The Wednesday One 7/11/18

Welcome to the night before Wednesday One! 7/11/18

This week seems kinda light. I’m not looking to hunt anyway after the last 2 weeks, but if I see a deal I’ll grab it. Few good covers and a hand full of reads. Let’s see if we can make this week not hurt the pocketbook like the last 2.


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 5 #1 Cover F Incentive Jerome Opena Variant Cover 1:50

Rumors of a 1st app, but the print run won’t be small. I think this is the best of the covers and should be relatively accessible for many folks. Presales $10-20 today, but it was $30 the day before. I think $10-15 is a good grab, but I don’t expect it to see good gains with such a big print run. I think this is a PC grab and it ends up a ~$20 book.

X-23 Vol 3 #1 Cover F Incentive Mike Choi Virgin Cover 1:100

I like this cover, but it isn’t much better than the trade dress. I think I’ll pass unless I see it cheap, but I doubt I see it locally. Only 2 recent sales ~$75. I think it dies out unless there is a 1st app or something significant. I think it is a $40 book long term, but that is a guess. I think I’d it grab for $30, but even then I just don’t love it, but maybe others do.

Titans Vol 3 #23 Cover C Incentive Brandon Peterson Sketch Cover 1:25

Word is no 1st full Crush, but it seems to be scarce so it might flip just on rarity. None sold recently and I only saw 1 up for auction that was already $30+. I think half ratio is safe, but so hard to say.

Ducktales Vol 4 #10 Cover C Incentive Blueprint Character-Focused Variant Cover

These flip consistently, but I probably wouldn’t pay much over cover. Few listed for sale at $15. None sold that I can find.

Cool Covers

Detective Comics Vol 2 #984 Cover B Variant Mark Brooks Cover

Brooks and bats is a win. Tec is solid.

Flash Vol 5 #50 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Mattina does Flash so well. The white cover might be hard to find clean. Flash is a good read and I wonder if they do anything special for #50. Suprise wedding? Just kidding.

Hawkman Vol 5 #2 Cover B Variant Stjepan Sejic Cover

This cover is really great. I’m def grabbing a clean copy for the old PC.

Suicide Squad Vol 4 #44 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Cover

Cool Mattina, but not one of the better ones recently. I’m still grabbing one.

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #50 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover

Jenny still killing it.

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Musketeers #5 Cover C Meguro

I like some Meguro, but I’m not sure if I dig this one.




Monstress #18

Sana covers and an amazing read. One of the best reads out right now.

Read it


She Could Fly #1

Interesting premise, I’ll flip thru it at my lcs and see if it catches my eye.

Superman Vol 6 #1 Cover C Variant David Mack Cover

I like the Mack better than the Hughes. Mack doesn’t get enough love.

Titans Vol 3 #23 Cover B Variant Stjepan Sejic Cover

Rumors of the 1st full Crush, but many sources say no. I might grab anyway.

Relay #1 Cover B Variant Christian Ward Cover

This seems to be a collective work of a lot of people.

Morte One Shot

Sounds interesting, but I doubt it will be on many shelves.

Zinnober #2

1st one caught heat. So far a good start for this mini. It is a good read and I look forward to #2.

Wasted Space #3 Cover A Regular Marguerite Sauvage Cover

Good read, rough art.

Voltron Legendary Defender Vol 3 #1 Cover A Regular Mariko Yamashin Cover

I’m one of the few that likes Voltron. The Netflix show is good. I really hope they make that live action movie they talked about. I still think Voltron #1 from the 80s is a good spec. But, again I’m probably one of the few.

Dead Hand #4

Great read.

edit. I had thought it was a reprint, but I think I was wrong on that. I’m not sure why I thought that.

edit 2: I was right! I’m not going totally crazy! Good news everyone! 

Die!Die!Die! #1

This was a surprise drop release. Looks interesting.

Farmhand #1

I hear good things about it, but I’m not sure about the premise.

Isola #4 Cover B Variant Karl Kerschl & Msassyk Cover

So far really good. I hope this title stays consistent.

Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici #5

So far so good.


edit. thought it was 1-4 for the advanced trade. it was 1-6.

Outpost Zero #1

Sounds okay, I’ll flip thru it.

Champions (Marvel) Vol 2 #22

Edit: totally forgot this. TAH gets a new name and Riri gets new armor. Maybe grab a clean copy. Thx Foxom for the reminder.

Old Man Logan Vol 2 #43

Edit: also forgot this one. This is usually a read as it is on my pull. Another one Foxom reminded me about and he says “1st app of Shadow Tracer” which I hadn’t heard at all so def thx for the tip.


  • True Believers Fantastic Four vs Doctor Doom #1
  • True Believers Fantastic Four Marvel Two-In-One #1
  • True Believers Fantastic Four Hulk vs Thing #1
  • True Believers Fantastic Four Galactus Hungers #1

Bonus look back – how did last week do a week later?

 How did last week’s spec end up doing? We take a look at last week’s predictions and see if we did OK one week later!!!

(Last week’s spec will be quoted like this. What it really did will look like this.)

Nightwing Vol 4 #46 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover – Already $10 the night before. I think it stays $10 forever. – Sitting around $10. I think this cover sees slow long-term gains, nothing crazy though. 

Captain America Vol 9 #1 Cover N Incentive Alex Ross Wraparound Virgin Cover 1:100 – Get it cheap if you want it. $25 cheap. Ross covers usually die out quick even when they have a little heat. – Selling for $50 which is great, maybe more people liked it than I expected. 

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Cover C Incentive Stephanie Hans Variant Cover 1:25 –  Presales are $20 and I think it drops to $15. If I see it for $10 or less I’ll grab one for my PC. – $10-15 recent sales

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Cover D Trade Dress and Cover E Mark Brooks Virgin Cover 1:100 – I’m just grabbing a regular cover because of Cates. If I see this for $25 or less I’d grab it. I was way off on this one. Selling for $70 recently. That is really good. 

Death Of The Inhumans #1 Cover E Incentive Greg Hildebrandt Variant Cover 1:25 – If you see it cheap like $12 or less to be safe maybe grab it as it is a 1st app, but there are so may 1st apps that skipping it isn’t a bad idea either. – This is $20-30 recently. Not bad actually. 

Death Of The Inhumans #1 Cover D Incentive Kaare Andrews Design Variant Cover 1:10 – Presales seem to be hovering around $15 which is good for a 1:10. I’m grabbing it for $10 or less, but better if $8 or less. 1:10 is an easy qualifier so most shops I think get 1 copy. – This was winner selling for ~$20 and I think Vox is cool. 

Star Wars Vol 4 #50 Cover F Incentive Terry Dodson Variant Cover 1:50 – If you see it cheap grab it. This is a good Dodson imo. $30 for 2 presales and one for $20 before that. I think $15 or under is safe. But if it is for PC I’d pay a little more for a clean copy. –  Selling for $30 which is actually pretty good for a SW variant. 

Immortal Hulk #2 Cover B Incentive Gerardo Zaffino Variant Cover 1:25 – $20 presales. I think it has a chance if it is a good 1st app. I’d grab for half ratio and take a chance. The cover is worth it imo. – 2x sold for $20 today, then one for $30. Maybe this has some slow heat? 

Star Wars Last Jedi Adaptation #4 Cover B Incentive Rod Reis Variant Cover 1:25 –  Probably the 1st cover of Holdo, but who actually cares about Holdo. Only 2 international sales so far. If you see it for half ratio I think it is worth taking a chance on just for rarity. The last one sold a few days ago for $40, there is one auction at $40+ with a few other auctions behind it. I’m curious where they end up. 

Wrap Up

Another week and no “one” which is fine. Not every week can be the 4th of July. Speaking of which hope everyone had a great 4th last week. I’m happy to just grab a stack of mostly reads. I think sometimes it is easy for me to forget the good reads with so many good covers and flips the last 2 weeks. What are Y’all grabbing this week? Did I miss anything? Let me know and thanks for reading!


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