The Wednesday One 12/26/19

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 12/26/19

Hope Y’all had a great Christmas. I hate holidays as I am a man of routine and they just throw my schedule off. Bah humbug as it were ;). I totally forgot about this week till 2am as I was trying to sleep. That wasn’t going well so I thought I’d get this done quick and dirty instead of skipping this week which is what everyone should do anyway. There are a half dozen books to look at so let’s take a look then back to bed.


Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #1 

Secret Magic Hand Variant

This one is different than the regular cover as the magic is on on the doctors hand and the scalpel in the Sorcerer’s hand. Few sold for $10-15 so might be a flip if you grab for cover. The other ratio covers don’t seem to be doing anything great, but I like them both. Zaffino 1:25 going for $10-15. InHyuk Lee 1:50 3x sold for $33  and one for $15, but few listed for sale and not many shops are ordering 50 of this book and for good reason. The Lee might be a good flip if you find it for half ratio or less, but they might not really be moving.

Incoming #1

JSC 1:500

Just kidding. These silly high ratios are a joke. It is a great cover and JSC fans will want it, but yeah this isn’t a wild find. Only big online places will order 500 or more and they will charge to the game. I don’t play in this league so I have no idea. I like his 1:100 cover better anyway.

Incoming #1 JSC 1:100

Solds are under $100 but nothing avail south of $125. I think under $70ish to be safe, but damn I really like this cover. He killed it. I generally like his wolvie and this one is really great. This one might stay over $100 for a while. JSC fans are solid and it is one of his better ones. These off weeks are tough to judge. Some ignore them completely so they don’t get the word, but at the same time people that weren’t paying attention get fomo later.

Spider-Ham #1 1:50 

Inhyuk Lee

This cover is actually pretty good, but this book is silly. $40-50 sales is better than I expected. Half ratio or less seems to be a grab for flip or PC.


Cool Covers

Doctor Strange Surgeon Supreme #1

Dell Otto

I like the Otto especially for cover price variant.

Venom #21

Clayton Crain

Venom skull, sweeet.

Read it

Criminal #11

Brubaker & Phillips

I’m a B&P homer and I love their work. This and all of their books are on my pull. If you aren’t reading their work I highly recommend giving them a shot.

East Of West #45


I hear this is the last one and this series was good. I have no idea as I haven’t read it. I might have to pick up the trades since it is done.



  • Go back to bed.

Wrap Up

Quick and dirty gets it done. Hope y’all have a chill week. Thanks for reading and happy Wednesday!


Remember to check out Jack’s BOLO list for that last minute update on Wednesday!



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