The Weekend After Wednesday for 2/10/2018

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 2/7/18. They could still be at your shop.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 (MARVEL) – Soooo, is this the 1st appearance of the Red Goblin or the 1st appearance of Osbornage (Osborn/Carnage…. doesn’t quite work)? Either way, this is selling for $13 to $17 shipped. The Dale Keown Hulk SMASH Variant is selling for $16 to $20 shipped. Knowing how well mash-up Marvel characters have been doing lately, no one (including myself) wanted to miss out this time. Therefore, multiple copies were purchased to flip. And with that mindset brought a massive flood of copies to eBay. Obviously, that many copies cannot sustain the current market price. Undercutting WILL drag this down. However, the question lies in the long term potential. Thanos (#13 – Cosmic Ghost Castle) & Totally Awesome Hulk (#22 Weapon H) had much smaller print runs and high demand kept those books moving forward. Will the interest stay for Osnage (trying another nickname… still doesn’t work)? Is Carborn (maybe?) actually the Red Goblin? Does it matter? Let’s check in next week and see how it fared.

AVENGERS #679 1:25 BRADSHAW VARIANT (MARVEL) – The first appearance of the character “Challenger” helped a set of this variant and the standard cover saw a recent sale of $54 shipped. The 1:25 is averaging about $35 shipped. The standard cover is doing well on it’s on at $9 shipped. The Hulk cover is only selling for about $1 over cover.

DASTARDLY & MUTTLEY #6 SIENKIEWICZ VARIANT (DC) – There are some interesting books gaining heat lately, and this is no exception. Sienkiewicz covers always feel so serious, so it’s nice to see him having fun with this… AND I actually kind of like it. This is selling for $14-$18 shipped! Why the high price? Well, it’s the last issue in a 6 issue series, has a low print run (around 6k or lower) and stores most likely only ordered a few copies of just the A cover. To sum it up, copies are SUPER hard to find. Sienkiewicz has a loyal fan base that wants all his covers. As they dry up, this will be a tough one to get and will command a decent amount.

X-MEN RED #1 LARRAZ X-23 YOUNG GUN VARIANT (MARVEL) – Like the Dauterman variant last week, dependent on how much your store charged you, this could be HOT, WARM or COLD. If you purchased your copy for $50, then you’re probably feeling a little chilly right now.   This is currently selling for $25, which I think is still decent. Again, like last week, a HUGE flood of copies helped drag it down. This time it fell from a presale height of $80 shipped!!   On Wednesday, copies were quickly selling for $40 – $50. This cover has grown on me, and I honestly think it has long term potential. Of course, that’s contingent of how fast this dries up and how many copies actually exist. It’s really hard to gauge a number when some stores received multiple copies and others received none.   Undercutters will drag this down a little more. If it hits $15, I’m buying a few to sit on for a while.


AVENGERS #678 DAUTERMAN ROUGE YOUNG GUNS VARIANT (MARVEL) – Wow, the flood on this book was incredible. Most copies are going for about $10-12 shipped, which is just a little lower then last week.

JLA DOOM PATROL SPECIAL #1 – Last week this was warm, now it’s selling for cover price.

SPIDER-GWEN #26 2ND PRINT (MARVEL) – There are two listings currently, one up for auction and the other with 4 copies available from the same seller @ $7.99 + $5 shipping. That last seller has had sold over 15-20 copies, raising the price every 5 copies. Other then the handful of those sold copies, this is still incredibly hard to find in store or on-line. I expect this to do decently long term.

THANOS #13 2ND (MARVEL) – Still holding at $10 shipped. Looks like that’s where it will stay for a while.



DEJAH THORIS #1 CAMPBELL 1:30 VIRGIN VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – I know, how can this be warm? To use exact scientific measurement, there were a BUTT-LOAD of variants for this… and they’re all doing pretty terrible on the secondary market. However, the Campbell Virgin Variant is in demand. It’s been selling at ratio and appears to be sold out everywhere on-line. There are only two copies currently listed. One is at $60 and has 10 watchers. If any variant is going to be somewhat profitable for this #1, it’s going to be this (though the virgin Cho variant looks great too). There’s a 1:50 B&W Campbell variant as well, but that can be had for $35.  If you really want to go crazy, Dynamic Forces will have a super limited “Red” version and another Gradient version of the Campbell cover. Those will cost you $300 each. Yikes.

ROSE #8 CVR B LOOPYDAVE VARIANT (IMAGE) – It’s hard to tell what this book wants to do. Two copies sold for $11 shipped, which is great. However, those were the only two sales in the past three days. No copies sold on Friday and all the listed copies are just sitting.

SWAMP THING WINTER SPECIAL #1 (DC) – With a high cover price of $7.99, most stores only ordered a few copies. Those have since disappeared. Copies have bounced around the last couple days, with one sale seeing a height of $30 shipped. However, a small flood hit eBay and sales are settling from below cover price to $14 shipped. I have this in warm due to most sales trending at cover price. One seller has 30 copies and has been selling them for $8.95 plus shipping, which is definitely not helping the market value. With all that said, it’s still a hard book to find in store and on-line. It’ll be interesting to revisit this next week and see how it’s doing.



BATMAN #40 (DC) – Both cover A and B are awesome, though only selling for cover or less right now.

BATMAN WHO LAUGHS #1 3RD (DC) – Cool cover for those who like B&W variants.





MISTER MIRACLE #1 (OF 12) 4TH PRINT (DC) – Another B&W variant.








YOUNG MONSTERS IN LOVE #1 (DC) – Be careful if you run into your LCS, ask for the “Swamp Thing book that came out this week” and then get directed to this. Seeing that there are just as many copies currently listed for this as the Winter Special, I feel that this happened to a lot of folks. It’s available on eBay for under cover price.

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