The Weekend After Wednesday for 3/3/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 2/28/18. They could still be at your shop.



AVENGERS INFINITY WAR PRELUDE #2 (OF 2) (MARVEL) – Prelude #1 was a book I missed several weeks ago. It was very quietly selling for $20+ on eBay. As we slowly realized (some our readers pointed this out early on), copies were found, listed and then brought the price down to about $17 shipped for issue #1. This 2nd issue’s price is all over the place. Copies have ranged from cover price to $14 shipped. The average price seems to be around $10. Prelude #1 actually fills in some of the holes leading up to the bonus “White Wolf” credit scene for Black Panther. These do seem to hold some weight leading into INFINITY WARS and should sell well until the film’s release.

DUCKTALES #6 1:10 LAUNCHPAD DESIGN VARIANT (IDW) – Here’s a surprise winner of the week.  Copies started selling for $20 and then jumped to $30, $35 and then $36. There are only 3 copies currently listed and all are over $39. Seeing how hard this is to find, they will most likely move. (SIDE NOTE: Issue #0 1:10 hit $100 recently)

PETER PARKER SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #300 1:50 ALEX ROSS VARIANT (MARVEL) – How awesome is this cover?  I love it, and not a single one of my shops received one.  NM copies are selling for $70, which is fairly strong for a Alex Ross cover.  There are not many copies currently listed and they’re trending upwards to $100.

SPAWN #283 MATTINA “A” & “B” COVERS (IMAGE) – Wow, did this issue cause some stir last week. Hopefully you didn’t buy a pre-sale at a crazy height of $45 for a set and $30 for a copy of the color “A” version.   Sets are now selling for about $20, while the individual covers are selling for $10-$12 (favoring the color cover). While this has been selling briskly over the past several days, it’s also worth nothing that there is a massive flood of well over 150-200 copies currently listed. With all that said, it’s still hot and selling for double cover.

THANOS #16 (MARVEL) – Multiple spoilers for this book hit on Tuesday showing the big reveal on the last page, and it completely captured my interest.   This is selling for $10-12 shipped, which is a little less then I expected. But then I looked to see how many copies were listed…. and it’s pretty massive at well over 100 copies.

X-MEN BLUE #22 1:50 NAKAYAMA VARIANT (MARVEL) – Riding on the coat tails of the #21 Hans Variant, pre-sales went a little nuts for this variant. At a height of $178.99, this had a hard fall to $40 on Wednesday. I was prepared to mark this as cool, and then it rebounded up to $70. There a decent amount of copies listed, so this will most likely settle to a ratio price of $50. (Bonus update: Speaking of HANS 1:50, I thought this was done when it dropped to $100 shipped this past Wednesday. It also bounced back up to $175 to $200, which was really surprising. There are 15 copies listed, so prices will eventually settle around $150.)


AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #796 (MARVEL) – Despite there being no official “Red Goblin” first appearance in this issue, this was easily the hot book last week and is holding strong at $20 shipped.  Here’s what we speculators are missing; people don’t care where or what issue the first appearance is in. Fans want to read the WHOLE story, including the lead up, the reveal and the grand finale. Hence, this is the reason why issue 795 and 796 are STILL selling for $20 shipped. I’ve been thinking about this story and why it’s hit such a cord with  readers. 1. We all love Spider-Man. 2. Green Goblin as a villain (and at his most evil) has been greatly missed. 3. A significant of us here are children of the 90’s and Carnage was always more of a villain then Venom ever was. While the blend of these characters seems ridiculous at first glance, we’re all paying attention. And I think… we have a little bit of the 90’s blending into now. And you know what, it’s fun. That’s why these issues are selling really well. YES, #795 & 796 is just Osborn as Carnage. YES, thanks to Comixposure’s printing error, the first full Red Goblin is still up for grabs (as the reprinting will probably ship well after the reveal)! Just be happy that all these issues are selling. Enjoy the ride and all the free money that these issues may bring to those who have grabbed them. With that said, go light on buying these after #797. Stores are obviously aware of the heat now. They have upped their orders and holding back copies to mark up.  The market will be flooded. Maybe it won’t matter for this storyline.

