The Wednesday One 12/05/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 12/05/18

Big week and I’m behind. Aren’t things supposed to slow down this time of year? Oh well, eat what you can and sell the rest. Let’s see what is rockin this week.


Winter Soldier Vol 2 #1 Cover B Incentive Bill Sienkiewicz Variant Cover 1:25

Great cover and going for around ratio. I think it sits $15-20 after it floods. I think it will be somewhat available.

Road Of The Dead Highway To Hell #2 Cover C Incentive Santiperez Pencil Art Cover 1:10

This books seems to still be warm-hot so it might have a chance. Only one sold a week ago. It is a pass for me, but if you find it for cover maybe give it a try.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #38

“Meet the Dream Dimension’s newest resident!” hints at a new character. I’ll grab one for long hold. If you don’t grab one file it in the back of your mind for $1 bin grabs later.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 #4 Cover E Incentive Mark Brooks Hidden Gem Variant Cover 1:100 

I really like this cover for PC. Her feet are a lil weird but I like it. I know it is an old pic, but it does it for me. I don’t think this gets long term love (at least I hope it doesn’t so I can grab one later because I doubt my lcs gets one), but I think it will always be a one for Brooks collectors to have. $150-250 recently. Grab at ratio or less to be safe. No 1st app or anything significant that I know of. Good enough to be the “One”

Defenders Immortal Hulk #1 Cover D Incentive Adi Granov Variant Cover 1:50 

One of the better Granovs of recent. Trending around $75-80 and I think it drops a little but comes back. $60-80 for the week is my guess. Ratio or under seems to be a good grab.

Uncanny X-Men Vol 5 #4 Cover D Incentive In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover 1:25

This seems to be dying. Presales were doing well but recently $10 with several bins available for around $10 also. It is a good not great cover.

X-Men The Exterminated #1 Cover C Incentive Kaare Andrews Variant Cover 1:25

I like this cover (skulls rock) and think if you find it for under $10 it might be one to grab. “Plus, celebrate the life of Nathan Summers with a story from his past by Chris Claremont!”  is the other reason why I want one for PC.

Cool Covers

Batman Vol 3 #60 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina has 3 great covers this week. Bats is a good read and Mattina cover is bonus.

Curse Of Brimstone #9

I don’t think I’ll grab it, but I like this cover.

Deathstroke Vol 4 #38 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

This DS cover is great. DS is on a run of good covers.

Green Lantern Vol 6 #2 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina does a great GL and this is def one for my PC.

Martian Manhunter Vol 5 #1 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover

This cover is great and I am really looking forward to reading this book. Iirc it is a 12 issue run.

Red Hood Outlaw #29 Cover B Variant Yasmine Putri Cover

I’m not big on the Putri covers, but I know many folks are. There is another one for the Nightwing cover, but of the 2 I think this one is better.

Blackbird #3 Cover B Variant Loish Cover

I like this cover, but her back looks a lil too bent backwards. Nit picking for sure and I might still grab one, but more important than the cover is the artist which is one to watch out for.

Die #1 Cover A Regular Stephanie Hans Cover

I’ll grab it for a read and I like this Hans.

Venom Vol 4 #9 Cover B Variant Bill Sienkiewicz Fantastic Four Villains Cover

One of the best Bill’s in a while.


Immortal Hulk #10 Cover A Regular Alex Ross Cover

Ross is so good. I love that doorway.

Immortal Hulk #10 Cover C Variant In-Hyuk Lee Conan vs Marvel Heroes Cover

I might have to grab this one and the Ross.

Star Wars Vol 4 #58 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover

Yeah I know there are too many of these. I still grab em.

Read it

Batman The MAXX Arkham Dreams #3 Cover B Variant Sam Kieth Cover

I’m diggin it and these Keith covers.

Freeze #1 Cover A Regular Phil Sevy Cover

I don’t expect much, but it has a cool premise so I’ll flip thru it and see if it grabs me.

Prodigy #1 Cover F Variant Frank Quitely Cover

Already optioned for Netflix and I like this cover so I’ll give the old college try.

Star Wars Age Of Republic Qui-Gon Jinn #1 Cover F Incentive Movie Variant Cover

Qui-gon was great as he was a sort of rebel Jedi. He did what he wanted and I’m curious what this is about.


Moth & Whisper #4

Surprisingly good I’m still on it.

Hillbilly Red-Eyed Witchery From Beyond #3

HB was great and this one is def one to read.

Riptide (Red 5 Comics) #4

Last of the run. I never got into it but the hype is still going. I might grab a trade to read.

Ogre #2

I liked the 1st one enough to grab the last 2.

