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Greetings and jamutations! Welcome to another edition of the Tin Foil Spec! Welcome to the month of love. Welcome to the meat and potatoes of The Tin Foil Spec, the Previews spec! This is the article that got me this gig in the first place. For those of you first timers, I will dive into the giant Previews book (that giant book comic shops get that has all the books coming out two months ahead of time) and pinpoint comics that can be worthy of the Tin Foil Spec. I also try to pinpoint which comics will sit on the shelves, so you can buy them during your LCS’ dollar bin sale. Will these comics instantly heat up? Yes! Will they allow you to buy a new trampoline? Yes! Will we roll the dice and lose? Umm…

But I know what you’re going to say. Didn’t all these Previews come out two weeks ago online? Yes, but, it’s not the same as holding the actual book in your hand. Something about the smell, the feel, the weight, makes the Tin Foil burn brighter than simply seeing it through a small screen.

Brace yourselves, Tin Hatters, as companies will fight for the love of our pockets throughout this month. Who will rise and fall? Will we experience another Popeye zombie variant? And what first appearances will pave the way for future children to spend money on? Join me in the world of tomorrow that is February 2019!



We start off with the home of Captain Marvel, DC Comics! This looks to be a stacked month full of potential hot covers.

Batman #64, #65 & The Flash #64, #65 – Has it already been two years since The Button? Tom King and Joshua Williamson brought a great popcorn storyline in The Button crossover along with good flip potentials. Now, Williamson takes the reigns by himself (does this mean that King is on Batman until #105?) as he brings his detective storytelling to these two books once more. Although Heroes in Crisis isn’t exactly lighting up comic shops, Williamson will attempt to bring more eyeballs to that event with this tie-in crossover. If anything, it’d probably be a good idea to pick up a run of the variants. Could provide solid quick flips. Sean Murphy will kick off the variants with the legendary Michael Golden finishing them off.

Female Furies #1 – The Furies are back! Mister Miracle may have just ended, but the fantastic cover art of Mitch Gerads is not stopping. There’s a potential movie on the horizon, and to top it all off, Mattina is doing the variant! Will this #1 catch heat like Mister Miracle #1 (2018)? Pick up at least two Mattina covers for sure.

High Level #1 – I believe the rule of thumb by now is that if Mattina does a cover, pick it up! High Level continues the new age of DC Vertigo with a futuristic world built from scratch. Possible female protagonist, child messiah, Francesco Mattina, and Nine Inch Nails? Sign me up!

Wonder Twins #1 – The Wonder Twins are back! Bet you didn’t see that coming. It seems like DC will attempt to bring the Wonder Twins back to the forefront while giving them a Riverdale-like spin. Dustin Nguyen will provide the variant, so we know it’ll be an amazing art piece. Not a bad idea to pick this up in case DC tries to give them their own show on the DC streaming service.

Adventures of the Super Sons #7 – This series has provided us with a few first appearances, but those haven’t heated up yet. If a movie based on these characters ever comes out, those issues could end up as big wins. If you’re the type of Hatter that likes to roll the big dice, this may be an issue for you. Only two covers with no hint of a store variant, this issue might also give us another new character, a new Green Lantern trainee. Could this be the formation of a new team?

Aquaman #45Aquaman #43 comes out later this month, and we may get a cameo of the character that will be come Namma in there. This issue makes it seem like this will be her first origin/full appearance. Is that her on the cover? It’s a potential new female villain. Let’s hope for some quick flip potential.

Batgirl #32 – If there’s anything artists like Artgerm and Middleton have shown us this year is that good girl cover art will always heat up. Although shops have caught on to the demand of these two artists, the key now is to look for the next hot artist. That artist could be Derrick Chew. He’ll do the variant cover of Batgirl, and if it’s anything like his current portfolio, this cover could heat up fast. Make sure to have a few of these on your pull.

Harley Quinn #58 – While shops may reorder Batgirl #32 in time, there’s a possibility they’ll be late to the party on this issue. This issue will also have a Derrick Chew variant, but it has the advantage of coming out 3 weeks before Batgirl! It also has a very nice cover A homage which I can see shops going heavy on. Make sure this is definitely in your pull box!

The Batman Who Laughs #3 – Store variants may kill this series’ heat, but it’s not a bad idea to collect the full run. Federici will provide the variant cover of this issue which means it’ll be a guaranteed grab.

Border Town #6 – The comic that kicked off the new Vertigo is not slowing down! The first storyline ends here, and it promises to go off with a bang. It’d be a good idea to at least pick up the first trade of this series.

