 or less. Better if $15. If not wait and grab one in a few weeks. Half ratio or a little more isn’t as low as I expected. I still like this cover. 

Spider-Man Enter The Spider-Verse #1 Cover C Incentive Matt Waite Variant Cover 1:25 – I love this cover. 8-bit turn based rpg style is my jam. Already heating up and I hope to grab one. The 1:10 ratio seems to be warm also and is a good homage. This seems to be going for over ratio at ~$30. I want one. I think around half ratio is safe as it might flood and undercut to $20-25. Seems to be still around ratio which is nice.  

Web Of Venom Carnage Born #1 Cover C Incentive Kyle Hotz Virgin Cover 1:100 – Cates is hot and I expect this cover to stay around or right over ratio. Rumor 1st app of Dark Carnage could def help keep this one up despite it being the same as cover A. I doubt I can get one and will stick with a regular cover for reading and PC. So far sales $100-140. I think $75 or less is a good flip. Cates is hot. $65-75 is a lil lower than a hoped a week later, but not bad if it was sold quickly. 


Wrap Up

This week is big and after all the black friday sales I’m low on funds. I really wish this was a slow week, but I’d rather have to pick and choose than be disappointed. I always prefer meat on the bone to slim pickings as it were. Do Y’all think that Hans has what it takes to be the one. I think it squeaks in. That do Y’all think about the week and did I miss anything? Hope Y’all had a good Thanksgiving and maybe found some deals in shops while visiting family in other cities. I’ve seen a few of Y’all did in the pickup page. Happy Wednesday and thanks for reading!


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