AVENGERS #681 (MARVEL) – The standard cover is doing decently at $5 to $6 + shipping. A $1 profit doesn’t seem too exciting. However, this sells okay in a set (about $50 for 675-681).

VENOM #162 1:50 JOHNSON VARIANT (MARVEL) – This book was trending at around $45 last week and seemed to hold decently. The last two sales have been for $38 and $24.50. There’s about 18 copies listed that are just sitting. $30 seems like the likely price we’ll be seeing for this variant.



ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #31 HULK VARIANT (MARVEL) – Prices vary from $6 to $10.  One seller is holding the price ransom as they move 100 copies at $4.  It should see a slight bump when those sell off.

KISS ARMY OF DARKNESS #1 (OF 5) (DYNAMITE) – While the 1:20 Virgin Demon Gene Simmons is cool, it’s selling at ratio pricing: $20 shipped. I would hold this though. The next several issues also feature 1:20 virgin demonic versions of all the band members. Collectors will want a full set and will have a very hard time tracking the next 3 issues down.

THANOS #15 2ND PRINT (MARVEL) – Prices for this 2nd print have widely ranged. Prices vary for as low as cover price to $6.54 + shipping. It’s not doing anything exciting, however I wouldn’t count any Cosmic Ghost Rider covers out.

TRUMPS TITANS VS MANDELA EFFECT #1 (KEENSPOT) – The variants are selling for a tad over cover.




AMAZING CEREBUS #1 (AARDVARK-VANAHEIM) – If you’re a Spider-Man #300 homage collector, here’s another for you.

AVENGERS #682 1:7 “HAWKEYE WITH NO MASK” SECRET VARIANT (MARVEL) – I LOVE secret variants. They can be a lot of fun to search for when unsuspecting retailers mix them into the standard covers on the shelf. However, 1:7 is a fairly weak ratio. It reminds me of the secret skrull variants. EBay was moving copies at $11 shipped. With that said, even the “Masked” version saw sales at the same price. IF I wrote this article on Wednesday, it would have been HOT. On Thursday, it would have been WARM. As I write this, Friday night, both copies are now available for under cover… which is a rather quick drop to ice-cold.

BATGIRL #20 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT (DC) – Some sales are a $1 over cover, some are $1 under… most are at cover price.

BEEF #1 (OF 5) (IMAGE)

BLACK PANTHER #170 CHECCHETTO YOUNG GUNS VARIANT (MARVEL) – I REALLY hope that you listened to last week’s article. These Young Gun variants are some of the worst variants to buy into (with the intention to flip or invest). The flood is, once again, massive at over 100 current listings. Copies have sold for as low as $5, with the majority of copies trending at around $15 shipped. There are many copies available for $10 shipped. This was an easy pass for me as my LCS had this listed for a brutal $50. The good news, these are still great covers and can now be had for almost cover price. (SIDE NOTE: The 1:10 Movie Photo variant is selling a little under ratio at $8+shipping)



LABYRINTH CORONATION #1 SIENKIEWICZ 1:50 VARIANT (ARCHAIA) – This is a fantastic cover that saw a pre-sale height of $95+shipping.  It has since dropped to $40 shipped.  This is one of those variants that will be impossible to find.  I can’t imagine many stores ordered 50 copies of this title.  I know that I didn’t see a single copy at any of my shops.  The current copies listed at $35 are very tempting.


MERA QUEEN OF ATLANTIS #1 (OF 6) ARTGERM “B” VARIANT (DC) – Now is the time to take a break from buying “B” variants. We’re officially into convention season and the foil variants are upon us. The foil variant cover for this is absolutely the way to go and it  will hold the standard “B” variant down to cover price.







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