The Weekend After Wednesday for 8/18/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 8/15/18. They could still be at your shop.



AQUAMAN #39 (DC)Wow, did this book flood.  There are well over 130 copies listed.  Granted, over 100 copies have sold*.  So, this IS moving briskly.  This flooding did drag the price down a bit to $10 to $15 shipped.  Just in sheer volume alone, it’s definitely the top seller of the week!

INFINITY WARS #2 (OF 6) SECRET “UNMASKED” VARIANT (MARVEL)– I’ll admit that I LOVE secret variants.  It’s not for the flip (as I tend to keep mine) and not even for the spec., but simply for the fun of the hunt.  The fun of hunting for these is being able to flip through the stack on the shelf to find a copy mixed in.  You should never pay more than cover for these since they tend to drop. However, the good news is, if you have a copy, it’s selling really well.  As I write this, over 115 copies* have sold and about 50ish copies are currently listed. Opposite of Aquaman #39 this week, while the flooding did bring it down, sales seem to be going back up with the most current copy sold at $19.50.    I don’t know what the long-term is with this book, but it was definitely the most fun to hunt this week.  (It’s also worth noting that the 1:25 Putri Variant is selling for $20 to $25). 

REJECTED, THE (SOURCE POINT PRESS)– Man, this has one creepy cover and the story sounds somewhat similar to DEATH NOTE.  However, it’s super-hot right now with recent sales between $30 to $50.  On the Source Point Press website, they also mention there was an early release variant edition, limited to 100 copies for Motor City Comic Con back in May and then another variant by Keyla Valerio, also limited to 100 copies for Garden State Comic Fest.  There’s no sign of a single sale for those. I would imagine that these would hit huge numbers right now.  This is a nice reminder to always pick up the indie tiny print run books at cons.  Here are what the two limited covers look like:

STREET FIGHTER SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL CHUN-LI “MINAJ” ALBUM COVER #1 (UDON)– This is the most on the nose hip-hop homage cover yet.  If it’s not obvious, this is an homage to Nicki Minaj’s “Chun-Li” single cover art with, none other than, Chun-Li instead of Nicki.  This retailer exclusive is impossible to find.  One copy sold on Thursday for $52.  There’s one new listing for $20.95.  I have a feeling that this will be gone well before this article hits.

WWE #20 AARON DANA “HONKY TONK” 1:15 VIRGIN VARIANT (BOOM!)– WWE variants usually only do well when it features one of the WWE Divas. However, this “Honky Tonk” variant has had one sale at $30.  These ratio variants are highly scarce at this point, which is why it’s probably selling for double ratio. 


RIPTIDE #1 (OF 4) (RED 5) Well, this book flooded.  There are over 25 copies currently listed and has dropped from last week’s price of $25 down to its current $17 to $20 shipped.  Prices will most likely continue to drop.  Although, there are a bunch of live auctions already over $15… so who knows.  Maybe now I can grab one to read.  Also, there are copies (VF only) available at RED 5 COMICS’ website.


TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #22 (MARVEL)– Wow, has it been a year since the first appearance of Weapon H?  I credit this specific book for starting a wave of mix & match hybrid characters that we now see every month.  And you know what, the market is LOVING it.  The past year has been the most story and comic book driven spec then I’ve ever seen.  We’ve seen numerous $1 books jump to unheard of numbers.  For TOTALLY AWESOME HULK, a year ago, this was selling for $17-$20.   This is one of the handful of HOT books to increase in value over the past year.  It’s currently worth $140 in 9.8 and $50 raw. With the dark cover, I’m surprised that a 9.8 is only selling for $140.



BATGIRL #25 (DC) – People seemed very divisive over this cover. It’s like that Gold/White vs. Blue/Black Dress debate from a few years ago.  Some people see a gorgeous cover, while others don’t.  What turned me away from this book was the large stack of copies I saw at multiple shops.  Stores were prepared for the demand and, like the Artgerm Supergirls, there were plenty of copies for all who wanted one.  Despite selling for mostly cover price, it also sold really well.  When I started writing this, I had it in cool due to most copies selling for cover.  It’s now in warm due to some sales starting to pick back up.  One copy recently sold for $18 shipped.  While that would be worth putting in hot, there are still over 75 copies listed and plenty available for cover.  It’ll be interesting to re-look at this next week.

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