Thor 3 Spoilers, Kilg%re and more!

Welcome readers! This week I have a few treats for you as I prepare an epic Star Wars speculative article for next week.

I am warning you now, there are Thor 3 spoilers below!!!

Thor God of Thunder 1 1:150

First appearance of Old King Thor

If you like being spoiled then you already know that Thor ends up with one eye at the end of his next film. Does that mean we might get to see Jason Aaron’s Old King Thor down the road? Here’s to hoping we get to see Old King Thor fight Eternity on the big screen one day!

NOTE: There are other editions of this book, this is the rarest.

Flash 3

First appearance of Kilg%re

The CW Flash has done a better job of adapting obscure and outlandish villains that keeping its narrative in check. I am looking forward to their version of this loser!

Inhumans ( Marvel Knights ) 5

First blonde hair on Black Widow

There have been a few developments concerning new looks for characters in Avengers 3. We know that the Black Widow will have blonde hair. Best I can tell there has only been one other time the Widow has had such a hair color. Granted it’s a different Black Widow but people collect all sorts of odd stuff right?

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 1 ( Collector’s Paradise Variant 1:500 )

So I am huge Phillip K Dick fan and with news that Amazon is going to start adapting more of his work I suspect anything Dick related will see more fan interest over time.

Star Wars Defender of the Lost Temple ( Dark Horse )

First appearance of the Darksaber

If you haven’t seen the new Star Wars trailer leave this page immediately and do so. Amongst some incredible tidbits we get a closer look at Snoke and he didn’t disappoint. Rumors are swirling about him but you should check back here next week for more. I will say this though, that black, crystal ring he’s sporting is rumored to be a Kyber crystal. There’s only one known in the Star Wars galaxy and it powered the Pre Vizsla sword or Darksaber. Even though this book was designated legends, the sword has been made canon thanks to its insertion into the latest season of Rebels and it’s brief reference in Rogue One.

Warlock 10

First appearance of Sanctuary

Thanks to a Thor 3 end credits scene we know about more about what Sanctuary looks like! Yes we have seen brief appearances in past Marvel films but Sanctuary is likely the setting for the biggest battle in Marvel Films history! Thanos’s base of operations first appeared here.

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