The Weekend After Wednesday for 4/20/19

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 4/17/2019. They could still be at your shop.



ANGEL #0 SECRET VAMPIRE VARIANT (BOOM) – Dependent if you were lucky to get to this 1-per-store secret variant before your LCS did, then this is HOT for you.  These are selling for $10 to $25.  My two local stores had their copies marked up to $25 at one and $40 at another, making this COLD for me.  Was this HOT for you? 

MAJOR X #2 LIEFELD 1:25 VARIANT (MARVEL) – Love or hate it, Major X is hot.  This 1:25 didn’t take off as fast as the 1st issue did, but it’s still selling for about $30.

WAR OF REALMS WAR SCROLLS #1 (OF 3) SORRENTINO VARIANT (MARVEL) – This cover B cover /Daredevil variant is definitely hot and selling for $20 to $25.  This will definitely be one to watch.


AGE OF X-MAN APOCALYPSE AND X-TRACTS #2 1:25 MOMOKO VARIANT (MARVEL) – Slight drop from $30/$35 to now $20/$25.

IMMORTAL HULK #2 4TH PRINT (MARVEL) – This is still selling for $10.  With all the IMMORTAL HULK heat, it should hold at this price for a while.

MARVEL TALES THANOS #1 1:50 BARTEL VARIANT (MARVEL) – This rare 1:50 variant sold one copy this week at $140.  The +$150 copies are sitting.  If you have one, I would just tuck it away into your collection and revisit it next year.

WEB OF VENOM CULT OF CARNAGE #1 1:50 DELL’OTTO (MARVEL) – Man I love this cover.  It’s still ranging in prices from $50 to $66.


ACTION COMICS #1000 (DC) – Wow, this came out a year ago?  Time really flies. Of all the in-store variants, the Jim Lee Tour Variant was selling the best at $75 last year.  It’s selling from $80 to $100 today.  That’s a pretty solid hold.

BATMAN #45 JIM LEE “B” VIRGIN VARIANT (DC) – This “Superman/ Batman” cover was selling for $12 shipped and now sells for cover price.

CABLE #156 1:25 OLIVETTI VARIANT (MARVEL) – This time last year, this variant was fetching $35 to $40.  However, the most recent sale for this was in Feb. for $5.99.  Ouch.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #26 1:25 CARLOS VILLA VARIANT (BOOM) – After all the heat of the #25 “Death” variants, this 1:25 for issue #26 was holding at $50. Right now, there is only one copy listed within a bulk variant set.  There are no individual copies available.  The last sale went for $100 on March 24th.  If you have a copy, the market is yours.

SKYWARD #1 (IMAGE) – Here’s another title that I can’t believe came out only a year ago.  This has easily been my favorite book on the shelf.  Even after selling out before Noon on release day, it still ended up in the COOL section last year.  However, option news drove this and the 2nd print up to $20 books.  They have both settle a bit to $15.

STAR TREK DISCOVERY SUCCESSION #1 1:25 RI-B VARIANT (IDW) – A year ago, this ranged from $26 to $40. But, wow, this book and ALL the variants in this series are incredibly hard to find.  They have mostly dried up from eBay, with the exception of some high price copies.  Still, previous sales for this go for $100.  The 1:25 variants for #2 and #4 also sell for around $100.  However, the #3 1:25 is nowhere to be seen.

WWE #16 ALEXA BLISS 1:15 WERNECK VIRGIN VARIANT (BOOM) – Sometimes I have to do this ONE YEAR LATER list to remember I wanted a particular variant.  Such is the case for this.  This was selling for $30 to $40.   They were recently selling for a steady $50, until they completely dried up on eBay.  There is not one copy to be found.  Guess I’ll wait until next year.



NAOMI #4 (DC) – This NAOMI fever is incredible.  This issue is selling for a WARM $10/$11 shipped.  Everything relating to her is catching on fire.  Even books completely NOT relating to her is catching on fire… we’re looking at you ACTION COMICS #1002.  Bendis quickly debunked the speculated “1st appearance” of Naomi on the #1002 Manapul B variant cover.  Now, with the teaser at the end of Naomi #4, folks are rushing to pick-up BLACKEST NIGHT #7, which features the first appearance of the WHITE LANTERNS.  Tread carefully on this.  I have a feeling that this isn’t quite so obvious and Bendis will take us in a different direction.  With all that said, this comic book guesswork and discussion (negative or positive) has been fun to watch.  Like with IMMORTAL HULK, it’s fun to see collectors getting back into some good old-fashioned comic storyline guesswork.

WAR OF REALMS PUNISHER #1 (OF 3) (MARVEL) – The 1:50 Max Texeira variant is selling @ ratio for $50.





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