Thor and Hercules Encyclopedia Mythologica

Usually this column is reserved for final issues of comic book series. This time, however, I’m going to stretch it a little bit. While this book is technically a last issue, it’s also a first: it’s a one-shot!

In Aug. 2009, Marvel released Thor & Hercules Encyclopedia Mythologica #0, a compendium of the various mythological pantheons in the Marvel Universe. The book was written by Anthony Flamini, Fred van Lente, Paul Cornell & Greg Pak with a cover by Mico Suayan. This book is in the same format of many of the character handbooks that Marvel has published.

From the solicitation:

For the first time ever — all of Marvel’s mighty pantheons, all in one handbook! Thor and Hercules aren’t the only gods in town, as the ENCYCLOPAEDIA MYTHOLOGICA spotlights everything from Aztecs to Zoroaster! Brush up on the eternal rivalry between the Green Knight and the Red Lord! Meet Anitun and the Diwatas, the gods of the Philippines! Learn the dark origin of Mikaboshi, the Shinto god of evil! Explore the mystical dimension of Otherworld!

Plus: Panther Gods, Lion Gods and Snowbirds!

Since Marvel is tapping mythology for several of its media properties: Thor, Loki, Sif and the Eternals, this guide features a bunch of first appearances, albeit they are minor gods. It’s also a rare Marvel book, with estimated sales of 9,885, according to Comichron. (I could not find a single copy for sale online.) There are no graded copies in the census.

This is also the same book Topher mentioned in his post about Angra Mainyu in Immortal Hulk #12.

Is this a dollar bin dweller that’s rare because no one bothers to pick it up or is it a potential gold mine of first appearances?

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