The Weekend After Wednesday for 2/17/18

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 2/14/18. They could still be at your shop.



BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 MAHFOOD 1:50 VARIANT (VALIANT) – We all know that high ratio valiant variants sell really well. This is no exception at its current $70 market value. However, I am surprised it’s ONLY $70. I’m not a Valiant fan and even I like this cover. Regardless, not only do Valiant high ratios do well, they have long legs that will continue to do well down the road.

STABBITY BUNNY #2 (SCOUT) – I knew the 1:7 variant was going to do well since stores are barely ordering multiples of this title. Pre-sales hit $40 shipped, and that had me hunting for a copy. Not only could I not find the variant anywhere, I couldn’t even find a copy of the #2 standard cover. Apparently, not many others could either. The standard 2nd issue is selling for a very consistent $23-28 shipped (less for VF/NM copies). The variant is selling for $30 shipped, which is a surprising dip down from the pre-sales. These should hold pretty well, if they don’t go up with issue #3’s release. There’s an ECCC variant that should get A LOT of steam. (NOTE: the variant is still available on Scout’s website for $20. The standard cover is sold out)

STAR WARS THRAWN #1 (OF 6) MATTINA 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – This variant sneaked in under the radar on Wednesday and had people scrambling to find a copy of this hard to find variant. Stores are sitting on piles of Star War comics and not many were going to order 50 copies of Thrawn. This Mattina variant jumped up to $100 on Wednesday and has since settled to $70-75 shipped. Marvel’s Star Wars comics, especially the mini-series, have steep market drops. Yet, there are definitely outliers. Is this one of those? It does seem to be holding around $70 AND Mattina has a strong fanbase.

X-MEN BLUE #21 HANS 1:50 POISON X VARIANT (MARVEL) – With pre-sales at $100, this could’ve easily fallen upon release. This has especially been the case for recent 1:100 and 1:50 Marvel variants. However, this variant was exceptionally hard to find on Wednesday. Due to poor sales, stores aren’t ordering many copies of X-Men Blue anymore. The current 30K print run reflects those reports. Throw in a 1:50 Venom cover that’s drawn gorgeously by Stephanie Hans, and you have a huge winner. Being a Venom variant in a severely over saturated Venom store variant market, it was really easy to dismiss this cover.   As we can see now, the difference is rarity. The store variants have 5000 copies of the same cover with different trade dressing. This #21 Hans variant could be as low as 300 to 400 copies… maybe even lower. For all those reasons, this has just been climbing. The highest copy so far sold on Friday for $250. A recent auction ended at $218. There are currently 8 auctions, with one already heading into the $200 range with 4 days left. I honestly can’t tell where this is going to settle. I expect prices to stay around $250, which is amazing for a new variant.


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 (MARVEL) – Whether this is the first appearance of RED GOBLIN or not, the market sure didn’t care. The standard cover is now an easy $20 shipped and the Dale Keown Hulk variant shot up from $16 to about $36+. I honestly expected this to drop.


AVENGERS #679 1:25 BRADSHAW VARIANT (MARVEL) – This 1:25 dropped down by $5 to $30 shipped. The standard cover is still seeing $9 shipped.

DASTARDLY AND MUTTLEY #6 SIENKIEWICZ VARIANT (DC) – Due to a small flood in copies, this saw a small drop from $15 to $12.

X-MEN RED #1 LARRAZ X-23 YOUNG GUN VARIANT (MARVEL) – Undercutters dragged this down last week from a height of $80 to $25. Recent sales have ranged from $18 to $32. It’s worth noting that over 200 copies sold since last week, which is huge. The fact that this price held over the past week (and at such volume) shows that there is strong demand for this variant. Even with 80+ copies currently listed, it appears that this price will hold for a while.

DEJAH THORIS #1 CAMPBELL 1:30 VIRGIN VARIANT (DYNAMITE) – Since last week, multiple copies showed up on eBay and has sold at a variety of prices, one even hitting $60. It’s been a consistent seller at ratio ($30).

SWAMP THING WINTER SPECIAL #1 (DC) – As promised, revisiting this book this week shows that the market price is holding at cover plus shipping. Some copies are selling for a $1 or $2 more. It doesn’t help that there are over 30+ copies listed and they’re all mostly sitting.



AVENGERS #675 2ND PRINT – With Voyager front and center on the cover, copies of this 2nd print were moving really well at $15 on Thursday. However, copies have dipped to about $8 shipped, which is pretty much cover price. There aren’t that many copies listed, so it could bounce back.

BABY BADASS #1 (ACTION LAB) – Well, here’s a new Action Lab title with a Mendoza cover that follows the trend of scantily clad characters like Zombie Tramp and Dollface. The “risqué” variant has seen a sale at $11 shipped… but it’s mostly selling for $9 shipped. Oh, and NSFW!

BLACK BETTY #1 (ACTION LAB) – Yep, two new Action Lab titles this week. This also has two Mendoza covers; one standard and one “risqué” cover that’s also doing decently at $9 shipped. Obviously, these covers are doing really well for Action Lab. See the NSFW disclaimer above.

MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE DEL MUNDO (MARVEL) – Now, I love Del Mundo.  He’s absolutely a fantastic artist.  But man, can these Young Gun variants flood!  Current copies are selling from $14 to $18.  There are over 80 copies listed, so I expect these to drop like the Dauterman Rogue variant.  Great covers though!

SUICIDE SQUAD #35 “B” SORRENTINO VARIANT (DC) – I don’t love this cover, but it’s still a Harley variant!  Harley is still very much in demand.  Hence, it’s selling for $9 shipped.




CALEXIT #1 3RD (BLACK MASK) – CALEXIT has dropped a lot. Even the rare SDCC variant can be had for $28. With that said, this 3rd print is very hard to find. Only two copies are on eBay. Who knows if this title will go anywhere, but if your LCS has a copy, maybe grab one just in case?



DEATH OF LOVE #1 (OF 5) (IMAGE) – This book has seen almost no movement on the bay. Which is too bad, it’s a fun (albeit over the top) read.

FLASH #40 (DC)

ICE CREAM MAN #1 2ND PRINT (IMAGE) – While this did see some decent pre-sales at $9/$10 shipped, the last sale for this 2nd print was a week ago. No copies have sold since it released this week.

KICK-ASS #1 (IMAGE) – I appreciate that they tried to re-invent Kick-Ass, but the market interest for this new version is low. I honestly would still love to see another Kick-Ass movie and wouldn’t be opposed to seeing this new version.


SUPERGIRL #18 ARTGERM VARIANT (DC) – Just checking in on the Artgerm variants… and they’re doing okay at $8 shipped.   I love this run and especially love the homage/retro covers he’s doing. These may never have high market value, but a great cover is still a great cover.



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