The Weekend After Wednesday for 9/1/2018

Want to know which books from Wednesday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Weekend After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long-term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 8/26/18. They could still be at your shop.



BEYONDERS #1 “B” EWINGTON VARIANT (AFTERSHOCK) – There has been one recent sale at $19.99 for this variant.  There aren’t many copies listed, yet they are all aiming for a similar price.  The copy that sold right before this went for $10.  So I guess, for now, it’s hot.  It’s worth grabbing for cover price if you see one.

EDGE OF SPIDER-GEDDON #2 (OF 4) (MARVEL) – Honestly, as a fan of Sp//dr from Edge of Spider-Verse #5, I was looking forward to reading a new story featuring Peni Parker & her mech suit.   There was already some light pre-release buzz around the book.  However, when Zach Thomson (the writer) broke the news that it featured a new character named Addy Brock, that buzz grew really quickly.  Then it was announced that Addy’s own mech suit, Ven#m, was also seeing it’s first in this issue.  The next day, Wednesday, this disappeared from my local comic shops before lunch and prices jumped to $20 for the B variant and $10 for the A cover.  Flooding brought both back down to $7/$8 each.  As of now, prices went back up with the B cover selling for $12 shipped and the A cover for $10 to $16 (one seller has sold over 28 copies of the A cover at $9.99 + $6 shipping).  With Sp//dr appearing in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, the traction with her 1stappearance and now this, it seems that Peni may have some staying power.  I absolutely recommend you resist selling your copies and hold onto these.

HOUSE AMOK #1 1:10 B&W VARIANT (IDW) – Here’s a variant that I didn’t expect to be doing well, but it is.  Copies have been slowly increasing over the past couple days from $10 to now $25.  As I write this, there are no copies listed.

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: SHATTERED GRID #1 UNMASKED VIRGIN VARIANT (BOOM) – I actually really like the 1:25 Ward Virgin Variant.  It’s only selling for $20, but I think it has potential.  The standard Holo-Foil Variant is selling for $9 shipped.  What does seem to be selling well is the hard to find 1:25 Unmasked Virgin variant.  That’s selling for $36.99 shipped.  Meanwhile, keep looking for those #24’s Shattered Grid Prelude books. Those are selling for $30 to $50. 

VENOM FIRST HOST #1 (OF 5) (MARVEL) – When this was released, prices were hitting $30 pretty quickly.  Then, several sales listed at $22 shipped and I thought it was dropping. I guess that was just a seller who didn’t want the extra money as it then sold for $49.95.  Prices have been bouncing around a bit but have settled to $50.  It’s amazing how connected back issues like Venom Space Knight #12 are just going from a $1 book to $20 like this, which features the first appearance of Tel-Kar, the “First Host” in VENOM FIRST HOST.


BATMAN KINGS OF FEAR #1 (OF 6) SIENKIEWICZ “B” VARIANT (DC) – This is still holding at $10 shipped.

DUCKTALES #11 BEAKS 1:10 VARIANT (IDW) – This dipped a little to $12.50.  Not many copies are selling.

WEST COAST AVENGERS #1 1:50 DODSON VARIANT (MARVEL) – A copy of this variant sold for $75 right after last week’s article went live.  That was the height.  While sales have varied from $35 to $57 all week, the most consistent price is $50.


WONDER WOMAN #29 FRISON “B” VARIANT (DC) – Last year, this affectionately named the “Jennifer Connelly” variant, was only selling a tad over cover.  What was a very quiet week, it was definitely one of the most talked about books this time last year.  Today, prices are a little sporadic.  It sells for cover up to $16.95, like a recent sale on 8/30.  Regardless, it’s still a gorgeous cover and a great homage to the popular June 1985 National Geographic magazine cover. 



CATWOMAN TWEETY & SYLVESTER SPECIAL #1 (DC) – These are selling for about 50 cents over cover price.  A set is selling for $13 shipped.  I have this in warm simply due to there being plenty of copies available at /under cover-price.

HARLEY QUINN GOSSAMER SPECIAL #1 (DC) – These covers are selling as well as CATWOMAN TWEETY, and are also still available at cover or less.

JOKER DAFFY DUCK SPECIAL #1 (DC) – Almost exact same deal. However, the Greene B Variant has seen sales from $5 to $10 on its own.  Out of all the covers, this one probably has the best chance of seeing price increases.

LEX LUTHOR PORKY PIG SPECIAL #1 (DC)– Yep, just like the rest. The “B” Rey variant is seeing sales of $5, yet plenty available for cover or less.




BATGIRL #26 MIDDLETON “B” VARIANT (DC) – I feel like many were divided again on this variant.  Either way, stores are ordering plenty of copies of these Middleton variants now. Copies are selling for under cover price (minus shipping).



LA MUERTA RETRIBUTION #1 (OF 2) (COFFIN COMICS) – While the standard issues aren’t doing much, there are multiple kickstarter variants that are seeing high sales.  Several are “naughty”, so search cautiously.

LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 (OF 5) 2NDPRINT (MARVEL)– The only difference for this 2nd print is that the title in red.  Boring.


NIGHTWING ANNUAL #1 (DC)– Stores around me sold out of this and multiple people we’re calling trying to find a copy.  I’m not exactly sure why, but copies are selling a tad over cover price.  The market seems to like the A cover more.

RICK & MORTY VS DUNGEONS & DRAGONS #1 (OF 4) (IDW/ONI) – Most variants are being overshadowed by the KRS Comics’ exclusive red chromium variant.  I’m not a huge store variant guy, but I do want this.It’s selling for $40 to $45 (however, it did cost $30 + shipping from their site).

SCARLET #1 (OF 5) (DC)


X-23 #1 2NDPRINT (MARVEL) – I actually like this new cover a lot.




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