The Weekend After Wednesday for 10/20/18

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 10/17/18. They could still be at your shop.



LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #4 (OF 5) 1:25 BARTEL VARIANT (MARVEL) – For a 1:25, this was a tough book to find.  While selling for $40 most of the week, on Friday it jumped to $60.  The demand for this does stem from #3 demand, but I think it’s mostly because of Jen Bartel.  Her fan base is growing.  The Sujin Jo Battle Lines Variant is no slouch either.  It’s selling for $12 shipped and makes for a nice consolation prize to those who missed out on the Bartel variant.

OGRE #1 (OF 3) (SOURCE POINT) – Source Point is getting some heat lately!  This new title is seeing sales of $13-$15 shipped (unless you count My Comic Shop underselling at cover price).

SOURCE #1 (SCOUT) – This is probably the hottest book of the week.  The standard cover sells for $15 to $19 shipped.  The 1:10 was selling for $20 and recently had a sale of $45.  The 1:20 glow in the dark variant was getting $40 and has settled to $32 shipped.  The Scout website had these available for $25.  However, after shipping, it was pretty much a wash AND you ran the risk of these dropping next week when everyone gets the copies they ordered.

THE MALL #2 (SCOUT) – The Mall #2 regular cover sells for about $10 shipped.  The Scarface 1:10 variant was impossible to find and looked prime to sell high. However, not a single one sold. All are sitting on eBay from $30 to $50. Despite the rarity, the marketplace didn’t feel like paying such a high price for this.

UNSTOPPABLE WASP #1 1:50 PUTRI VARIANT (MARVEL) – This was easily the hardest to find variant this week.  Stores just aren’t ordering 50 copies to get this.  Copies have been selling for $100 and a VF+ copy sold for $80. There are only 3 currently listed, one for $150 and the others as auctions.  One has already passed $100.

VENOM ANNUAL #1 SIENKIEWICZ VARIANT (MARVEL) – Here’s a Bill Sink variant that I actually like.   It’s just gorgeous and probably my favorite Venom cover of late.  Prices range from cover to $9/$14 shipped.  One seller has sold 46 copies at $14 shipped. Once this dry up, there should be a small bump.


CURSED COMICS CAVALCADE #1 (DC) – This has been selling for a steady $18 shipped.  However, there’s a large flood of copies listed on eBay.  With a $9.99 price tag, if it drops to $15, it’s pretty much selling for cover price + shipping.

DREDD FINAL JUDGEMENT #1 (2000 AD) – After this sold for $27/$30 shipped last week, copies hit eBay and brought it down to its current $18.  There aren’t a lot of copies listed, so it should stay there.

ELRIC WHITE WOLF #2 (TITAN) – Still holding at $12 shipped.

EXILES #9 1:25 RAHZZAH VARIANT (MARVEL) – This dropped a bit from $40 to $35 shipped.

STAR WARS SOLO ADAPTATION #1 (OF 7) 1:50 LUKE ROSS VARIANT (MARVEL) – This time last week, this was a $85 book.  The most recent sale went for $128.50.  There are only two copies listed, a VF at $99, and another (no grade) at $120.

TRANSFORMERS UNICRON #5 (OF 6) FRANCAVILLA 1:25 SOUNDWAVE VARIANT – Surprisingly, not many copies have hit eBay.  The most recent sale was for $25+shipping.  There’s only one copy listed and the price tag is $40.

VENOM #7 SECRET VARIANT (MARVEL) – While there have been some higher and lower sales, this has been holding at $19 shipped.  This is not a bad hold for a secret variant.

WEATHERMAN #5 1:25 SOOK VARIANT (IMAGE)– This variant has been tough to read market wise.  It was selling well for $40 last week and then only saw one sale this week at $10 (+ $15 for shipping from the UK).  Only one copy has been listed since.  It sits at $9.99 with no bids with 6 days left to go.  This does seem extremely rare and hard to find.  Do people care though?


INFERNOCT #1 (SCOUT) 1:10 VARIANT – Much like this week, Scout had a hot book this time last year with this variant.  The 1:10 variant was selling well at $50 ($60 for a 1:10, 1st print and ash can set). There have been no sales of late and only one copy is available in a set (with the regular cover A) for $30.

KID LOBOTOMY #1 1:10 GOLD FOIL RECALLED VARIANT (IDW/ BLACK CROWN) – One year ago, this recalled variant was selling for $40. Recalled comics usually hold some value, though I expected eBay to be flooded with copies.  Surprisingly, there are no raw copies listed except for one set.  There are 3 graded copies with 9.8’s looking for $100.  I don’t think you can get $40 for a raw today, but maybe $20.

MIGHTY THOR #700 ZDARSKY ERROR MISPRINT (MARVEL)– It’s not often you get two misprints/errors in one week.  This misprint was printed with the wrong back cover for Unknown Comics’ Spider-Gwen #25 store variant. Last year, sales were mostly around $22.   Like KID LOBOTOMY, there are no raws listed and only a couple graded copies asking for $100.  Error collectors (like myself) buy these books and just fold them into our collections.  We know that error copies dry up fast and it looks like both these books did just that.

MIGHTY THOR #700 HUGHES 1:100 VARIANT (MARVEL)– Last year, with “Thor: Ragnarok” on the horizon, this variant was able to command about $175.  Now, raw copies sell for ratio (or close to) at $100.  Strangely, CGC 9.8 copies sell for $150.

Z NATION #6 (OF 6) MICHELANGELO PARRILLO VIRGIN VARIANT (DYNAMITE)– This Parrillo virgin sold last year for $60. These were incredibly hard to find. The last sold copy sold this past July for $50.  There are only 2 raw copies listed, both looking for a similar price.



MARVEL ZOMBIE #1 IN-HYUK LEE VARIANT (MARVEL) – This has been ranging from cover price to $10 shipped (with one sale as high as $14 shipped).  Copies can still be had for cover.

X-MEN BLACK MYSTIQUE #1 1:100 CAMPBELL VARIANT (MARVEL) – I don’t know if Campbell has drawn Mystique before.  This 1:100 is selling for ratio at $100.  Not many copies are listed.  If any of them go up, it will be this one.



AQUAMAN #41 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT (DC) – It’s awesome to see Middleton’s range, but this one didn’t quite measure up to his others. 

BATMAN #57 MATTINA ‘B” VARIANT (DC) – I can’t help think about how these variants would just be ridiculously expensive if they were incentives. 







SHURI #1 (MARVEL) – None of these variants are doing much this week.  The 1:50 Charest variant has been selling for $30/$40.  Keep a close eye on that variant though.  Several auctions are getting close to $50 and might just pass ratio.







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