The Weekend After Wednesday for 3/16/19

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 3/13/19. They could still be at your shop.



MARVEL TALES THOR #1 BARTEL VARIANT 1:50 BARTEL VARIANT (MARVEL) – While this variant is not as good as the Black Widow one, it’s still exceptionally rare.  3 copies have hit eBay.  One sold for $75, another at $87 and the only available copy is still sitting at $199.99.  Stores simply do not order many of these high-priced ($7.99) reprints.  Even with high sales, the Black Widow variant only brought a handful of copies to market.  It’s a convincing argument that these could be long term winners.  The fact that these virgin variants share the same cover with the standard cover is the only thing that will hurt it.  Well, and maybe also being a reprint.  It’ll be fun to revisit these next year and see how they held up.   


AVENGERS #684 (MARVEL) – What a difference a year makes… and for the better!  This time last year, “first Immortal Hulk” wasn’t even part of the discussion.  However, his return in this issue plus the origins of Voyager made this to a $9-$10 shipped book.  Now it sells for $45.

DUCKTALES #7 1:10 BENTINA BEAKLEY VARIANT (IDW) – Not all variants retain their value.  These Ducktales variants haven’t fared well one year later.  This was selling for $30 + shipping and now sells for less then $10.

SCOOBY APOCALYPSE #23 BEN OLIVER “ZOMBIE” VARIANT (DC) – This sold last year for $10-$15 and now sell for cover price to $10.



AGE OF X-MAN APOCALYPSE AND X-TRACTS #1 (OF 5) NAKAYAMA 1:50 VARIANT (MARVEL) – This book marks the first appearance of UNVEIL, who’s an interesting character.  I like Nakayama’s 1:50 variant, but had a hard time pulling the trigger on a copy.  It’s currently selling for ratio, $50.  Depending how your store prices variants, this could either be HOT or COOL.  Historically, not many “new” X-Men characters see big market jumps.  I’m going to wait for this to come down and then pick one up.

AVENGERS NO ROAD HOME #5 (MARVEL) – This officially brings Conan into the main Marvel 616 world.  It’s selling for $8 to $12.  It’s hard to say what this will do.  I’ll admit, I’ve never been a fan on Conan.  If I was, I would see this as a big deal.  Are there enough Conan fans to drive this up?  I don’t know if there is.

BATMAN WHO LAUGHS THE GRIM KNIGHT #1 (DC) “B” DEL’OTTO VARIANT (DC) – This is a fantastic cover.  It’s been bouncing from cover price to $10.  There’s a convention foil variant for this that’s just gorgeous and selling really well.   And, while I’m not a big store variant fan, I absolutely love the McFarlane Batman homage variant.

LITTLE BIRD (IMAGE) – Little Bird has been selling for cover price all week, until today where sales have started increasing to $12/$13.  I think those prices will continue.  There’s a Ashcan, ComicsPro variant and ECCC variant that are also gaining steam.  It’s disappointing that they’re all essentially the same cover.  With that said, this was a crazy, but fun, read.  I’m on board for the next issue

GOON #1 (ALBATROSS) – This new Goon #1 has seen been selling from cover price to highs of $12.97.  There are a few copies left at cover still.  Also, Albatross released copies of their 20th Anniversary Party foil variant for this issue on their site.  It WAS selling for around $80, until the link was spread among multiple comic groups.  Multiple sellers instantly put up pre-sales and pulled that price down.  While the price will take a hit when everyone gets their copies at the same time, it’s still a really cool cover AND it’s shiny.  So, it’ll be nice to have. 

MAGNIFICENT MS MARVEL #1 (MARVEL) – I was torn whether to put this in hot.  However, the 1:50 Elsa Charretier variant is mostly selling for ratio with some sales hitting $60.  The Babs Tarr 1:25 at $30 to $35.  Both are trending over ratio.  They were selling for higher amounts yesterday with the 1:50 hitting $65 and the 1:25 for $37.99.  It’s hard to say which way it’s going to go.  





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