The Weekend After Wednesday for 3/10/18

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 3/7/18. They could still be at your shop.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 2ND PRINT (MARVEL) – The 2nd print of the first “Osborn as Carnage” is selling for a consistent $9 to $15 shipped (mostly averaging the latter). It would probably sell for more if its virgin store variant counterpart didn’t keep it in check.

OBLIVION SONG #1 COLLECTOR’S SET (IMAGE) – Yes, the “order as many as you like, we’ll overprint” standard cover died as a spec. However, the limited to 1000 Statue Collector’s set is a strong $400 seller. I guess this set is technically a variant (since one is inside), hence why it’s hot. I am aware that this is a big buy in and they are pretty difficult to come by. What was surprising to me is how few of the Advance Editions came out to eBay on release day. I expected there to be a small surge. However, those who have them seem to be patiently waiting to see how this series does for a while. $100 seems to be the going price for that copy. Here’s a question, are there less advance copies then the 1000 foil in the collector’s set?

RICK & MORTY PRESENTS THE VINDICATORS #1 (ONI) – $20 on average for a set of both covers JUST because it features Pickle Rick on the inside? Okay, I get it… kind of. AND these are also starting to move up. The standard print has sold for $16 shipped and the variant is starting to take the lead with a recent sale of $22 shipped. The champions for this title are the ECCC variant at $75 and the blank variant at $35.

SPIDER KING #1 1:10 SKOTTIE YOUNG VARIANT (IDW) – This was an easy winner of the week with a steady $30 market price. It’s even beating out the convention variants. People like them some Skottie Young!

TRUE BELIEVERS VENOM VS SPIDER-MAN #1 (MARVEL) – Cost a $1, sells for $3-$5. One eBay seller has sold over 260 copies at $4. It’s a grind, but that’s not a terrible return. With this selling for 4x cover price, it’s technically hot.


AVENGERS #682 BRADSHAW 1:25 CONNECTING VARIANT (MARVEL) – Last week this variant was on my cold list due to it selling for well under ratio ($16+shipping). It’s been trending upwards and is currently selling for $34 to $39 shipped.

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR PRELUDE #2 (OF 2) (MARVEL) – Prelude #2 has dropped a little to about $10 shipped, while Prelude #1 has jumped up a bit to $25 shipped. Sets are doing great at $30 and seem to be selling more consistently together then separately.

DUCKTALES #6 1:10 LAUNCHPAD DESIGN VARIANT (IDW) This was last week’s surprise winner and has settled to a comfy $40 shipped, which is fantastic for a 1:10.

KISS ARMY OF DARKNESS #1 (OF 5) (DYNAMITE) – The 1:20 Virgin Demon Gene Simmons was selling last week at a warm $20 shipped. It has jumped up to $30 shipped and all copies (except for one $60 international copy) are gone from EBay. If you have one, the market is yours right now.

MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR #28 (MARVEL) – This first appearance of “The Omnipotentis” was first brought to my attention by our reader Rook8928 and then by our own Dale Valiant Horton’s great article: It was easy to miss this last week since, up until last Saturday afternoon, copies were selling mostly at cover price. There were some random high sales of $30 and $10, but they were pretty easy to obtain cheaply. On Monday (the 5th) this jumped to $20, $30, $50 and then hit a height of $60 by Tuesday. This, of course, drew out every copy still sitting on shelves. Flooding dragged this down to $20. It’s currently trending at around $25 shipped, even with 70+ copies listed on eBay. If the Omnipotentis have any interest down the road, this low printed book can definitely see even more heat.

PETER PARKER SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #300 1:50 ALEX ROSS VARIANT (MARVEL) – Well, this was a bit of a bummer this week. I had hoped to see this awesome Ross variant get the attention it deserved. Last week it was hitting $70. It has since dropped to $50, with some sales as low as $35+shipping. The good news is maybe I can find a cheap copy now.

SPAWN #283 MATTINA “A” & “B” COVERS (IMAGE) – Last week’s speculator drama book is still holding at $10 for each cover. The flooding is massive at well over 150 listed copies on eBay. The demand is definitely there for this book… for now.

THANOS #16 (MARVEL) – Hey, a Thanos “Cosmic Ghost Rider” book that went down! It came down a bit from $10 to anywhere between $3 to $9. It’s all over the place. However, it’s a great add on for sets. If you’re not building sets to sell or collecting these, you can probably stop rushing to your LCS to get to them first.

X-MEN BLUE #22 1:50 NAKAYAMA VARIANT (MARVEL) – As promised last week, this settled to a ratio price of $50.



AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #797 (MARVEL) – Despite copies disappearing almost instantly on Wednesday, this book is rather tepid right now, selling for $6+shipping. Normally, I would say that it’s fatigue in the constant anticipation for an official first Red Goblin. However, a few big eBay sellers have really cornered the market on these and held the market price down to this $5.99. There’s also multiple variants in the mix: convention variants, store variants, a Thor Variant (selling for $5), a 1:20 Design variant ($15) and an Aaron Kuder young guns variant ($25). With the anticipation of the Red Goblin reveal, people pre-bought the Young Guns variant at a pretty consistent $75, to a height of $100. That gamble did not pay off. By Tuesday, word had spread that there was no Red Goblin and the price dropped quickly to $20. It rebounded hard up to $50 on Wednesday morning and then settled back down to the already mentioned $25. There are over 100 copies listed.

CALL OF THE SUICIDE FOREST #2 (OF 5) (AMIGO) – The standard cover did see a sale of $12, but has settled to a tad over cover price. That has gotten cold. However, there’s an impossible to find 1:10 variant for this that is selling for $25 (see the picture above). It’s also been the only copy listed/sold.

INFINITY COUNTDOWN #1 (OF 5) (MARVEL) – The Granov Captain Marvel variant is great, though it’s only selling for $7+shipping. It’s hard to compete with the store virgin variant of this cover at $60. Sellers putting NOT VIRGIN in their listings for the standard cover is actually helping them sell it at $15. Why isn’t this cover a chromium cover? It would look awesome.





BALLAD OF SANG #1 (OF 5) (ONI) – The ECCC variant @ 500 copies saw a sale for $40. However, current listings are just sitting. Mini-series are hard to invest in and hard to sell.





GIDEON FALLS #1 (IMAGE) – The ComicsPro variant stole a little thunder from these in-store books, which is selling for about $25.



HIGHEST HOUSE #1 (IDW) – The variants are all selling at ratio. I wanted to grab one of these, but the large treasury size format discouraged me. This is probably one of those books I’d prefer to grab digitally.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #40 (DC) – Here’s the first appearance of Grail…. Oh wait, that was a few years ago. Nevermind.








TRUE BELIEVERS VENOM SYBIOSIS #1 (MARVEL) – Cost a $1, sells for $1.



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