The Wednesday One


And I thought last week was slow! There are only five comics in my pull list coming out this week (in case you are wondering BLACK CLOUD, BUG: THE ADVENTURES OF FORAGER, CINEMA PURGATORIO, DARK DAYS: THE CASTING and EDGE OF VENOMVERSE), which must be an all-time low. It’s the kind of week where writing this becomes a necessity in order to figure out what I may have forgotten and need to look for.

Batgirl & The Birds of Prey #12 Kamome Shirahama Cover

Pretty cool cover and Catwoman teaming up with the Birds of Prey … Don’t expect this to go big, but with the latest B cover craze, you just never know. Can’t wait for Shirahama to do more than covers in a US comic!

Dark Days: The Casting

The latest event at DC keeps getting preludes and this issue gives us the first glimpse of a few new characters (thanks, Sad Lemon!) that are going to be big for the next few months.

Skin & Earth #1

I will admit it, I don’t know who Lights is or even what alt-pop is supposed to mean, but whenever music and comics collide, there’s always the possibility of the first issues getting hot, as non-comic readers suddenly are faced with the timeless question: Where do you buy them?

Spider-Men II #1 Tedesco 1:50 Variant

Another one of my favorite cover artists doing what he does best. Great design, flawless execution and a 1:50 too. This should do well!

Calexit #1

Black Mask should probably get ahold of Howard Chaykin and let him do whatever he wants to, but, in the meantime, here’s California as the resistance to a US president turned dictator.

After Eden #1

Adam and Eve as survival horror could be interesting. It’s a great concept and you just know it’s not going to have a huge print run. This kind of pitch is what makes Hollywood turn, so keep an eye on this.

The Howling: Revenge of the Werewolf Queen #1 Bill Sienkiewicz Variant

Bill S going through a golden age of fan adoration and doing a variant for a comic with a tiny print run. Also, a tie-in to a movie series that some people might want to read just for nostalgia’s sake. This will be difficult to find.

Lola XOXO vol.2 #1 Tyler Kirkham Cover

Siya Oum’s title is back and it will be fun to see her doing interiors again. Funnily enough, I will mention Kirkham’s cover because he’s been on fire lately. There are also a couple of Oum covers and a more limited Rocafort cover which is pretty cool too.

Swipe of the week – it’s a tie!

Yes, I know, there are way too many of these lately (well, not really lately, let’s say the last 10-20 years), but sometimes they go to such an effort to replicate another cover that I need to mention them. Whether it’s a ring-crazy ape or someone going crazy aping John Byrne, these are kinda cool.

Planet of the Apes / Green Lantern #6 Paul Rivoche 1:25 Variant Green Lantern #49
Cyberines #3 Captain America #250

That’s it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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