Detective Comics #998Detective Comics #999 – Here we are! Near 1,000 issues of Detective Comics! Who knew that the city travels of Bill Finger would birth unto us an amazing character that stands head and shoulders above almost any other fictional/literary character. The World’s Greatest Detective may come face to face with his biggest threat yet! (Let’s hope it’s not another Bane reveal.) The magnificent Jae Lee will provide the variant covers.

Old Lady Harley #5Old Lady Harley comes to an end in this issue. It’s been a wild ride that I still believe has animation movie potential. It seems Old Lady Harley will come face to face with (Old Man?) The Joker. Make sure to complete your set.

Martian Manhunter #3 – Joshua Middleton continues to provide the variant covers in this hot new series. The #1 just came out, and while it’s very early to tell if this will heat up, people are seemingly digging the series. Definitely have this series on your pull if you haven’t already. Let’s hope for more dandy covers from Middleton.

Naomi #2 – Will this be her third appearance? Like I said before, Bendis characters have a habit of being slow burns. Make sure to get both of this character’s first issues.

Young Justice #2Young Justice #1 may have a gajillion covers, but it looks like #2 will only have 2 covers. First cover appearance for some of these characters? Jinny Hex, from the land of the famous all-you-can-eat Salt Lick BBQ, can end up causing the Giant Batman Walmart comic to heat up. Let’s see where these new Bendis kids go.



Woo! I told you DC had a big-looking month. Let’s go see what the House of the Other Captain Marvel brings

Savage Sword of Conan #1 – Hmm, we get another Conan book this month. Can the market allow two Conan books to live? Be wary, Tin Hatters. Unless you’re a Conan fan, I say skip this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 – Donny Cates is one of the hottest young writers in Hollywood apparently. He’s also the hottest writer in Marvel. There’s a new Thanos in town, and a beautiful Cosmic Ghost Rider Scalera variant. The guarantee huge drop from #1 to #2 could make this second issue worth it.

Ziggy Pig – Silly Seal Comics #1 – Nic Klein (of the Deadpool/Garbage Pail Kids cover) provides an amazing cover for this issue. I think it’s been about 10 years since this pair made an appearance in comics. Pick it up just for a fun read.

Love Romances #1 – Ooooh yeah, Tin Hatters! Love, robots, and sci-fi! This is a guarantee pick-up for me. We may never know if robots dream of electric sheep, but perhaps, we can find out if they fall in love.

Captain Marvel #2 – Another potential new character, the strange man called SOM. I tried looking for this character elsewhere but couldn’t find any more info. There is a character design variant, but those don’t usually do too good. Pick up a couple just in case.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #3 – New characters are the rage. This villain may come out in #2 though, so make sure you get both issues. The Into the Spider-Verse movies looks like it’ll set Miles’ world alight, so make sure to get all of his villains.

Venom #11 – Oh, did you know Venom is better than Watchmen? Also, Donny Cates is in the top 100 hot young Hollywood writers. Get this variant.

Deadpool #9 – This is just a straight up badass cover. Nic Klein, ladies and gentlemen. Follow him.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Adaptation #5 – These Solo variants aren’t heating up as many hoped they would. They could end up being slow burns as new Star Wars fan are born every minute. However, we get the Kessel run in this issue! If the variant ends up being the Kessel run itself, watch out!

Am I a DC shill? Maybe. My DC list is definitely meatier than my Marvel list. Speaking of meaty, let’s get into the real meat of it all, the big Previews book!



Is Spawn the Other Other Captain Marvel? He does wear a cape. Let’s find out!

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #1 – The MillarNetflixVerse is yet to be in full effect (The Magic Order show will let us know if it hits or misses) but that’s not stopping Millar from pumping out books. He is definitely teaming up with amazing artists on all these books, and if anything, this book will provide us amazing art by Simone Bianchi. There are 7 covers though, tread lightly.

Hit-Girl Season Two #1 – Francavilla provides cover art. Definitely one for the PC.

Spawn #294 – Mattina, Mattina, Mattina. Also, Spawn #300 is coming soon.


Now let’s move on to indie indie titles


Black Crown

Punks Not Dead: London Calling #1 – The first series was very fun, and it looks like it’s not stopping yet. With a variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque, this could be a good reader.



Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #2 – Get the Francavilla cover (there are two)


Antarctic Press

Punchline #5 – Homage covers sell. Guaranteed to be an extremely low print comic.


Woo, there you have it Tin Hatters! February 2019 is in the books. Will I win or lose? Will I make enough flipping to pay off my Spider-Ham debts? Stay tuned to find out! I know I missed a lot of potential good read books, but the main point is to see which books will be quick flip winners. If there are any that I missed, or any that you feel should be on the CBSI BOLO list, let us know! And farewell from the world of tomorrow!


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