The Weekend After Wednesday for 2/16/19

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 2/13/19. They could still be at your shop.



AVENGERS NO ROAD HOME #1 (OF 10) HUGHES 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Yeah, this one was a no-brainer.  It’s been averaging $65, with a high sale of $79.99. 

CAPTAIN MARVEL #2 BACHALO 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Wow, this is easily the hottest book of the week.  I can’t imagine the print run is small on these.  Most stores should be ordering Captain Marvel heavily, leading into the upcoming release.  Regardless, the most recent sales have ranged from $90 up to $119.95.  This is going to be a hard 9.8 to get with that all black cover.

DEAD MAN LOGAN #4 (OF 12) ZAFFINO 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Like the Hughes Avengers variant above, everyone was on this.  These are selling for a steady $60/$70 shipped.  Variants reign supreme this week.  The only issue with this are the 25 copies currently listed.  That’s not really a flood, but not really “hard to find” either.  I’ll be interested to see how this does by next week.

EXCITING COMICS #1 SPEEDWAY VARIANT (ANTARTIC PRESS) – So, I’m not sure how stores are pricing these variants since they all vary in retail pricing.  However, The SPEEDWAY variant is doing the best.  It had a retail price of $19.99, limited to 300 copies and sells for around $50.  The HYPNO HEROINES variant is doing okay as it retails for $14.99, 500 print run and sells for $24 shipped (with one recent sale of $35 shipped).  The other covers (Black Jaq @ 600 copies, Sketch cover @ 500, Black Terror @ 1000 and Madam Mask @ 4000) are all selling at or below retail (though Black Jaq did see some decent $25 sales).  What’s awesome is how Antarctic Press announced their print run for all the covers for this title.  With all of that said, I wouldn’t go chasing these as there are a lot listed.

MARVEL TALES BLACK WIDOW #1 1:50 BARTEL VIRGIN VARIANT (MARVEL) – Okay, so I debated if this should be HOT or WARM.   There was one sale for $114.  However, that was the ONLY sale (not counting another international sale of $83).  What convinced me to put it on here was the sole current auction that is already $75 (with 9 days left).  Honestly, out of all the variants on this list, I think this just might look the best one year from now.  This is the only variant on this list that I REALLY want a copy of, but cannot find one anywhere.  I settled for the trade dressed copy for now. 



GI JOE SIERRA MUERTE #1 MYCHAELS 1:25 RI-B VARIANT – After the one lonely sale of $60 last week, two more sold.  One went for $80 and another for $75.  However, the last sale was on 2/10 and the current 3 copies listed are just sitting.  Granted, those sellers want $130, $150 and $250 for their copies.  I think $60 is more likely right now.

GOD MODE #1 (KEENSPOT) – As I mentioned last week, Keenspot books don’t hold their market value for too long.  Only ONE copy (the B variant) sold for $13 shipped over the week.  Every copy is just sitting, even cheap sets.

HARLEY QUINN #58 CHEW “B” VARIANT (DC) – This is still selling from $9 to $13 shipped.

MAGICAL BEATDOWN #1 (SILVER SPROCKET) – So, the creators had an angry rant about how mad they were about speculators buying up copies of their book, selling it out and then flipping their copies for “$30” on eBay.  They wrote about how they were going to destroy that value by offering up more copies.  I understand that creators want to build a readership and don’t want the bottom to drop out at issue 2.  However, it’s surprising how many publishers and creators don’t understand the comic book industry ecosystem.  The reason why this form of print media is still flourishing is directly connected to these pieces of paper being a collectible and therefore worth some value.  When, or if, a collector sells that book, they then take that money and buy more books… and the cycle goes on and on.  Even if a collector doesn’t sell, there’s still the fact that their collection has some sort of value to it.  If there wasn’t any value to a comic book, then why would we buy them and not just go digital?  I could get more into this, but if you’re here reading this, then you already know how this works.  Looking at this book’s sales last week, a total of 30 copies sold upon release and had a height of $20.  I don’t know what the print run is…. but I’m assuming these sales are less then 1% of print run…. meaning 99% of their book landed into the hands of people wanting to read it.  So, what they essentially did is tell those 99% that they were now going to punish them for buying their book JUST because there was some small amount of market demand.  Current sales are at $11 and copies can be had for less.

THESE SAVAGE SHORES #3 (VAULT) – Sales are a little iffy this week.  My Comic Shop did what they always do and listed copies for $4.  Other copies sold for $10 to $15 shipped.  This is probably on the downward swing.


BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 MAHFOOD 1:50 VARIANT (VALIANT) – Wow, I totally forgot about this book.  This was selling for $70 last year.  Today, there are few $70+ listings.  However, the last sale was for a signed copy at $35. 

STABBITY BUNNY #2 (SCOUT) – The 1:7 fell hard from a pre-sale of $40 one year ago, it then settled to $30 the week of release and now can be had to $10 shipped.  The standard 2nd issue was selling for a very consistent $23-28 shipped and can now goes for $8/$9.

STAR WARS THRAWN #1 (OF 6) MATTINA 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) Man, one-year flies by.  I remember humming and hawing over some $50 listed copies on MCS.  I passed, as I knew STAR WARS tends to be a somewhat volatile title.  This time last year, prices were holding at $70.  Today, there are plenty of copies listed with none cheaper than $125.  There have only been 3 sales in the last 4 months, with the most recent being one raw copy at $180.  I don’t know what this variant wants to do, or maybe it just has specific STAR WARS buyers… but it seems to be okay.

X-MEN BLUE #21 HANS 1:50 POISON X VARIANT (MARVEL)With pre-sales at $100, this Stephanie Hans 1:50 variant was hot and hard to find.  This sold for $250 raw at its highest and the average price was around $200 the week of release and the week after.  One year later, it sells for $60 raw and a CGC 9.8 will sell for $200.



DEVILS, THE #1 (ANTARTIC) – This has been selling for $10 shipped, hitting up to $17 shipped.  The most recent sold copies are about $13 shipped.  However, there are plenty of copies listed already for under $10.  It’s slipping. 

GOD OF BAD MEN #1 (OF 4) (AMIGO) – Both cover A & B are each selling for $12 shipped and $25 shipped for a set.  While that’s decent, there are a lot of copies listed also already has copies listed below $10.   



AGE OF X-MAN NEXTGEN #1 (OF 5) (MARVEL) – The Lee Garbett 1:50 Variant is selling for $31 (shipped). 








SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #1 (MARVEL) – Coming out with TWO Conan titles is pretty ballsy.  Obviously, Marvel has big plans, but can two titles survive?

SPAWN #293 CORRECTED B&W VARIANT (IMAGE) – Okay, so I picked up one copy (*see what I bought this week at the bottom) of this as it was the only copy I saw between three stores… nor were there many listed on eBay… which I found to be odd.  There was one recent outlier sales of $10, though there are plenty online at shops like Midtown.  So, it’s out there for cover.   One seller is calling this a 2nd error as the indicta reads “first printing” yet the barcode reads 29332, meaning issue 293, 3rd cover, 2nd print.  I’m going to assume that if there was an error, they consider a corrected reprint to still be a first print.  Regardless, this is going to be a messy book.


VAMPIRELLA VALENTINES DAY SPECIAL #1 (DYNAMITE) – I don’t buy store exclusives… but I do really like the Forbidden Plant Jee Hyung Lee Variant. I still can’t bring myself to buy it though.



*WHAT I BOUGHT THIS WEEK: SPAWN #293 Corrected Version x1, SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE 2 #3 Sketch x1 & MARVEL TALES BLACK WIDOW #1 Regular cover x1)





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