Source #2

I grabbed the 1st one, but didn’t get a chance to read it. It is warm and I hear good things.

Self Made #1 Cover A Regular Eduardo Ferigato Cover

Changing destiny and confronting God. So many Image books, but I’ll flip thru it and see what it is about.



Doomsday Clock #8 Cover B Variant Gary Frank Cover

I keep forgetting what is going on. I wish this came out more frequently. It is good though.


  • True Believers Fantastic Four Skrulls #1
  • True Believers Fantastic Four Puppet Master #1
  • True Believers Fantastic Four Mad Thinker And Awesome Droid #1
  • Rags #1 Cover B 2nd Ptg Variant Luigi Teruel Cover – might be hot enough still to flip. I’m not down with the Rags like many are.

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Daredevil Vol 5 #612 Cover F Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover 1:100 – He better die. Sweet cover and def one of the better JSCs. This book is on fire with presales $125-190! I think under ratio is good. I wonder if some stores ordered up as this one had a little hype. Still, I doubt many ordered 100 to qualify. I think it stays over ratio for the week, but nothing crazy. Hopefully $125-150. Few bins listed for $170 so far. Grabbing around $150 

Marvel Action Spider-Man #1 Cover C Incentive Kevin Eastman Variant Cover 1:25 – Ghost spider has a roid problem. In fact they all seem to be excessively ripped. HGH maybe with mix of blood doping. I don’t like but it seems to have some warmth. $10-15 isnt great though. Grab if you like it. I’m a hard pass. $10-15 still. Not terrible. Still a weird cover. 

Dead Man Logan #1 Cover E Incentive Greg Hildebrandt Variant Cover 1:50 – I’m a Hilde fan, but I don’t think this will be popular. Only a few listed and almost none sold so it is hard to say. I think it goes for half ratio. I don’t think many move which makes it a tough flip. I like it at $15 or so, but for PC mostly. $25-30 is slightly better than I expected. 

Ironheart #1 Cover F Incentive Stephanie Hans Variant Cover 1:50 – Good cover, but I don’t super love it like some folks do. It is doing well so def must flip. Beside some outliers this book is mostly double ratio and maybe it says around there. I think there will be enough going around where it doesn’t get crazy. I think try to stay close to ratio incase it floods and drops to $60-80. There are a number listed already. “One?” $65-85 isnt as good as I hoped but about right. 

Spider-Girls #2 Cover B Incentive Gang-Hyuk Lim Variant Cover 1:25 – I really like this cover and it is doing well in presales at $25-30. I think half ratio is good. $15-20 

Stars End #1 Cover B Variant Larry Spike Jarrell Cover Virgin Cover – Interesting concept and a ghost. Should flip, no idea what it will do though. I think $15-20 flips as they should be scarce. It think they flip for $30-40. There are 2 listed for $70-130, but the only 2 sales I see so far are for $50. I just don’t know how many people will want it. Err on the side of caution imo.  Only 2 sold so hard to say as they are all over. From $12 a few days ago to $55 for a set most recently.

Return Of Wolverine #3 Cover C Incentive Patrick Zircher Variant Cover – I like this cover and if I see it for cheap I’ll grab one for my PC. Prices all over and seem to be falling. $15 was the last bin sold, but all the listings are half ratio or higher. I think there will be plenty of these and the flood will undercut. I think grab for PC if you want it. I think $10-15 or just wait a few weeks and it will be cheap. $25-35 is way better than I expected. 

Fantastic Four Vol 6 #4 Cover F Incentive Will Robson Fantastix Variant Cover 1:50 – New team or something I don’t care about. “Meet the Marvel Universe’s New Fabulous Foursome: THE FANTASTIX!” This cover is just bad. If you see this for cover maybe…. J/K seriously though this cover is terrible, but this book might be one to hang on to if you find it cheap. I highly doubt it flips. Several listed at ~$13 or so with one sold at $12. Only one sold recently for $17 auction. No one wants this one. 


Wrap Up

Oh man is this week going to hurt. I hope I can get some of the goodies like that Brooks and Granov, but even if I can only get a few good clean covers like the Mattina GL and DS I’ll be happy. It seems like if it isn’t nm+ or won’t press up I almost don’t want it. I know I shouldn’t be as snobbish, but it seems that is the way things are and with the terrible paper quality from some publishers **cough Marvel sucks cough** just getting a clean one off the shelf can be a daunting enough task, much less a clean variant. Oh well, I take what I get and I’m happy. I think I missed a few this week. There are so many books and I’m just trying to keep up with work this week. Let me know and thanks for reading!



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