The Wednesday One – 11/29

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 11/29

This week is weak, which my pocketbook says is okay. A few to look out for if you are going to be at the lcs anyway.


Old Man Logan Vol 2 #31 Cover D Incentive Harvey Tolibao Variant Cover 1:25

Rumored new villain the mysterious Scarlet Samurai. The cover isn’t great and villains don’t do as well as heroes generally, but this could be a good long burn also. Few sales so far around $15-20 which is good, with several more listed at ~$25. Don’t pay too much as it is more likely to bust than boom.

Batman Vol 3 Annual #2

This is going to a 2nd print already. “Bruce and Selina’s first date?” Getting some heat to be sure, $10 now up to $20 in the past few days. This should be a big print run as Batman is a 100k/issue book or more. Flip em quick as there will be undercutting getting it back down to a little over or right at cover. If you want it for long term make sure that black spine is super clean and no color rub keeping it down. Will probably be a good read regardless.

Eternity #2 Cover E Incentive David Lafuente Variant Cover 1:40

This cover is boring, but this is a book to keep an eye out for like all high ratio Valiant. If you get them for cheap enough might be worth it. I don’t think it goes over $20 though, probably closer to $10 if any move. I was wrong about #1 Mass 1:40 though and that jumped big time. I don’t know enough about Valiant to mess with it.

Cool Covers

John Wick #1 Cover B Variant Denys Cowan & Bill Sienkiewicz Cover 

They did a good job on this one. Might be a fun read also. The movies did some world building and the system of Continental hotels was great.

Vampirella Vol 7 #8 Cover H Incentive Philip Tan Virgin Cover 

I really like this cover. The print run will be low, but the demand low also. Don’t pay too much if you want it. It will probably be a $15-20 book.

Star Wars Poe Dameron #21 Cover B Variant Ashley Witter Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cover

I collect these, but only a few have warmed up. This is one of the better ones. Maybe I’m just partial to X-wings.


War Mother #4 Cover A Regular David Mack Cover

It is a slow week and Mack always has some good flavor.


Skip it

Star Wars Jedi Of The Republic Mace Windu #4 Cover C Incentive Declan Shalvey Variant Cover 1:25

This cover isn’t good. This will go for cover in a week. Eventual dollar bin fodder.

Sword Of Ages #1 Cover D Incentive Gabriel Rodriguez Variant Cover
IDW books are overprinted it seems and I think in general they are more young adult. These never do well, but this might be a read. I’ll scan thru it at the store.
Spawn #280

This book was rumored to be a 1st appearance. I hear that is saved for #281, but I could be wrong. Do some research if you are getting in on this.

Star Trek Discovery #1 Cover D Incentive Declan Shalvey & Jordie Bellaire Variant

This variant is nothing special and neither is ST. I kinda like and watch STD. This book won’t go anywhere. ST doesn’t get any love and this show is divisive at best coupled with a typical IDW run means there are too many copies anyway. Skip unless you love ST or find this for cover.

Disney Pixar Coco One Shot – I don’t know enough about Disney books, but what I know says this won’t do much. 1 has sold for $6 with 10 available.

Chasing Hitler #1 – This is a 4 issue mini. Modern Hitler stuff doesn’t seem to do anything. 1 did sell for $7 though. Plus minis are a flash in the pan.

Markiplier #1 – This is a big YouTuber, but this is a hard pass for me. It is almost cringy, but who knows. I don’t see it.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Dance Of The Dead #2 Cover D Meguro – The last one didn’t do anything and that cover had a hot chick on it. This is doomed, though a few might be trying to get the set. Avoid.

Read it

 Batman Creature Of The Night #1

$6, but a neat premise. I’ll try the variations of Batman, though they are starting to get to be too many.

Kill Or Be Killed #14 

I love this book and read it as soon as get home. If you aren’t reading it jump in. There are 2x tpbs for the first 10 issues. It is exceptional.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #31 Cover A Regular Mukesh Singh Cover

A better cover than the variant. The readers get the cool cover this time. Keep it clean, small chance it does something.

Reactor #1 Cover A Regular Dylan Burnett Cover 

Donny Cates writing means count me in. The tiny print run might help it go up a little. I don’t see it moving. But, I want to read it. The B cover is cool also.

Black Magick #9 Cover A Regular Nicola Scott Cover – This got optioned a while ago. It had a break, but it is back and worth a read.

Motor Crush #8 – I need to catch up on this book.

Street Fighter Reloaded #1 – This is $1 so why not, reprints “UDON’s very first comic story” 6 issue mini. This might go up a dollar or 2. Doubt it though.

Graveland #3 – Not the metal band. Cool book so far.

Mystik U #1 – I think this is a 3 issue mini. Cool premise. I will look at it in the store to see if it catches my eye. Maybe a new character?


  • Captain America #695 LCSD is still getting $15. Keep an eye out, but they are probably gone.
  • New Infinity War Trailer. Can’t wait!

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did okay one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

 Thanos Vol 2 #13 Cover E Incentive Rafael Albuquerque Variant Cover 1:25 –  $7 or less. I think this will be a $10-15 book max. It does have some sales $10-20 so far which is good.. Looks to be a $25-30 book, will it stay?

Game Of Thrones Clash Of Kings #6 Cover E Incentive Mike Miller Virgin Cover (1:25?) –  I say pay under $8 to be safe and that may be high. I’m going to guess that it goes for $15, but we will see. A few listed $10+, but no sales. Few sales $10-15. 

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #25 Cover E Incentive Rahzzah Morphing Variant 1:25 –  Grab for $7 or less. This might get up to $15-20. Possible slow burn. $15 Only 2 sales recently with 8 or so listed.

Infernoct #2 Cover B Variant Eli Powell Cover  –  I think it will go for $10-15+, but this is a quick flip. List this in the parking lot. No sales this week. 


A Calm week, but easy on the wallet is okay by me. No “One” this week either. Some maybes and some good reads is not a bad consolation prize. I’m going to try to catch up on a few since it is slow. Thanks for reading as always. Let me know what Y’all think. Did I miss some spec or read books? Let me know in the comments. I didn’t get to do as many look backs this week as I ran out of time so I might do a few more going back a few weeks.

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